Crazy & Scary Dinosaur Bedding For Boys

Dinosaur Bedding for Boys

What boy doesn’t love dinosaurs? They love these gigantic creatures that lived on this planet when it was young and still evolving. This is why Dinosaur Bedding is popular with boys of every age. There are many Dinosaur Bedding Sets to choose from. There is Scary Dinosaur Bedding for older boys and cartoon dinosaur bedding for toddlers, there is even Dinosaur Crib Bedding for your precious baby boy. There is a wide selection of Toddler Bedding that you can select your favorite bedding for your son.

Scary Dinosaur Bedding

For boys six and older who love scary dinosaurs this comforter is just for them. It’s the Jurassic T-Rex Blanket. This soft and comfortable blanket is easy to keep clean. Your son won’t consider this at all but you will. If he’s seen the movie Jurassic Park and loved every thrilling moment of it, especially when they showed the larger than life T-

Rex with his sharp fence sized fangs and his piercing roar that shuddered the whole building.

Then this blanket is for him. It has a large and scary looking greenish yellow T-Rex charging g at you, roaring his mighty roar. He’s the king and he’s going to have you for lunch. For a boy who loved the adventure of the movie then this is for him.

You can decorate his room with dinosaur lamps, posters, rugs and life like dinosaur toys that will take him back in time. Everyone has dinosaur decals in their room so why not give him the 18 pc Glow in the Dark Dinosaurs? He will be the king of his own world of the dinosaurs.

Another idea for an older boy is The New Signature Collection Queen Sized Dinosaurs Mink Blanket. This is a warm blanket that will keep the cold hand of winter at bay as well as so soft he’ll never want to let go of it. This is a blue blanket that has many different colored dinosaurs from the mighty T-Rex to the strong Triceratops. There is a giant skull of a T-Rex on the blanket with the dinosaurs below it.

This blanket will bring these reptiles alive in his mind. Who knows where this will lead? His passion for these extinct creatures may lead him to working in a special effect department, making dinosaurs live again. Or he may end out in the field looking for and discovering new dinosaurs. There are so many possibilities that he can accomplish if you encourage him to follow his passions.

Dinosaur Bedding

Younger boys and toddlers need more of a friendly dinosaur than a T-Rex that is going to eat them. Amazon has a wide selection of these bedding for toddlers and crib blanket sets for babies for you to look over and select the best one for your child. You can decorate his room with Barney plush toys, with his friends, books, lamps and wall decals that will keep the monster under the bed away. There are even dinosaur night lights that will provide that extra light to see that all is well.

Look over the Net and Amazon and see what you can find. Maybe have your son pick out his blanket that is just for him. He’ll show it to all his friends and his friends will wish they had a mother as cool as you.

Super Cool Pirate Bedding That Boys Will Love – Pirate Ship Bed

Pirate Bedding

Pirates were the bold men who were known for their courage and bravery. They sailed on the main seas in the search of other ships which were full of gold and treasures. These men were adventurous with a strong will that were ready to face the dangers of the great seas. Their life was very tough, but full of unknown dangers and rewards. These are some of the reasons why pirate bedding for boys is so popular, the they want to be fearless as those pirates. To them, it’s glamorous. Boys love to read books and see movies about these men and they are very popular. Baby pirate bedding is one of the famous ways that a children can imagine that they are facing the same dangers and adventures like the pirates. Even your baby boy can get into the act with pirate baby bedding. Boys pirate bedding is the best way to impress your family and friends. This is because your baby boy must get the best pirate bedding.

Pirate Ship Bed – Pirate Bedroom

For those a little more adventurous, you can decorate their pirate ship bedroom with all manor of pirate decor, such as an actual pirate bed (a bed in the shape of a pirate ship), pirate curtains, pirate rugs, pirate lamps and many other things to make your son’s pirate room the best it can be. A pirate theme bedroom is all the rage nowadays especially with all the swashbuckling movies out there.

Pem American Outlet – Pirate Treasure Quilt Quilts – This is the soft blanket in which you will love to cuddle. Your boy will love this soft and warm blanket because they will feel protected in it. This quilt has a design of a ship, white sails and boats which signifies some island with buried treasure. He will cherish this blanket for many years.

