Bamboo Bed Sheets Review

Have a lavishing, guilt-free sleep on bamboo bed sheets. These bamboo bed sheets will give you a really cozy nook. Bamboo fabric has both properties of silk and cotton. Like cotton, it is absorbent and breathable. It is perfect for summer where heat and perspiration are ever-present. Like silk, it has a wonderful drape and a hint of luster. Just beholding it would take your breath away.

Bamboo fabric is very soft to touch as it uses a lightweight material. Not only is it wonderful to feel, it brings skin benefits too. It has an anti-bacterial property making it suitable for those with very sensitive skin or those suffering from skin irritations. It repels dust making it ideal for those suffering from allergies or respiratory ailments like asthma. Having Bamboo Bed Sheets Review is like enjoying comfortable sleep while getting therapeutic benefits!

With the growing concern for global warming and the increasing efforts to turn to renewable sources, having bamboo bed sheets is one hip way of joining millions of people in saving the planet. How so? Bamboo bed sheets are made from a renewable source that greatly benefits Mother Earth.

Bamboo is a kind of grass that simply grows without any need for fertilizer or pesticide. Some natural fabrics on the other hand use these chemicals to grow them. This is also one reason why bamboo fabrics can retain the natural benefits found in bamboo—it is truly all-natural.

Bamboo bed sheets are a great investment for your money and you would want to take good care of them. They are durable enough for a machine wash in cool water. Set the machine in gentle cycle and use only mild soap. These sheets can be tumbled dry. If you want it ironed, set the iron in low heat.

With proper care, you will be able to enjoy the comfort of your bamboo bed sheets for a long time. These Bamboo Bed Sheets Review are available in the market in a wide variety of colors and designs that will definitely suit your taste.

After hearing about the eco-friendliness and comfort of bamboo sheets from an environmentalist friend, I went to a home essentials store to satisfy my curiosity. I saw these bamboo bed sheets on display. It was the beautiful bamboo design of the sheet that attracted me. After feeling it, I was sure I was hooked. I now have it on my bed and every night is a night of eco-friendly comfort.

Silk Bed Sheets Queen

Sleep like royalty in Silk Bed Sheets Queen. The fabric silk originated from China and has lined the palaces of emperors. Silk has been the fabric of luxury, elegance and sophistication. No fabric provides the feel of silk. High quality silk can provide you with the utmost sleeping experience. Silk bed sheets have temperature-regulating property. It provides you with the needed warmth during cold seasons and will give the same comfort during warm seasons.

This is also one good reason why a silk bed sheet is a great buy for your money. You do not have to keep changing your beddings to go with the weather—cold or warm, your Silk Bed Sheets Queen is your best friend. It is hypoallergenic too since it does not attract dust mites and actually keeps them off. Because of its smoothness, it is said to be skin-friendly and will help you maintain or achieve a beautiful hair.

But most people are turned off by prices of these bed sheets. They generally cost more than other fabrics. That is because of the silk fabric itself and how they are made—they are made with intricacy that ensures their quality. How the silk bed sheets turn out after the first wash also turn people off from purchasing silk beddings. This can be addressed by proper handling of the sheets. Silk sheets, because of the material and how they are made, require gentler washing.

You do not just toss them for washing and drying and expect the same look or feel from the sheet. The best way to go is to hand wash your silk bed sheet for the first couple of times. After that, you may machine wash the silk bed sheet in a gentle cycle. In both means, use a gentle soap.

I have long been advised by my best friend to try on silk bed sheets to help my dry skin. I was just so skeptic about the matter from the very start. With much bugging, she assisted me to a home essentials store and we picked a lilac silk bed sheet. We bought 2 white silk pillow cases that will go with the bed sheet. I laid them out on my bed and they were jaw-droppers! They look fantastic. There was a sudden air of elegance in my bedroom. Not only that, the feel is a perfect 10. I’m having a great sleep every night. And to top them all, they sure did my skin a lot of good.

