Have you set in the excitement in your child about having his own room and bed? Well, if your kid is almost four and you think he has outgrown his crib, nothing can be a more ideal time than this to get him a bed. Buying a kids bed always involves looking for the brightest of colours and the most attractive design. Many kids bed UK manufacturers have been doing a break through business in this field, owing to the high demand of designer kids beds that are always on the high.

Besides the very look of a kids bed, it is also important for parents to see, that the bed isn’t too hard or soft. A too hard bed could cause growth stagnation problems and at the same time a too soft bed may be too gentle on his growing bones and muscles. A perfect balance of the two is what your kid needs. This boils down to the mattress that you choose for the bed. Be it a single bed or a 4 feet bed, an enticingly designed bed where your child could have space to keep almost everything from his toys in the closet to his books with a study table attached. These beds are specially designed keeping in mind the psychology of the child.

The idea of having such a lavish looking bed which is much more than just a kids bed is to distract the child’s attention from the thought that he should be sleeping alone. Yes, a kids bed could be the answer to kindling and nurturing the first steps of independence in your child.

What could be more amazing than getting your child a slider bed? A slider kids bed is one that has sliding cabinets beneath the cot just to the size of the bed. This helps save a lot of space and you could just push all of his toys into that storage space and slide it in. The difficult chore of getting a kids bedroom back in shape would be a Herculean task anymore. One slide into the space beneath the bed and no one would ever guess that the room was a mess a minute earlier. Well, these exciting beds are always triggering manufacturers to display their creative genius. With a little bit of research and knowledge, you could be lucky enough to get one of the best deals waiting to be grabbed on kids beds.

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When one thinks of a place to rest, what comes to minds is a comfortable and warm bed that not just soothes your muscles but helps you relax and rejuvenate yourself once you’ve had a good amount unperturbed sleep. A sleeping child has been seen as an angelic moment and has been captured in paintings as well as portraits by those of repute. Be it an adult or a children’s bed, each of it can be customized to fulfill their personal fantasies.

If you have ever wondered how you could wean your child from company while sleeping, it is time to get a brand new single child’s bed. You could plan a theme for your precious and dear little one and have everything made based on the theme including his walls and of course his very bed that you look forward to him sleeping alone on. Psychologists, after a survey have inferred that there is a lot of significance in encouraging a child to sleep alone. Its time that parents realized that single beds for children is a concept that children must get used to at an early stage. This not only helps them root out any kind of fear but in fact musters their self confidence.

The unimaginable collection of single beds for children available online, could leave you flabbergasted. Brightness signifies happiness and so do beds made in all the different bright colour combinations. Here are some of the single child’s beds that are available in various stores online.

A sleep station: The child is given the excitement of climbing a short ladder and jumping into his bed which is at a height. Attached to one end of this bed is a study table and cabinet to store his toys and favourite books. You could be sure to get your choice of colour for this kind of a children’s bed.

Mid sleeper: This is a sort of cabin bed that is very similar to a sleep station but has a tent like house on the lower part of the bed which could add to your child’s adventures while playing.

Mid sleeper with a slide or a tunnel: This is the creativity of designers who’ve probably kept in mind the very small things that would make the child yearn to sleep on his very bed alone.

It is said that every person gets his personality traits from child hood. Every parent wants his boy or girl to be an independent and confident person. Giving them there own space is a big step in boosting that confidence and independence in his or her life. Explore this fantasy world and bring a ray of self confidence into your little boy or little girl life, while you set to shape them into independent and self reliant individuals.



The word divan dates back to its origin in India. During the time of kings and kingdoms, a resting couch for the royal family which had an artistic elevation on one side and a plain on the other was used to sit or lie in an informal way. The concept to this day is the same as a lot of people use this in their living room for guest to sit and also turn it into a bed when required to make extra sleeping space for them. A divan bed is made exclusively to suit multiple needs. It justifies all the needs of a home that doesn’t have much space or in other words provides enough storage space as lofts under the bed while the top of it is made of an excellent material that is tufted enough to give a firm finish.

4 feet 6inches is a standard double divan bed with a 5 feet measure as an alternate size in this variety. The divan bed UK companies design serves their purpose of accommodating two people’s sleeping requirements. This could be an impeccable choice for your children’s room or even for the guest room. A single divan bed at times could also be used as seating place in the living room or a TV room. These beds normally come with a bed head which is again made of different textures and comfort giving material. One could sit with his back comfortably rested over the back support at the head and have one of his most interesting telephone conversations or for that matter just turn on his laptop and work on his very bed. The comfort of both sitting and sleeping is what one gets from bringing home a beautifully designed divan bed.