The Pirates of the Caribbean are very famous all over the world. It has wonderful adventures on the high seas filled with intelligent, cunning and bravery. This movie as very good and the bedding will bring a feeling of this movie into the room of your child.

Pirates of the Caribbean Royal Plush Blanket – Is a blanket that any boy will love to snuggle up in and this blanket has the courageous Captain Jack Sparrow. This would be great gift for anyone who has watched this movie and liked it. Many blankets also have Captain Jack and his crew pictures on it. Pirates of the Caribbean bedding is very popular with boys of all ages.

Pirate Baby Bedding – Pirate Crib Bedding

Olive kid has made various pirates bedding with pirate sheets as well as pillow cases. The bedding contains ships, the captain with his crew and the island. You might also use various themed curtains, rugs, lamps and various other things to decorate his room. You can also put some books or movies in his room about the Pirates of the Caribbean or Blackbeard. This will make him feel that he is the captain of his own ship.

Treasure cover pirate bedding 4pc Twin set is another pirate blanket that will make your boy goes crazy. This tan blanket is available in various colors like tan, red or black. You can find the pirate’s skull and sword on the black section and treasure chest on the red one. The tan section contains the captain of the ship which was strong, tough and smart. This blanket has dark brown or tan colored border.

There are pelmets which match this blanket as well as theme. With this blanket you child will keep the room clean so that he can show it off to all his friends. They will be impressed with this blanket and he’ll be happy because you have purchased something that your child is passionate about.

Pirate bedding is becoming more widely used and available in various designs. It is a perfect gift for your child.

Autobots & Decepticons Transform – Into Sleep – With Transformers Bedding

Transformers Bedding

The Tramsformers movies sparked a slew of Transformer comforter and Transformer bed sheets and Power Rangers Bedding as well. Boys love cars and robots and these fit the bill. Every boy wants a Transformer bed set with Transformer sheets. This is every boys wish is to own a Transformer bedding set.

In 1984 the Autobots and the Decepticons appeared in an animated cartoon that sparked a passion in boys across the world. Years later the action packed movies were made that thrilled the old Transformer fans and drew new ones in. These guys are popular and every boy loves them.


They have even made Transformers 3 bedding so boys can snuggle up in their blankets. Boys who have seen this movie will want this.

Another Transformers bed set that your son will go crazy for is Hasbro Transformer 3 Armada Twin/Full Comforter, Multi. This blanket is blue with Optimus Prime and Bumblebee. This blanket is 100% polyester microfiber for softness. This is a warm and soft transformers blanket that your son will love to snuggle up in.

Transformers Bedding Full

A Transformers bed set comes in many sizes and shapes with designs to please your child. They come in a Transformers bed in a bag, transformers duvet cover and transformers bedding twin for all boys. Also you can transform his room into an Autobot or Decepticon room that he will enjoy. There is an Optimus Prime bedding that transformers bed set. There are Autobots transformers bedding full with all your favorite Autobots on it. There is a Decepticon transformers bedding set for those boys that like the  cool jets they can turn into. These  Transformers comforter set brings back the action from the movie. Where Autobots and the Decepticons fight their endless war. One wants freedom for all living creatures while the other wants to enslave all. This is the big attraction of the cartoons and movies. What good is a nice and soft  transformers duvet set without some Transformer sheets. Does anyone want plain white sheets when they can have cool Looking transformers sheet set, They don’t. If your son is going on a  camping trip or sleep overs with his friends he doesn’t want a plain old sleeping blanket when he could have his own cool Transformers sleeping bag. With this bag he will gain the respect of all the guys. You know how it is, guys love to show off there things and boast about them.

Transformers Toddler Bed

Are you thinking of making your son’s room into a Transformers room. You can use decals all over his walls, lamps, rugs with Optimus Prime  or Megatron, posters and his very own Transformers toddler bedding. This is what boys love. They love all things that are machinery. Robots with big guns fighting evil is what triggers their imaginations . Boys love the Autobots and Decepticons as they love dinosaurs. They are big and powerful, Who wouldn’t wan tot ride in Optimus Prime’s cab as they fight against their enemies?  This bedding will make them happy as they use their imaginations and isn’t that what being a boy is about?