Satin bed set queen

With satin bed sheets, you can bring the elegance of silk into your bedroom without hurting your pocket. Satin very much resembles silk and are oftentimes confused. While for silk to be “silk,” it has to be taken from silkworms, satin on the other hand are made of man-made materials. How it is woven gives satin its luster. Like silk, satin is very much wonderful to touch. It drapes smoothly. But unlike silk, one side of the satin sheet is generally duller than the other side.

Satin has a temperature-regulating property that makes it a great buy. It is able to keep you warm during cold weather and is very wonderful to use even during warm weather. That is because it is breathable that makes it ideal even during summer. It is lightweight so whether in use or in storage, it is very convenient to deal with. Satin is also hypoallergenic.

Most people who are allergic to cotton opt for satin bet sheets. The smooth surface of satin also makes it a wonder for the skin and hair. Its smooth surface allows the skin and hair to just glide reducing friction. Friction may cause skin irritation and hair breakage.

Satin bed set queen must be given proper care to prolong its life. It is best to hand wash your satin bed sheets for a number of times before washing it with a machine. When drying, avoid putting it under direct sunlight. This is especially advised for dyed sheets. Direct sunlight will hasten the fading of the sheet’s color. Keep your satin bed set queen away from liquid or food spills or risk frequently washing your sheets.

Frequent washing shortens your sheet’s life and will call for new ones sooner than expected. Also, it is very important to keep your satin bed sheets away from surfaces that could catch it and so pull the fabric. One run spell disaster. It could ruin your beautiful satin sheet.

I received a satin bed sheet during the holidays. It was in white with multi-colored circles and dots for design. It was really gorgeous to look at. It gave my bedroom a retro look and gets me in a retro vibe when I get inside. The feel of satin is just wonderful. The comfort is superb. I’m sleeping like a baby each night and my alarm clock is having a hard time waking me up in the morning. I’m really having a fabulous sleep.

How to Choose Flannelette Bed Sheets

There are a few important things to look at when it comes to choosing flannelette bed sheets. It is an investment you should make wisely so you can get years of life out of your sheet set.

Your new flannelette bed sheets are made from 100% cotton which has been brushed to provide the soft feel of a flannelette fabric. Generally, the heavier the cotton and therefore the sheet set, the better quality you are looking at. Flannelette bed sheets are definitely different from most other sheets in that the thread count isnt quite as important as fabric weight. In regular cotton sheets, thread count is what gives you the varying degrees of smoothness. However, flannelette sheets are different in that they are not smooth, rather they are fluffy. Therefore the weight becomes a higher importance in the quality of flannelette sheets.

Flannelette sheets are generally plain dyed, however many sheets come with patterns. As a rule, you will get better life out of plain dyed flannelette sheets because the cotton is yarn dyed rather than printed on. Printed sheet sets, just like a screen printed tee shirt, will eventually suffer from the pattern fading. This is just the nature of the printing process. Whereas yarn dying puts the colour directly into the fabric fibre, giving you a better lasting product. This is why we choose to stock mostly solid colours.

Another way to check the quality of your new flannelette bed sheets is to hold them up to the light. Totally see through is obviously not a good thing, however slight opacity indicates a tightness in the weave structure which will help hold shape in the sheets. Also, the tightness is important in how well the flannelette sheets hold seams together.

Good quality flannelette sheets will not only keep you warm during the cooler months, but they will last for years with proper washing and care.

If you have any questions about the quality of our flannelette bed sheets, or about how to care for them, please dont hesitate to send us an email through our contact page. Or you can catch us on live chat down there on the right.

10 Surprising Ways Flannelette Sheets Are More Fabulous Than New Socks

Everyone knows that flannelette sheets are way more awesome than new socks. Well if you didnt, you do now. So let us explain to you why getting your flannelette on is going to rock your bedtime.