The unbelievable storage space can accommodate all the linens, which you need for your very home. You have to see it to believe it. Online pictures of the divan beds give you a glimpse of these beds with a short summary on the different varieties of mattresses you could opt with it.

Bring home the luxury and appealing look of a divan bed as it could make a whole difference to the very ambience of the room owing to the intricately designed upholstery, texture of the wood or metal feel and of course the overall royal look.

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Space management is the key to a comfortable yet convenient living. When available place is distributed perfectly for the necessities in a room, even a small bedroom could look spacious with the right place for everything. At times you may want to have a double bed in your room but may have to compromise with the space but not if you’ve heard of the double beds with lofts. This kind of a double bed gives you more than what you could ask for. And yes, they can be as attractive as you might want them to be. There is a plethora of variety from where you can pick one up for your liking.

Let us look at the varieties that the UK stores dole out!You could have a complete bedroom makeover by making a double bed with a loft that could give you a broad study table on one half and your wardrobe on the other half of the lower segment. With a ladder attached to one end, you could reach the upper part which is a comfortable double bed placed at a height just to save some living space below.

Another double bed with loft almost has an elegant looking sofa below which can be complemented with a small center table and some curios to actually make it look like a living room. What is more surprising is that this sofa on the lower segment can be converted into a bed, which could turn extremely handy when you have guests over.

Children’s loft beds normally have the lower space converted into numerous cabinets which gives them a lot of storage space with the double bed towering over everything else in the room making space for two children on it.

A simple double bed on the floor level could also be a great option. One would never guess that it has hidden lofts on all sides which could be a great storage space. This will save you from eating into your regular storage cupboards.

Designer double beds UK made which actually are mechanically operated and sent to the roof sliding over pillars are a very novel approach to saving space. When not in use these beds make enough space below to have either a study, a play pen for children, or just a working table with cabinets. When the button is pressed the double bed on the room lands on this lower segment with a little space between. This is how one could convert his living, study or play room into a bedroom with just a click of the button.

Well, double beds with lofts are very much in vogue as they give you a lot of moving space in the room, keeping it absolutely fashionable and innovatively organized.

Note: Do check out the amazing collection of Double Beds For Lofts at one of UK’s top 10 online store. Personally, I have bought quite a few of them from there as prices and quality both are way better then the rest.

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Just like fantasy and creativity have no cap on them, following the same principle and people’s ever-growing demands for something new has led to manufacturing a distinct variety of beds to sleep on. When one speaks of sturdy furniture, it has to be wooden based as wooden beds not only give your bedroom the modish touch but could give you the opportunity of carving your own customized design. Wooden carving is a great skill and getting it done from a professional could turn your dreams to reality. A raw piece of wood may not be very appealing but how this wood is treated to tailor it to our needs is what makes it look extremely elegant.

Wooden beds in UK are normally made from either Scandinavian pine wood or Oak wood. The exuberant finishes given to them while making wooden beds is way beyond comparison and gives customers a flawless wooden bed range to choose from. The finishing process normally includes fine sanding, distressing, then staining and then sanding between top coats. Following this would be waxing and finally polishing.

Let us look briefly at a variety of finishes one gets to choose from.

Tung Oil and Danish oil finish is considered to seep into the wood. They are colourless and are also available in the variety of wooden colours you. Wooden beds with this finish, though not very durable but yes bring with it an easy maintenance system of re-polishing to camouflage scratches.

Varnish combined with polyurethane has been one of the simplest ways of giving your wooden bed a classic gloss and shine. It not only protects the wood but is also an excellent durable finish.

Latex paint finish is a simple environment friendly product that could give a double wooden bed a great look. They are non-inflammable and less prone to fade easily.

The Linseed oil finish comes from the age of the kings and queens and it is this elegant finish that leaves an antique touch to wooden beds.

Lacquer finish is mostly done through spray polish. This dark hue could adorn your bedroom with an outstanding bold ambience.

These finishes are further customized with the engravings you choose and of course the kind of wood design and wood colour you want for your wooden bed. One can be convinced that there is nothing as strong and long lasting as wooden beds. It is indeed more of an investment than just a piece of rich looking furniture.

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Different Bed Sizes And Its Uses

Everything from buying your groceries or for that matter even a bed for your bedrooms at home, could become a simple task once you have access to the internet and are aware of the online shopping methods. A thought may have struck you as to whether or not you could get the right bed size for your bedroom. One could be absolutely assured on the detailed pictures of the various European bed sizes and other specifications that one can obtain from most of the UK online stores. Every country has certain standards when it comes to different bed sizes. A quick glimpse below could give you an idea of what the UK market has to offer. Beds come in these basic sizes:Single beds from UK normally are of the 36”x75” and are ideal for a single person to sleep on. It could also be a great option to have this bed size in your guest bed room.