Go Gusto With Guitar Bedding For Boys

Guitar Bedding For Boys

Boys dream of becoming a famous rock and roll star, loved by millions of fans. If your son loves guitars then rock n roll bedding is for him. There is even a guitar pillow for his guitar comforter. There are many who have a guitar themed bedroom to match their boys guitar bedding. This is why they will go crazy with joy when you give them a guitar comforter set.

There are many themes that you can use for your sons bedroom depending on his guitar duvet cover. There are black, grey, red or blue guitar print bedding. When you select the best one for your little guy you can also purchase matching guitar bed sheets and guitar curtains. This will make him feel like a real rock and roll star.


The Cozy Fresh Fun Guitar Comforter Mini Set is a brown blanket with a guitar with white musical notes. The border is blue. This soft and warm comforter is 100% polyester and machine washable. With this  guitar bed you’d have the color theme blue and brown with musical notes on the walls.

Guitar Bedding for Kids

Kids guitar bedding is fun for boys. It brightens their room and day. You may wish to look over the many guitar comforters with your son and let him choose.

There is a black and white guitar blanket that will make his room look even cooler. You can decorate his walls with posters of guitars and music notes. You can have guitar lamps and clocks on the walls. For those who would like a different color there is a black and red guitar bedding for your boy. This blanket is red with speakers and a guitar on it. This will make his room rock with energy. Another color that is popular with boys is grey. This grey guitar bedspread has many musical instruments along with the guitar.

Guitar print bedding is popular with boys because it lets them dream and imagine being a rock star or just plying their favorite instrument. Also there are many ideas that you can use to create a guitar bedroom for your boy that he will love. A room that is his with the things he loves will help him keep his room cleaner than a whistle.  With his bedding guitar he’ll be strutting with pride and he’ll love you all the more. He won’t care if it is a guitar duvet or another type of bedding as long as it has a guitar on it. Many mothers know that their sons will love music and guitars so they will purchase a guitar crib bedding baby boy to sleep in. Guitar baby bedding is popular with mothers and baby boys everywhere.

There are many companies that make durable, plush and warm guitar crib bedding for baby boys. These crib blankets can be brown, blue or red. They have many designs and patterns on them such as a guitar with wings. Many have musical instruments on them with speakers for a band. You can even decorate his nursery with  guitar theme that will impress your family and friends.

For a boy spending time in his own big boy room is a very big step. He’ll settle in his new room with guitar toddler bedding that he has become familiar with. This will be one step into the future and to greatness.

Fun Pokemon Bedding For Kids

Pokemon bedding is becoming a popular trend for children’s bedrooms. More and more people are searching for the perfect Pokemon bedding set when parents decide to redo their child’s bedroom. Manufacturers of common Pokemon products have created numerous themes to go along with Pokemon for a bedroom as well as other products that will complete the theme for the room.

The vast range of Pokemon bedding for kids is limitless and covers all parts of the room beginning with sheets, pillowcases, comforters, and even curtains for the windows. A Pokemon bed set will enhance the design of any bedroom for anyone who loves the characters. For the Pokemon room there are Pokemon rugs and blankets to go along with the theme. These are great add ons that will come in handy on cold winter nights as well as coordinating wonderfully with the rest of the room. Also there are Pokemon curtains that can bring it’s own flavor to the room.


Pokemon Bedroom

The continuing popularity of the Pokemon brand makes it ideal to use for children. Besides normal bedding, a Pokemon lover will also be able to find a Pokemon sleeping bag to take on the go when sleeping away from home. One of the best choices that many boys love is the Pikachu/Plusle/Minun slumber bag. This bag has many positive features. It is machine washable, comes in an easy to carry bag, can totally unzip to use on a twin bed, and is filled with poly fiber which is lightweight, but will keep a child warm. sells many of these great sleeping bags.

