Why We Cried Kids 7AM Edition

The following is an accurate, if not slightly incomplete, list of the reasons that tears were shed by the children in the house between approximately 7AM and 7:59AM.

1) Because mom won’t turn on a new cartoon to replace the cartoon we picked 5 minutes ago

2) Because mom can’t make my foot fit into a doll’s tiny plastic pink shoe

3) Because you had to pee

4) Because popsicles and potato chips are not a suitable breakfast

5) Because we can’t fill our teapot in the toilet

6) Because the dog is not a dragon and we are not dragon riders

7) Because we can’t hit other people with Little People

8) Because we can’t hit other people in general

9) Because mom can’t make my foot fit into a Little People

10) Because the Little People got stuck behind the tv stand after we threw it when it wouldn’t fit on our foot

11) Because our favorite crayon broke. Our FAVORITE. ONE.

12) Because we can’t do all of the science experiments right now

13) Because mom untangled me from the computer cord

14) Because I can’t drink sour milk I found in my play fridge

15) Because I want my diaper changed

16) I DON’T want my diaper changed

17) Because we’re out of oatmeal

18) Oh, we’re not out? I hate oatmeal!

19) I’m still upset about the doll shoe not fitting

20) Because I can’t splash in the dog water

21) Because I can’t put my naked butt in the window

22) I can’t put my naked butt anywhere

23) I hate pants with buttons

24) Why don’t these pants have buttons?

25) Mom made me change my milk covered jammies

26) I still want a different cartoon

27) How come she gets cheerios?

28) I don’t want these cheerios

29) This is the wrong bowl

30) This is still the wrong bowl

31 -37) see #30

38) I can’t have 45,700 new legos for Easter

39) I can’t wash my hands for 15 minutes

40) Hey! I was watching that cartoon!

…..naptime, anyone?