Socks are boring. Flannelette sheets are exciting because when you dive into bed at the end of a cold winters day, you know that your flannel sheets are going to keep you company.

Socks only warm one part of your body. Flannelette sheets warm your whole body including your ears and head if you are one of those people that cocoons themselves in bed.

Socks get smelly quickly. Flannelette sheets are fresh and lovely especially since you change your sheets once a week. You do change them weekly dont you?

Socks get lost easily. You know the drill. First there were two socks and then there was one. And for the life of you the other sock from the pair just cant be found. Flannelette sheets are big, so they dont get lost. Unless you lend them to your sister in law, in which case you will never see them again.

New socks take ages to feel right. Flannelette sheets feel awesome from the moment you put them on your bed and dive in.

New socks have great elastic until about the third wash, then it is all over. Suddenly they are being eaten by your shoes. Flannelette sheets however, last for years before the elastic gives in. Unless you are naughty and throw them in the dryer on high.

Socks need washing after only one use. Flannelette sheets give you days of use without the need for washing.

Socks arent soft and fluffy like flannelette sheets. Well ok, maybe those funny pink, fuzzy girly socks are, but that isnt the point.

Flannelette sheets are made from the same fabric as flannelette pyjamas and flannelette pyjamas are so comfortable it should be illegal. Maybe flannelette sheets should be illegal too, but then that would be bad wouldnt it? New socks just cant compete with either pyjamas or sheets. They just arent in the same league.

Flannelette sheets can be shared with someone special. Socks, new or otherwise cant be shared, unless you are into wearing one sock. Then the other foot would be cold and that is not on in winter sorry.

So there you have it. Want to add to this cool list? Flick us an email and well add it so long as it is suitable for children to read. We have to keep things cool around here like George Clooney.

How to Wash Flannel Sheets

If you live somewhere in the world where the temperature cruises its way down to the single digits in the winter time, then you have most likely tried using flannel sheets on your beds to remain warm and toasty at night. All of the beds in my home are made up with flannel sheets once the temperature starts to drop. It makes winter just a little more comfortable.If you are going to invest in flannel sheets, spend a little extra and purchase the highest quality flannel fabric you can afford. Then, you will need to know how to care for them so they last and last.

Firstly, read the washing instructions that will be attached to your flannel sheets. This is most important as you want to be sure that you care for your sheet set in the best way possible. I always wash my flannel sheets prior to use. This is really important to get any residues from manufacturing off your sheet set. It will also give a clean, fresh feel to the flannel fabric when you get into bed.

It is highly recommended to use a good quality washing liquid without any optical brighteners. Wool wash, or natural, eco friendly washing liquids are the most suitable. These are generally a much more natural liquid, and therefore better for your sheets and you.

Personally, I always wash in cold water, but flannel sheets can be washed in warm water. Just avoid hot water as it can cause damage to the fabric fibres and shrinkage. Line dry your sheets whenever you can. Sunlight is the best way to dry your flannel sheets, however they can often be tumble dried on low if need be. Again, just check the instructions on your particular sheet set. Once your flannelette sheets are dry, fold them as soon as possible, or just pop them onto your bed. If they are feeling a little stiff after being line dried, run them through the clothes dryer if you have one for a couple of minutes on low. This will make them nice and fluffy.

If you have any questions in regards to looking after your flannel sheets, dont hesitate to contact us, catch us on Pinterest, or say hi via our chat facility.

Are Incontinence Supplies Really Effective In Absorbing Urine?

The incontinence supplies are picture perfect products especially when it comes to urine seepage during the night. The problem of incontinence is rampant as many people are now going through this pain. But most of them are still hesitant while explaining this situation to others since they think that it is a matter of indignity. As a matter of fact, you should not hide it under the carpet if you come to know about the possible symptoms because it may lead to other diseases, if not treated properly. For that reason, incontinence sheets are usuallyadvertisedbecause not only they are capable to absorb sufficient amount of urine but also they make you feel self-confident.