Another featured Pokemon sleeping bag on is the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl bag. It is also machine washable and displays a great number of Pokemon characters. This is ideal for sleepover parties and is recommended for children above the age of 4. It is 49 inches long by 27.5 inches wide to allow for enough room to get comfy and cozy. The Pokemon bed in a bag is very popular for boys . Choosing the best bedding set for a child’s room can be a difficult job since there are so many choices on the market. Picking something that will last for a long time and is liked by the child will be cost effective. A parent must always select bedding products that will be durable and last a long time.

The Pokemon bedding full range of products will also allow the bedroom to tie all together between bedding, curtains, and floor covering. The nice thing about Pokemon bedding is that it will endure all of the laundering that is necessary with children and will not cost a fortune.

By concentrating on a child’s bedroom and what it will feature will go a long way in saving time and money down the line. No one wants to have to spend money on a child’s room every year. Quality bedding will last a long time. Therefore, the child and parent should be happy with the design. Pokemon bedding is a great way to give a child everything that they like and keep it looking good for many years. Redecorating with Pokemon bedding will be a plan that everyone likes.

Nifty Nautical Bedding For Boys

Nautical Bedding For Boys – Nautical Nursery – Baby Bedding Nautical

Have you ever wanted to give your little sailor something that he can really sink his teeth into (hopefully not literally)? Does he love all things sea and plays with boats constantly? Then perhaps boys nautical bedding is right up his alley.


Nearly every boy loves the sea. They love lighthouses, big ships, ocean animals and anything else that has to do with the sea. If they can’t find an ocean to play in, they’ll make due with a mud puddle. For these boys, the navy with their decorative, neatly pressed uniforms and their cool-looking sailor’s hats inspire them to “be all that they can be.” Even if they don’t understand what it’s all about, they love the atmosphere.

So why not start these precious youngsters out on the right foot with nautical baby bedding that will both inspire and delight them. The colors, the patterns, everything about these nautical toddler bedding and nautical infant bedding sets will set your little one’s eyes (and imagination) aglow.

Of course you’ll want something to go along with your kids nautical linens. There are many nautical baby decor ideas from which you can choose from.

Nautical Bedding For Kids – Nautical Style Bedding

If you have children, then you know that many boys don’t outgrow their fascination with all things navy. This is especially true if their dad or grampa served. Nautical boys bedding was made with just these boys in mind. There is quite a range of sailor bedding for boys that will have any boy dancing with joy.

These nautical bedding for kids come complete with nautical comforter sets, usually a sheet and you can add on things such as pillowcases or valences or even wall switches and lampshades. Your son will love showing off his brand new sailor themed room to all his friends. He’ll be the envy of the whole neighborhood and you’ll feel like a million bucks for giving it to him.

Watch out because he may love it so much that he’ll want to spend all his free time in his room with his lighthouse comforters.

Nautical Bedding for Adults

Of course there’s always a little bit of kid in all of us, so who says nautical decorating has to be just for kids? Adults will love these nautical bedspreads, nautical sheets and nautical duvet. For those who are into lighthouses, they can find a lighthouse comforter that they can snuggle up under on those long, cold nights.

If you’ve been waiting for the right time to get your own nautical bedspread, now is the perfect time. These nautical beds are the perfect addition to any room, and you don’t have to be a sailor to appreciate them. So, pick up your very own bedding nautical sheet and comforter set today and transform your average room into a cool man (or woman) cave.

One Fish, Two Fish – Dr Seuss Nursery & Dr Seuss Bedding Ideas

Dr Seuss Nursery

Dr Seuss is a world famous writer for children everywhere. It all started in in May 1954 when Life Magazine brought Americans attention to childrens illiteracy. It was thought that the books they were learning from was boring and couldn’t grab the children’s attention.  A director of the education division in Houghton Mifflin made a list of 250 words that would grab the kids attention. He challenged Geisel or Dr Seuss to write a story that would captivate kids and ope them up to learning. Nine months later, Dr Seuss wrote the Cat in the Hat, using 236 words out of the list.