The European double bed are sized 54”x75” which could sufficiently give two adults each a sleeping space of almost 27”X75” Where else but the master bedroom is the place a double bed would perfectly fit in.

A King size bed very much gets its name from the huge beds in the palatial houses of kings and queens. Yes, this is comparatively bigger than the double bed size as there is more room for adults to sleep. These beds normally have a very antique finish with a massive head frame making it look bigger than normal. They come in sizes of 60”X78”. Tall people could indeed find a king size bed to give them a comfortable feel while sleeping.

A Queen Size bed is generally smaller than the king size and could approximately be got at a size of 48”X75”.

Super King size bed is probably the largest size bed you find in the European market. An unimaginable size of 72”X78” could actually define the luxury and magnanimity of space while sleeping.

It is very rare that one would want to go for a customized size, yet most online stores give you the option of doing it. Look out for the best and see what fits your bedroom needs the best. The basis for choosing the right size of bed could depend on whether you are an adult or child, how spacious your bedroom is and of course last but not the least, your affordability versus lifestyle. Once you have decided the size of the bed which best suits you, one half of the job is done. Well thats the easy half , the next being able to choose from the collection available in stores.

If Leather is the way you would like to go, then check out our Choosing A Leather Bed section or if you are going for Bunk Beds then dont miss on Bunk Beds – The Viable Option.

If its kids bed which interest you, then do read Single Beds For Children before you go looking.

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Choosing A Leather Bed

When it comes to interiors, luxuries and comfort, sky is the limit and leather seems to set the tone. Imagine the gloss and shine of a leather bed enhancing the very ambience of your bedroom. Well, it’s been almost 4 to 5 years that leather beds have gained popularity and has become a sweepstake product in most furniture shops. There have always been occasions where we’ve dreamt of having either leather or a faux leather bed in one of the most eye-catching shades. Well, it is not just about shopping for it and bringing it home. There is a lot more that goes into choosing a leather bed. The approach could be either through the online market or the regular shop where you would want to go personally and see things. But even before that, you always have scope to scrutinize the genuine from the fake through online surveys as most of the furniture and leather bed shops have taken their business over to the World Wide Web.

Having some knowledge in this domain goes a long way in helping you not only to decide but also to maintain your merchandise. Considering the following would not just upgrade your basic knowledge on leather or faux leather but give you a clear idea of whether you are getting your money’s worth.

If you plan to keep your leather sofa bed in a place that gets direct sunlight or is exposed to extreme atmospheric conditions, it is always suggested that you go in for high quality faux leather as faux leather is more resistant to changing conditions which in turn improves its durability.

Next decide what shade goes best with your interiors as this is one of the vital factors that could be a catalyst in giving your furniture the bold look along with beautifying the very demeanor of your bedroom.

If you go in for a genuine leather bed, make sure this piece of furniture has been waxed in order to give it a classic look.

Enquire what kind of wood has been used as a base to hold the leather. Be it real hard wood or plywood, the quality is something that has to be checked.

Leather sofa beds could give you the comfort of a lavish looking leather sofa and an elegant looking leather bed in one of your favourite deep hues. Most of the UK online stores often come up with a grand leather beds sale for customers to grab cheap leather beds of high quality. Registering with these online stores, will give you the advantage of receiving news on the latest sale through emails. This would indeed save you time and money and no matter what, you could make the best deal ever.

We recommend Mattress Next Dayfor there quality of product and the amazing prices they come at. You might want to take a look and find the one that catches your attention, totally!


Cheap double beds

When people move into a new home, there could be a lot of expenditure involved, with trying to make everything look new. Most of them buy everything new for this new beginning, but at times it could be hard on the pocket and that is when they rely on numerous online surveys to get what they want at the lowest price possible. Beds are a major investment when it comes to buying furniture for the house.

A master bedroom without a double bed would be incomplete, but the exorbitant expenditure could put people off. Without getting a rein on your dreams and without it being a pinch on your pocket, many UK online stores offer a variety of budget beds. Wonder why it is called so? A budget bed could be one that is a regular expensive bed that is going on a sale, which as a result could suit your needs and budget. Another all season budget bed is the 4ft by 6ft which is a double bed that has just shrunk a little in width when compared to the original. This indeed is an ideal option when you have to compromise on a lot of things like money and space but still want the right furniture for your house. Cheap double beds of this kind would in no way be a compromise on quality or ambience. It’s important that you look for cheap double beds on a budget and make the intelligent buy before it is too late.