Incontinence Supplies

Due to the intricacy of this problem, there is an extensive variety of incontinence supplies. It is important that you must rummage around for the specific product that may correspond to your precise requirements. The problem of incontinence is basically related to the dwindling of bladder. Therefore, some of the notable incontinence supplies intended for this purpose is bed wetting padsor sheets, diapers for matured persons, spongy underwear and deodorizer. However, one of the most commonly used incontinence supplies is the absorbent underwear in that it bears much resemblance to the ordinary underwear. However, unlike the usual underwear, it is relatively solid and is perfect for dealing with nighttime leakage issues.

Settling On the Right Incontinence Supplies Is Essential

Incontinence can become discomforting especially when you have to confront many people in your daily life. However, if you have necessary incontinence supplies, there is no need to bother about the potential leakage since these products facilitate your work to a great extent. You may not realize the happening of urine leakage if you are geared up with right incontinence supplies. More often than not people find it pretty hard to reach even the restroom and the urine emits instantly. It is because the bladder has become feeble primarily due to therapeutic reasons and cannot sustain sufficient amount of urine in it.

Incontinence Supplies

With the intention of coping with such scenario, the makers of incontinence supplies have introduced vaccination named as Botox. The injection of Botox is very effective and it is directed to strengthen the bladder so that it may keep enough urine inside. Most of the bladder seepage is dealt with Botox injections however, if you have made up your mind to employ Botox, you must seek advice of a professional prior to using it. These incontinence supplies are really helpful in providing you a profound sleep throughout the night.

There are numerous incontinence supplies in the market but with the launch of Botox, the industry of these supplies has become more diversified. Most of the incontinence supplies like bed pads are essentially intended to wrap up the fixtures including bed. They are perfect means to conceal your bed so that no potential leakage may affect your room furniture. Some of the diapers are more advanced than the conventional counterparts in that above and beyond the soaking up property, they shelter your body from excruciating pain as well. Thats why the application of incontinence supplies is particularly recommended for patients having incontinence issues.

King Size Bamboo Sheets

Having king size bamboo sheets in the bedroom is just like having the best of both worlds! Well, king size bamboo sheets provide the body with softness that can grant a really good nights rest plus, youve got a round-the clock protection from bacteria! Now that is something that could really give you lots of benefits.

King size bamboo sheets are soft to the touch. This is because bamboo is grown without using any harmful chemicals like pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. So the plant retains its natural form and properties, thereby producing one of the finest raw materials to be made into sheets. And once the sheets are made, they are just superbly soft and smooth, it would make sleeping truly wonderful!

Aside from the softness, king size bamboo sheets also have natural antibacterial properties. This could protect your family from germs and bacteria. In fact, in a study conducted by China Industrial Testing Center in 2003, 99.8% of bacteria that were placed on 100% bamboo sheets were killed. So bacteria could not simply propagate in bamboo sheets.

Another great thing about king size bamboo sheets is that it is a renewable source of raw material for fabric. Bamboo can grow really fast as compared to other plants like cotton. There are even bamboo plants that could grow one foot a day! Truly amazing plants!

King size bamboo sheets also have the capacity to insulate. You can use these sheets for any season. During winter, you would be kept warm by bamboo sheets. During summer, you would feel cool whenever using these sheets. So you would not need to buy new sheets every time the season changes just to ensure that you stay comfortable every night.

Bamboo sheets are also economical. You would not be spending so much for every set. It is just like getting something at a very good price but with such high quality. Pure Fiber is among the well-known makers of king size bamboo sheets and you can find a host of colors that would surely match the aesthetics of your bedroom.

Before, I am quite a pessimist when it comes to the antibacterial properties of king size bamboo sheets, however, my sister told me that it really did a splendid job of helping minimize her acne. So I tried it out for myself, and after a few weeks of using king size bamboo sheets, my acne indeed got better. I believe that the antibacterial properties of bamboo sheets are really working round the clock. These sheets are perfect for those with acne, and are suffering from other skin problems.