From the moment that the Cat in the Hat was wrote he has wrote more book that entertain kids. His books are popular but other items such as Dr Seuss crib bedding are popular with the mothers who wan tthe finest for their babies. Mothers who want a Dr Seuss nursery decor for their baby. You’ll be surprised to find that their are many Dr Seuss decorations that will make your babies nursery one of a kind. There are many ways in which to make your room the best, that other mothers will envy.


Dr Seuss Bedding

Not only is Dr Seuss baby bedding important but the theme of your room. There is a cast selection of Dr Seuss bedding collection. There is the trend lab crib bedding that is gender neutral and has bright colors to make your baby focus on the colors. This is a soft bedding set that is modern. You can purchase lamps, decals, clocks and rugs to go right beside your babies crib. There is plenty of Dr Seuss nursery bedding that you can choose from. There is the Trend Lab Dr Seuss ABC 4PC Crib Bedding Set. It has bright and bold colors that will enhance the babies room. You can purchase matching valances and a mobile with favorite characters. Your baby will be entertained by the mobile for hours on end. This is one of those perfect sets that you can purchase for your baby. The materials are soft and warm keeping your precious baby warm and cozy at nights. There is so much that you can do to make your babies nursery a place of relation and fun. This is the room where you and your baby will bond together in the quite of the night or day. The time will come when your baby will outgrow his crib and need their own bed.

Why not make it a Dr Seuss toddler bedding?

Selecting a toddler bed may be no big deal for you but it’s a tremendous deal to your toddler. You may want to decorate his room with Dr Seuss so that it won’t be such a big transition to make when he does get his bed.

Your child will be proud of their big boy or girl bed. With the bright decals with the characters from Dr Seuss and the lamps and the nightlight he will be assured that the monster under the bed won’t get him.

Hello Kitty Bedding

There are very few toys or accessories that make the transition from a young girl to a young lady like the Hello Kitty bedding set. Initially the Hello Kitty character was designed as an anime character oriented towards little girls but the way marketing works today has turned it in to a beloved character for both children and women. So the hello kitty toddler bedding set is one of the very few sets that you can be sure will stay a favorite of your child even as she starts the voyage to becoming a young woman. But in order for you to see that change you will need to get her a high quality bedding that will last the passage of time and that is where we come in.

We have 2 sets of hello kitty baby bedding sets and we are very excited about both of them. The first one is the one that is most loved by parents and children of all ages because its design is the closest to the famous cartoon character. It is the product of Sanrio and it is a 45% cotton, 55% polyester mix that will definitely last a couple of years. The cotton mixture is what makes this bedding a very soft, almost high end bedding set and you have the added bonus of being able to buy either the comforter or the sheet. Of course some will prefer to buy a complete set and not mess about buying the separate parts and for them we have another Hello Kitty bedding set bellow.

But before we have a look at the complete hello kitty crib bedding set take into consideration that the sheet set is far more complex and it actually is comprised of a spread sheet, a top sheet and two pillow cases. So in fact, if you choose to go with this bedding set you won’t really be making that much of an extra effort. And that is in no way a means by which we are trying to push this particular brand but we do believe that it is closer to the Hello Kitty bedding that you would wish for.

However if you do want to go with a complete 8 pieces Hello Kitty bedding set than you could go with the second offer from Sanrio. Here you have a complete set made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester for a fabric that is both soft and durable. You can wash this fabric at high temperature but it is recommended that you use the cold water setting on your washing machine to make sure that it will survive the longest. Of course we are talking about a child’s bedding so do not expect the quality of a high end, T400 thread count but it is still a very soft and comfortable fabric. And the great advantage here is that you will be receiving a double sided comforter, 2 shams, 1 flat sheet and 1 fitted sheet, plus 2 pillow cases and a bed skirt. So if you are looking for the complete Hello Kitty bedding set than this is the best choice for you.

More daybed bedding sets

There is nothing more comfortable than the daybed bedding sets we are going to look at today because we know they are meant for one of the most relaxing areas of any home and we would like to be, even if for just a little bit, a part of that magic. That is why we have prepared for you one of the most luxurious selection of linens that will look and feel great as you relax.


