Electric towel warmers

An electric towel warmer uses electricity and is useful anywhere where there is an electrical outlet, or they can be hardwired into your electric system.

Towel warmers are a luxury that most anyone can afford. Coming in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and colors, towel warmers have become an affordable luxury that grace many homes. There are generally two types of towel warmershyrdonic and electric. Hydronic towel warmers use recycled hot water, which is circulated by a re-circulating pump through the coils. An electric towel warmer uses electricity and is useful anywhere where there is an electrical outlet, or they can be hardwired into your electric system.

Many people utilize electric towel warmers over hydronic ones, for the simple reason that they are more easily installed. The only requirement of an electric towel warmer is that it is near a plug in. You can purchase a freestanding electric towel warmer or a wall mounted towel warmereither one is beneficial to use as a towel warmer, delicate clothing dryer or room heater.

Many people utilize their electric towel warmer to dry delicate clothing, such as swimming suits and sweaters. Their design allows also for them to be utilized for heating a roomusually a bathroom or laundry room. Of course, their primary use is to warm towelsa luxury that many people enjoy.

Electric towel warmers range from low to high price. Because they are safe and energy efficient, you can leave an electric towel warmer running all day.

If you are considering a towel warmer, one of the biggest decisions you need to make is whether you want the versatility of a freestanding towel warmer or the elegancy of a mounted towel warmer. Freestanding towel warmers can be moved to be used wherever you need it the most. However, if you have a small bathroom where space is the luxury, you will want to consider a wall mounted warmer instead.

Whatever your needs, there is a towel warmer which is right for you, in design, price, color and finish. Towel warmers are the luxury that many homeowners are considering when they refinish their bathrooms.

Towel warmer safety tips around children

There are several hazards that can be associated with towel warmers when it comes to children.

There are many types of towel warmers on the market. You can get towel warmers which are heated by oil, that are heated by water, that are mounted on the wall and that are free standing. In a home of just adults, towel warmers are a wonderful addition to any bathroom. However, in a home with children, it is best to limit the installation of towel warmers to the bathrooms used strictly by the adults.

There are several hazards that can be associated with towel warmers when it comes to children. The first is the possibility of burns. Some companies compare their towel warmers to an iron: an iron does not work well unless it is hot. Since small children do not sense the danger associated with heat, they can get burned when their curiosity about the towel warmers leads them to touch it. Although some companies that manufacture towel warmers state that their warmers are safe to the touch for up to 4 seconds, that is a pretty short amount of time and you would still be taking a risk having them on with children around.

Another hazard when you have children can be found with free standing towel warmers. They just plug into an outlet, so you have a big tripping hazard. Since it is attached to a towel warmer, you are taking a double risk of your child tripping on the cord and then falling onto the hot towel warmer. To minimize the risk to a child, a wall mounted towel warmer or hiding the cord attached to the towel warmer is recommended.

Towel warmers are a nice addition to any bathroom, mud room or laundry area. However, when small children are in the home, it is best to keep any towel warmers you install out of the reach of little hands. Companies may state they are safe and meet all safety standards, and some can be set to lower temperatures, but an effective towel warmer can be dangerous to kids to young to understand the risks.

Giving towel warmers as gifts

We all know at least one- that person or couple that has everything, which paves the way to making gift giving a real headache. Some occasions that find may find you scratching your head, looking for a unique gift:

There are a number of gifts that fit all these holidays and gift giving occasions. Towel warmers are one popular choice.

Towel warmers come in a variety of styles, installation choices, heating elements and price ranges. For the low price, you can pick up an electric towel warmer in one of six finishes and dozens of designs. Freestanding warmers require no tools to install, they simply plug into a grounded outlet. There are wall mounted warmers that are also electric and plug into an outlet, installation only requires a few screws and all the hanging hardware is included. These work by heating air within tubes that make up the rack.

For medium price, you can pick up an oil filled towel warmer. While these are similar in style to the electric warmers, they also plug into an outlet and come in freestanding and wall mounted styles. These work a little differently, they heat oil that is inside the tubes. These require less electricity as the oil heats quickly and stays warm longer than air filled tubes.

Whether air or oil filled racks are chosen, you can do much more than heat towels. Parents can heat blankets and baby clothes for babys comfort. In winter, you can heat sweaters, socks and dry wet outdoor clothes. Put shoes underneath to dry and heat. For spa and pool owners, a cabinet style towel warmer is a good choice. While these are much more expensive,  these cabinets can be placed outside year round. Installation is generally not required, as they are plugged in to a grounded outlet. Timer options are common, as are lights that come on only when cabinet doors are open. In addition to heating towels, they heat robes, shoes and even dry bathing suits.

Towel warmers are a must for every bathroom

Nothing speaks luxury like having a towel warmer in the bathroom. After your luxurious bath or shower, it is nice to have a warm towel to wrap yourself in after you get out. Not only do towel warmers warm towels, they also help to dry towels and other clothing, such as sweaters and serve as a main source of heating in a room, usually a bathroom or laundry room.

