I Spy Learning Letters Parenting level Mom

4 is a fun age.

They’ve all been fun ages in their own way, but 4 has them preparing for school and starting to learn concepts like letters.

Here are some fun ways to spin the classic “I Spy” game with your child to make  learning letters fun!

*”I Spy Letters”  – This game can be played absolutely anywhere, and requires nothing! Have your child practice identifying letters on signs, shirts, and billboards, or page through magazines or books…this game is SO versatile and is one of my favorites because it creates learning opportunities everywhere. Simply say “I Spy the letter (___)”, and give your child an opportunity to find it in whatever setting you’re in. More than one kid? Make it a contest! First to find 5 correctly wins!

*“I Spy Alphabet”– This is a spinoff of the above mentioned game, and is the next level up in learning. When they’ve got the letter identification down, this introduces word sound concepts. Have them find objects that begin with certain letters- say “I Spy something that starts with the letter (___)” Help them identify what sound the letter makes if it’s a new concept, then get exploring. Looking for an A? Maybe it’s an airplane while you’re driving (GREAT road trip game!), an ant at the park, or an apple at the grocery store. Again- ENDLESS posibilities!

*Ready for more? Combine both of the above games and take it a step further!

You’ll need: post it’s
                    (That’s it!!)

Write a capital letter on each Post It in pencil. Spread them out and start the traditional way – “I Spy the letter (___)”. Once they find it, have them trace the letter with the crayon. Next comes Batman’s personal favorite part- running around the house to find an object that starts with their letter. F is for fridge, B is for bed D is for dog… (poor Max!). On more than one occasion I’ve ended up with one stuck to my forehead because, of course, M is for mom!

And that’s it! Simple, right?