Bed Sheet Buying Guide


In addition to knowing how you like your sheets to feel (crisp, smooth, or soft) there are three main elements to consider when buying sheets – fiber, weave and thread count. Fiber plays a large role in in determining the durability, softness and moisture wicking qualities of a sheet. The weave impacts the look and feel of a sheet as it can vary substantially from the velvet feel of the brushed twill weave of a flannel sheet to the crisp feel of a high-end percale weave. Thread count refers to the number of yarns used per square inch of fabric. Traditionally, the higher the thread count number, the lighter, stronger and more supple the fabric would become but as new weaves and fibers have been introduced it has become less and less of a fail-safe determinant.


When deciding on a new set of sheets its important to get in touch with your feelings. Do you prefer sliding into smooth and silky, warming up into plush and cozy or cooling off in crisper sheets.

Getting to know which sensation soothes you best will quickly narrow the vast array of choice. Like music, its important to know what makes you feel good (classical, rock or easy listening), so you can use your time wisely by browsing that section. Fibers are essentially the instruments of sheets. Weave fibers fibers differently and youll get different sheets.


Cotton is the primary fiber used in sheets. The quality of standard cotton is determined by a number of factors with the length of the fiber being a key indicator in choosing the right cotton to create sturdy, moisture seeking, 100% cotton sheet.

Extra-long Staple Cotton Egyptian, Turkish and Pima cotton sheets all fall under this heading. Its extra-long silky fibers will withstand the test of time. The length of the fibers lends these sheets to being extremely, smooth, breathable and very durable. The long fibers work to significantly reduce wear and unwanted

Long Staple Cotton The majority of the worlds cotton crop is American Upland cotton, a medium to long fiber. This type of standard cotton offers excellent moisture wicking properties in a durable everyday sheet. Longer cotton fibers are frequently put through a combing process that clears the cotton of shorter fibers, making for a stronger, finer and smoother sheet.


The majestic bamboo plant thrives naturally without chemical fertilizers and its fibers are naturally anti-microbial. It is spun into tremendously smooth, lustrous and durable thread that is then woven into an extremely absorbent, breathable, and easy-to-care for sheet.


Remember, the fiber you choose, whether Pima, Egyptian or Bamboo, is only 1/3 of the decision making process in choosing the right sheets for you. Weave and thread count are important factors as well. With so many variations of how sheets are made, shoppers have the luxury of really tailoring a perfect fit.


There are countless different ways to weave a sheet. The weave influences the look, feel and durability of a sheet. Percale weaves are renowned for creating crisp cool sheets, Sateen waves create extremely soft sheets that are lustrous at initial touch and jacquards bring texture usually in the form of patterns into sheets.

Twill (Flannel)

The fuzzy indulgence of a flannel sheet is created through brushing process called napping of a plain or twill-weave fabric that raises fibers from the weave to create a smooth coat or finish. Some sheets will be napped on one side, while others will be napped on both.


Sateen sheets are made through a modernized weaving process that increases the vertical number of yarns to the horizontal, thus creating an ultra soft fabric with a noticeable sheen with a high thread count. Sateen sheets tend to be more delicate than other weaves.


Percale sheets are essentially an upscale plain weave with equal horizontal yarns to vertical yarns. This weave produces sheets with higher thread counts and sheets that are crisp and strong.


The Jacquard sheet is made with a specialized loom that can weave imbedded textured patterning. These artistry needed to make these fade resistant unique patterns can add to the overall cost.