A towel warmer will afford you fresh, fluffy and dry towels all the time. By putting your towels on a towel warmer, you ensure that your towels are not getting mildew or smelly from lying around in a wet pile on the floor. Towel warmers are energy efficient and also provide a lot of heat for a room in your home.

Operating independently from your central heating system, they are maintenance free and energy efficient in heating a room and keeping your towels dry and warm. They can be used all year long and usually warm up in a matter of 30 minutes. Towel warmers have flexible temperature settings, allowing for the difference between heating a room (setting the temperature on high) and warming towels (low temperature setting).

There are generally two types of towel warmerselectric and hydronic. Hydronic towel warmers are connected to the hot water supply in your home and have a pump to circulate the hot water. Electric towel warmers run on electricity and are self contained, acting independently from your central heating system. If you have central heating, your best choice is probably an electric towel warmer.

There are a variety of styles of towel warmers that come in a variety of price ranges. They come in a variety of colors and materials to best fit with your dcor. Towel warmers come in two types, free standing and wall mounted. Depending on the space you have available, your color dcor and what type of towel warmer you prefer, there are a wide variety of options available to suit your needs.

Heating your bathroom with a hydronic towel warmer

One of the main advantages of having a hydronic towel warmer to help heat your bathroom, is you do not have to worry about it getting wet. Even though most often, hydronic towel warmers usually require the professional installation by a plumber, this type of towel warmer is most commonly purchased with the intent of helping to heat a bathroom. There are many reasons why people find hydronic towel warmers more efficient in heating a bathroom. The following paragraphs will discuss some of the differences between electric towel warmers, and help explain why hydronic towel warmers are more effective in heating a bathroom.

One of the main advantages of having a hydronic towel warmer to help heat your bathroom, is you do not have to worry about it getting wet. By being connected and ran by your central hot water system, there will be no electric heating elements present with a hydronic towel warmer, that can potentially cause electric shock. There are no limits as to where you can have your hydronic towel warmer installed. As opposed to electrical models, hydronic towel warmers can be installed in places likely to get wet.

Another advantage a hydronic towel warmer has over the electrical models is that they hydronic towel warmer will heat up much faster. Most hydronic towel warmers can warm up in less than 5 minutes, while it can take some electrical models up to an hour to reach peak temperatures. While most hydronic towel warmers are left running constantly, most electrical models have timers, so they can be programmed to come on and go off after a designated time span has lapsed. This fact alone makes a hydronic towel warmer a more popular choice when you want your towel warmer to help heat your bathroom, although both types of towel warmers are cost efficient.

Most people who are shopping for a towel warmer to help heat their bathroom chose hydronic models for many reasons. The above paragraphs discuss only a few of these reasons. If you are looking to purchase a towel warmer to help heat your bathroom, you should do your research. Make sure all of your questions are answered.

Towel warmers serve many purposes

Towel warmers are becoming more popular not only to enhance the look of bathrooms, but they also serve many purposes. While a towel warmer is simply a decorative radiator designed to heat towels, they can also assist in heating the entire bathroom! The following paragraphs will discuss the many purposes of a towel warmer.

Towel warmers are used in more places than just bathrooms. They can also be found in places including:spassauna areaspool areasexercise areasshower areas

Not only are they decorative, towel warmers are designed to have your towel nice and warm for you when you get out of shower or bath. This is not the only benefit of owning a towel warmer.

A towel warmer not only warms towels before or after a shower or swim, they can also assist in heating the entire room, especially when used in the bathroom. How effective your towel warmer will be in heating the room will depend on the make and model, as well as how many towels are placed on it to be warmed. The more towels on the towel warmer will cause less heat in the room, the few towels on the warmer will increase the heat in the room.

Adding a towel warmer to a room can assist in making the air healthier to breath. Since many harmful elements exist where air is most damp, a towel warmer can help eliminate some of them. These elements include:

When the excess moisture in the room is removed, it prevents the growth of mold and mildew, as well as aids in the prevention of dust mites. Towel warmers are a great way to add a touch of elegance to your bathroom, or other appropriate room of your house. They are available in a wide variety of shapes, styles, sizes, and colors, to match and meet any need or desire.

How do towel warmers work?

Towel warmers work in several different ways. No matter which type you install, you will enjoy the cozy comfort of your warm towel after each and every bath or shower.

Water or Oil Towel Warmers

Water, also called hydronic, towel warmers use hot water from your hot water heater or a hydronic heating system. This hot water warms the towels as it goes through the towel warmers.

Electric towel warmers are self-contained and filled with oil. The low wattage electric heating element in the towel warmers heats up the oil, which in turn warms the towels.

Plugged In or Hard Wired Towel Warmers

The towel warmers that are plugged in have more flexibility of placement. They can basically be installed anywhere there is an electric outlet (as long as it is the correct wattage).

The towel warmers that are hard wired are nice because they are cable free, which makes them less of a tripping hazard and gives them a nicer look. The hard wired variety typically is more expensive.

Towel Warmers With or Without a Timer

A timer is not an absolute necessity when you purchase a towel warmer. However, they can be a nice additional extra to have.