Still there are some very beautiful daybed bedding sets right here and the first one we would like for you to look at is the Stone Cottage 5 pieces daybed set. For the price you will receive the quilt, the quilt sham, 2 ruffled standard shams and 1 bed skirt. The entire set is made from 100% pure cotton and is safe for the washing machine. It comes it the beautiful, pure ivory color we have featured on the right but by clicking on the image you will get the chance to choose between ivory, aloe and scarlet colors. The bed skirt has split corners so they can very comfortably overlap. As far as a minimalist is concerned these are the perfect daybed bedding sets.

However you may prefer a more glamorous look and feel so we have other daybed bedding sets that will be more fitting to those tastes too. And as an example we have the Southern Textiles linens and their gold pattern on the royal merlot red. The fabric this time is polyester simply because it is so much easier to work with and to shape in such elegant forms. Still, here too, you are going to receive a 5 pieces set including the bed skirt, comforter and 3 pillow cases. Although this is a much richer design we believe that the design makes it look very beautiful and in this case the most important thing is that it still pertains to a feeling of taste and class which is so important for us whenever we present you with the choice of our daybed bedding sets.

And the last of the daybed bedding sets we wanted to show you o this presentation page is a return to cotton with the Greenland Home 5 pieces daybed set. It is 100% cotton and it is a design intended for a return to nature and its comfortable colors and feel. Even more than that, the colors are inspired by the Aztec culture, one of the most ancient and complex civilizations whose origins are still being investigated. However what we do know is that the colors and patterns they used were intrinsically bound the patterns of nature and had a very relaxing effect. Here you will receive the comforter, bed skirt and 3 standard pillow shams. These are in fact the most original of the daybed bedding sets you could comfortably display in your house.

Toddler Bedding Sets

There are very few toddler bedding sets that aren’t beautiful simply because they are so delicate and meant for such wondrous and marvelous beings as toddlers. Still as much as we would like you simply cannot go through and own all of them so what we did was select a few of the most beautiful toddlers linens we could find so that we would show them to you. We have looked at the most beautiful sets for girls and for boys and chose one for each and last we looked and at a set that will fit both a boy’s and a girl’s bedroom. They are all intended to brighten a child’s morning and enchant his nights and so we hope that you will like today’s toddler bedding sets for boys.

And the first, the sweetest and most beautiful of the toddler bedding sets for girls is the Disney’s Tinker Bell Garden Treasure 4 pieces toddler set. It is a 60% cotton and 40% polyester mix with a sateen finish and has one of the softest touches we have ever felt on any type of bedding set. The dance of the fairies on the  comforter and the pillow case on their purple background is a picture that almost comes to life as you look at it and we are sure will be the delight of your little girl. In the price you will receive the comforter, top sheet, fitted sheet and pillow case. The entire set is washing machine safe but we advise on using the gentle cycle so you will be sure to enjoy this set for a very long time.

And the most beautiful of the toddler boy bedding sets for boys is the 4 pieces Mickey Mouse inspired bedding from Disney which is a reminder that the classics still pertain that feeling of joy and beauty that surrounds childhood. It is a microfiber fabric that is easy to clean, as all boys bedding sets should be, and has some of the most vibrant colors we have ever seen. It will certainly make the delight of any child and because it is so easy to wash in the washing machine and because of the fact that it is a complete set we are confident it will be the delight of the parents too. With it you will receive the comforter, pillow case, fitted bottom sheet and top flat sheet so you can be sure to receive a complete bedroom face upgrade with the boy’s selection of the daybed bedding sets.

Price Rainforest Bedding Sets

Of course at this age tastes often mix and boys may love Tinker Bell while little girls might go for Mickey Mouse so to please all choices we have looked at choosing one of the unisex toddler bedding sets for you and have come up with the Fisher-Price Rain Forrest 4 pieces set. It is a jungle setting that is inviting to both adventure and relaxation and its cool, vibrant colors will make the delight of both parents and children. The fabric is a 55% cotton, 45% polyester mixture for a result that is both strong and soft to the touch. In the set you will receive the classical 4 pieces that go with each one of the toddler bedding sets we have shown you for a complete bedroom’s makeover.

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