How cheap could they be?

A Cheap double bed that measures 4ftX6ft could be got at a price as low as 87 pounds. This price could further drop if you happen to hit the right bargain. This budget bed which is otherwise called a 4 by 6 double bed, could undoubtedly you’re your bedroom a complete finish. At times the double bed could also be used as a single bed where one gets to literally roll and laze with the bed all for himself. Be sure to get the right sites through the search when you have decided to buy your double bed online. There could be instances where a store could just dupe you with cheap quality beds for the same price, taking advantage of the budget offers that genuine shops offer to their customers across the UK online store community. A vigilant eye and a smart interrogator is what is expected of a person to guard himself of such cheap tricks. One needs to bear in mind that cheap double beds could be low on price, but they are tailored to fit your budget, giving you a feel of high end quality as well.

If you feel that a cheaply priced double bed is what you are looking for, do take a moment to view this elusive collection which consists of some really CHEAP DOUBLE BEDS ON A BUDGET.


Bunk Beds – The Viable Option

Man has been ever devising new things to add to one’s luxurious lifestyle at times and maybe just to be an excellent space manager like in the case of a Bunk bed. Space saving has become a norm these days and people everywhere look to fitting as many things in as little space as possible. This is an ideal option for people who are looking to fit in a lot into a smaller available space. Parents find this a very convenient way of putting both their children into the same room, giving them two separate beds with it occupying the place of only one bed. Yes, a bunk bed is one where two beds are held together with four rods, one above the other. This has been people’s way of going to bed in the army or while traveling in ships for quite a few years now.

The right use of space without demanding one’s privacy, bunk beds in UK are very much in vogue. Most of the stores in UK dole out a splendid array of designs when it comes to a bunk bed.

They can come in the following five basic designs

Standard bunk bed
Futon bunk bed
Twin over full bunk bed
Loft bed
L-shaped bunk bed

An L-shaped bunk bed or a Loft bunk bed would be an extraordinary choice if you’re looking for children’s bunk beds. Most of the high sleeper beds come with a chest of draw or a study desk option which adds to the child’s utility. These bunk beds are considered to be high end models. The bunk beds UK-made are very reasonable as their durability is highly commendable. No matter what, quality sees no compromise in this case. Look out and survey the various online stores and your best bet would be a bunk beds sale online. The economy models normally are made with softwood or frames. The metal wires that are affixed to this kind of bed bring about the spring suspension giving it a bouncy effect.

It is advised that smaller children sleep below and children above the age of six can climb up the ladder and sleep on top. Can you imagine how overjoyed your twosome would get on getting a glimpse of this exciting way to sleep? Check out for the best discounts that the UK stores across the online market have to offer and ensure to make the best pick. Do look up Mattress Next Day, an online shop which offers an exuberant variety of Bunk Beds for everyone at very affordable prices. Bring home a big surprise for your children and make their room look spacious right away!!

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£99 BED

There was a time when only money could buy the best look and quality. But times have changed and the fact holds true that money can definitely buy looks. Quality may not be great or long lasting but would indeed serve as a wonderful make do article for a temporary purpose. Same is the case with cheap beds that are available across a variety of online UK stores. When we mean cheap beds it literally means in the sense of affordability. You could mistake a £99 bed for one of the most luxurious ones as manufacturers leave no trace of it being made from a not-so-expensive material be it wood or metal.

Wood or metal is refurbished to give an excellent glossy look which could make anyone presume it is a high end bed. These £99 beds normally come in the 4 feet width size and could adorn your home with one of the most elegant looks. If money is the criteria and you really can’t afford to spend a fortune on a bed so quickly, you ought to take a look at these exclusively beds that wear an astonishingly elegant look.

These beds are often referred to as the cheap double beds. They are made of a concoction of metal and wood, also giving you a variety of bed frames to choose from. In fact this has become a great demanding product from people who want to have a comfortable, not too small bed in their guest room. The guest room is one place which is used only when you have somebody over for a temporary stay. Investing a fortune on a very good quality bed may not prove to be a feasible or rather practical option for many. That is one of the reasons why the £99 beds have earned popularity as these beds though cheap fit very perfectly in the guest bedroom and at the same time add class to the ambience without revealing how cheap a price it was got at.

Cheap double beds to be able to accommodate a couple guests would be more than making their stay comfortable and memorable. Hospitality that they would remember, and something that you never had to spend a fortune over is what these double beds could assure you of. Doesn’t that sound like a great bargain? Check out the numerous offers on the £99 cheap double beds and you could be flabbergasted at the sleek finish and comfortable feel these beds live up to.

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