Towel warmers with timers are nice as they can be set to warm up a towel exactly when you plan to use it. You can set it for a certain hour of the day and even a certain day of the week! If you plan to use your towel warmers as a heat source in your bathroom at all times, you can just leave it on and forget about a timer. Many people opt to forget a timer and just leave the towel warmer on to create a spa-like atmosphere right in their bathroom!

When you go to purchase towel warmers, look at the unit as a whole and decide which one would work best with your home set-up.

Discount Bath Towels

Enjoy the functionality of your home starting from one of the hardest working and most frequented areas in the house your bathroom! Your bathing experience will never be complete without the best and high quality bath towels. You could even go the extra mile and find not only remarkably functional but also discount bath towels.

7-Pack: 27" x 52" 100% Cotton Extra-Absorbent Bath TowelsWhy settle for less when you could get the best deals in the market today? Choose among a wide array of comfy, extra absorbent and affordable linens for your bathroom. You could also bring along these items when you go swimming in the beach and spa centers.

The bath towels by Browns Linens and Window Coverings is one of the best discounted items you could avail. Save a whopping 28% on your purchase for a low price when you purchase a set of six bath towels in grey colors. Enjoy soft and absorbent items with a generous size of 27 x 50 sizes variation.

Each piece is made of 100% pure cotton materials with beautifully designed ribbed features and attractive dobby border. If you are searching for quality and affordability, this option is for you!

Find remarkable value with the 100% Egyptian cotton bath towels by Pike Street. This amazing feature is available in a 6-piece towel set perfect for bath, beach and spa. You could also choose among its wide line of vibrant colors from Wedgewood, white, pistachio and papaya. This outstanding best saver allows you a whopping 81% off in your budget when you buy one set for low price.

Wisely spend your money only on highest quality bath towels with super low and discounted price tags. Search through innumerable online suppliers and find out for yourself! Take advantage of easy shopping with easy and secured payment with fast delivery right at your doorsteps!

Discount Kitchen Towels

Your kitchen is definitely the busiest and hardest working venue in your house hence it is imperative that you also provide the best discount kitchen towels that will make your work much easier and convenient. You need not only kitchen fixtures and cabinets to enhance and boost the beauty and function of this workspace. You definitely need the best towels and items that would make life and food preparation a whoosh.

Hallmark Home Cotton Kitchen Tea Towels (Set of 2) Life is Made for Sharing PrintAvail the DII Buenos Dias Kitchen towels inclusive of a set of seven towels that works perfectly well for your food preparation and cooking ordeals. This is a towel collection made of hundred percent cotton fabric materials and measured 18 inch by 28 inch. The best kitchen items you could use that coordinates with all your other toiletries such as the fringed placemats, fringed napkins, baja striped tablecloths and dish towels.

If you want a more economical yet intricately designed kitchen towel, you could also avail the Jenny Sage green towels in 3-piece sets for other purposes such as bath, hand and wash cloth. These items are made of 100% cotton plush materials with lovely macram lace trims that accentuate this kitchen masterpiece. You could make a perfect coordination with your other investments such as your Jenny Sage green fabric curtains.

Popcorn 3-piece kitchen towel set made of 100% cotton fabric. This item is made of thickly woven popcorn texture that guarantees extra absorbency and remarkably complements any of your kitchen decors and fixture. Each piece in the collection is approximately measured 16 inch by 28 inch size variation.

Beautify your kitchen and enhance its value and function with the best kitchen towel sets that deliver astounding savers and discounted price tags. These are best buys that will definitely make your kitchen investments the most lucrative ones ever.

Egyptian cotton bath towel

No one can blame you if you want only the best for yourself. This is especially true with any personal belonging you might have. You can be assured of the best when you avail of Egyptian cotton bath towels. These are truly the best that money can buy. Luxury is the first word you would think of when it comes to Egyptian cotton. This is one of the finest fabrics available today. Obviously, several manufacturers opted to for this fabric in their collection of sheets, pillowcases as well as comforters and bed sheets. These are even used on a washcloth and bath towel sets.

Superior 900 Gram Egyptian Cotton 2-Piece Bath Towel Set, WhiteEgyptian cotton is a prime choice and it comes for a reason. Its unique characteristic allows it to get softer after several uses. Like fine wine, it only gets better as time flows by. This ensures a more comfortable experience for you in the long run.

A bath sheet made from this material is also more likely to retain its original form. This type of cotton is also more durable than others. There is also no need to worry about frequent washing since it produces less lint.

Several designers and manufacturers offer Egyptian cotton bath towels along their best collections. There is no shortage of designs and styles that you can choose from. It is all a matter of choosing the one bath towel that suits your mood and personality.

Due to its reputation as one of the best home accessories, a bath towel made from Egyptian cotton makes for a useful and unique gift. Your loved one will greatly appreciate the thought of giving them the best and finest quality bath towel.

Egyptian cotton bath towels need not be expensive. These are sold at discount prices by several online retailers. No more compromising on quality either. You will get the same luxurious feel from this fabric without breaking the bank.

Find clearance bath towels online at Wamsutta and other manufacturers websites. They accept bulk orders and sell for entire families. So what are you waiting for? Go online now and find the best Egyptian cotton bath towels.

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