Thread Count

Thread count refers to the number of yarns used per square inch of fabric. Traditionally, the high the thread count number, the lighter, stronger and more supple the fabric would become. Traditional forms of weaving used to limit thread count to a maximum of 350, but new weaving technology now allows sheet manufacturers to produce sheets with upwards of 1200 thread count. Thread counts that soar above the original 350 mark, are no longer made by weaving double ply (two yarns twisted together) instead they are woven using finer yarns in a multi-ply construction (when more than two yarns are inserted into the weave) making for very high thread count but heavy sheets

300 Thread Count

This is a great starting place for a solid set of crisp feeling sheets. Anything less you might toss and turn all night. Percale (classically woven) is an upscale name you should keep in mind.

400 Thread Count

These numbers are often associated with super soft yet cool feeling sheets that are commonly combed for an extra smooth finish.

600 Thread Count

These are often associated with luxury sheets. This thread count coupled with long fiber cotton like Pima or Egyptian cotton are the ideal sheets.

How to Recognize quality

Once youve determined your favored fiber, weave and thread count give your selection(s) a good scratch test to help determine the quality of the sheet and if its going to serve you well for many nights to come. The weave should stay in place, be consistent in color and uniform in weave.

Do threads shift when scratched? Drag a nail across the threaded. The yarns should not easily alter. If they do, weak spots could eventually rip or fray.

Is the weave even The yarns in the weave should be uniform. Hold your sheet up to the light. An even amount of light should filter through. If not, this sheet could be prone to uneven wear and eventually holes.

Color Fade Color could be consistent and printed designs should be evenly applied. Its easiest to look for these issues along the edges of your sheet.

Conclusion (Cliff Notes) When it comes down to it, selecting sheets is like choosing a car. You want to like how it looks, feel confident that its made well and feel certain that it will last as long as you need it. Here is how to apply what you’ve learned to find the right sheet. The longer the cotton fiber the better – Egyptian, Pima and Turkish. Bamboo is eco-friendly, breathable and adjust to your bodys temperature. For a cooler feeling sheet plain weave are a good choice with Percale being the best and will last a long time. If you prefer a silkier look and more lustrous feel, Sateen weave is an ideal match – this weave can lend to pilling through excessive use and are generally recommended for guest beds. Flannel sheets are ideal for sleepers with prone to cold toes and organic sheets are the perfect for sleepers with sensitive skin.

King Size Egyptian Cotton Sheets

If there is one thing that I truly love, those are king size Egyptian cotton sheets. There is no doubt about it, these sheets are simply fabulous! They have got the right softness that would render you sleeping like a baby, and they are also very durable that they could last you for years. In fact, the softer they get, the more durable they are. So you will simply feel like royalty, the moment that you lie on your bed with these sheets on.

King size Egyptian cotton sheets are utterly soft to the touch. For any skin type, whether you have a dry, oily, or really soft skin, you would find these sheets superbly skin-friendly. Of course, when the skin starts to feel comfort, your whole body would be attuned to relax, and eventually, you would be able to sleep. Once you get to sleep and have a really good nights sleep, then surely you would have the strength to do your tasks for the following day with much vigor.

Aside from the softness, manufacturers of king size Egyptian cotton sheets like Pinzon, SheetsNThings, and Elite Home, also make sure that you would be provided with the right color to match the theme of your room. If you have a neutral color scheme in your bedroom, then you can find white, chestnut, taupe, and beige to complement your room perfectly. If you have a bolder color scheme, then there are black, red, purple, and even orange king size Egyptian cotton sheets.

If you desire for what is really soft, then it is best to opt for king size Egyptian cotton sheets that have high thread counts. For instance, you could have sheets that have 1,000 or 1,200 thread counts. There are even Egyptian cotton sheets that have 1,500 thread counts! Of course, you just need to be prepared to pay for the price of these sheets. They can cost a hefty sum but you can be assured of getting a really good nights sleep. The price will always be worth it.

I have 2 king size Egyptian cotton sheets and home, and I could really say that they are the best things that I have ever invested in for my bedroom. One of the sheets is taupe and the other is white, both were by SheetsNThings. Every night, the sheets would always grant me the comfort that I need, and I would always wake up feeling energized and refreshed!

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