Luxury Bedding Sheets and Sets

If you do not consider having luxury bedding sets without making any investigation or having any idea, then it can be a serious waste of money for you. It does not only mean that all those people who are adept at buying the luxury bedding possess accurate and thorough information as they know about what they want to have and what they are actually talking about.

Geneva Home Fashion 7-Piece Ella Pinch Pleat Comforter Set, Queen, TaupeFollowing are few complicated terms, which you would most likely find and would get confused in case you do not know about them, therefore, you must know about it, if you are buying for the first time:

Luxury Bedding and Sheets: all the bedding kit is equipped with a set of bed sheets. The luxury bed sets are actually not an exception, but are often equipped with the fitted bed sheets to the very least. Moreover, it is based upon the kind of bedding set it consists of. Some of the bedding sets include duvets, luxury bed sheets, replacing the comforters in most of the sets. While you are buying the bedding, make sure that you do not make any assumptions about the discounted luxury bedding sheets and sets. If you are having a duvet and no bed sheets, then it is considered to be truly regular, however, if you are not having either of them but just a comforter in it then it is simply a waste of cash.

Duvet Covers: all those people who have enough information will always prefer to talk about the duvet while they are buying luxury bedding. The duvet covers most of the time replace the sheets and comforters. If this is happening, then, do not pay attention to it that how many pieces you are actually getting in each set. The numbers of contents mentioned are far more preferred and foremost. You need to confirm before buying that the sets, which come with duvets, are most of the time lighter, flatter and cheaper than all those equipped with the comforters, as the duvets replaces both. It is relatively thin but highly effective. However, some other extras and accessories will be affecting the whole package.

The Pillows and Cases: the luxury bedding will be having a diverse range of pillows cases and covers. You must have noticed this that most of the times the cushion covers are also referred as pillowcases or as shams. These are all the same things. Most of the traditional bedding sets have normal pillow cases which are generally relevant and suitable for the bed size that the luxury linen bedding are believed to cover up. Moreover, some of them would be having an absolute cushion set, which primarily includes neck rolls and throw pillows. If you get such deals while you are making the purchase, then it is advised to go for it immediately.

The bedding sense is now becoming more and more general and personalized. If you are buying expensive bedding, sets that most of the time, you must be under a belief that you are actually buying the most luxurious bedding sets.

Selecting Queen Comforters Sets

You can create an oasis in your own room by adding up beautiful and comfortable queen comforters that will be enhancing your room dcor because of the design and style. While you are considering the ideal queen comforters for yourself, you need to keep some of the main points in your mind about the colors and tones, which you think are most appropriate, relaxing, and comforting. If you are considering opting for a comforter then, you must go for this as it is an affordable means to create a tremendous impact in your room.

P&R Bedding Frame Jacquard Microfiber 5-Piece Comforter Set (Queen)The most vital step is the selection process and the thread count. Most of the comforters are made up of a minimum thread count of 250-300 threads, which gives a soft and supple spirit. The tighter and higher is the thread count, the more the comforter is opposing to the stains. If you live in extreme weather conditions, then you also need to consider the warmth level for your comforter, before you make any final decision.

You can use such a material, which makes the comforter warm and extremely comfortable. Mostly, people use queen comforters in extreme climates as it provides them with the same warmth level, which a sleeping bag can. The comforters that are pleasant and warm are not at all heavier or thicker; all you need to do is to examine the warmth level and the climatically conditions before making any choice.

Modern technological advancements have invented such variety of techniques, which are helpful in keeping the queen comforters equipment looking crisp and fresh for several years. The colors do not bleed or fade, and the comforter maintains its true form, colors, and shape. The comforters are also extremely easy to clean. As the comforter is primarily used, you can consider keeping a duvet at the bottom. You can get the same design and matching colored duvets along the comforters.

The duvets are useful to protect the queen comforters and other comforters from any kind of dust or dirt. If the comforters duvet gets dirty, then it is extremely easy to wash and remove the dirt by putting it in a traditional home washer. This is time saving and contrasting the past, it does not require you to use the services of professional cleaners as you can clean it on a regular basis. Most of the times, people get their comforters cleaned seasonally from the professional cleaners as it keeps the batting in place and clean too.

You can opt for smooth and neutral colors, which you can keep in your living room. You can use cushion covers and cases to compliment the comforters color tone, which is affordable, convenient adding a dcor.

Most of the people consider sage green as a great color for the queen comforters. This color can be further blended with some other neutral tones, to create a feeling of warmth and softness. This makes the room a warm and relaxing oasis after you need to escape from the hectic routine.

Top 5 Brand Electric Blanket

Sleep is by far the most important thing that everyone needs to have. Sleep is the only way to allow your body to get some rest and freshen up. During sleep, the body does many activities and metabolisms to ensure that you get the much needed energy for the next day. Many hindrances come in our way to deter us from achieving a good night sleep and refreshment for the body. In particular, conditions like cold can be a major hindrance to good sleep, and as such we need to overcome it. Many people will go for double or even triple blankets, which can be expensive to purchase and have in your bedroom. In addition, they spoil the bedrooms style. This is the reason why scientists in many companies have come up with electric heated blankets, so as to afford you with the best night sleep and comfort as well. Due to their prevalence in the market, all consumers need to understand the best electric blankets, and this article will help you know them inside out.
Electric bedding accessories are very important to have around you, as with them you will have the coziest and warm sleep. The following are reviews of the best electric blankets in the market today.

This electricity-powered bedding accessory is here to provide you with the best warmth as you sleep.
– It has a quilted fleece softness that will give you all the comfort to enable you enjoy your sleep and sleep like a baby.
– You are also given all the driving force you require, thanks to the EasySet Pro Controller with 10 heat settings.
– This implies that you will control the amount of heat you require for the night. In addition, there is a 10-hour auto-off function that will ensure you save energy. This is done by the blanket itself as it shuts itself off after 10 hours of functioning.
– The sensors in the blanket also allow it to sense the environments temperatures and it adjusts itself to best suit your sleep.
– The style of your bedroom is not taken to chance as has a quilted channel design that is exquisite, not to forget the designs available, which are Ivy, Lagoon, Mushroom, Seashell and Walnut.
– You can use your washing machine to clean it and keep it in shape all the time.
– All bed sizes are catered for, as it comes in Twin, Full, King and Queen Sizes.


Weight Size

7 x 11 x 13 inches 4.3 pounds

84 x 72 x 13 inches 4.1 pounds

90 x 84 x 0.2 inches 6.8 pounds

90 x 100 x 0.2 inches 6.8 pounds


Easy to Use the controls used are easy to use. They also allow you to adjust the heat and enjoy the best warmth for your needs.

Machine Washable this electric blanket can be cleaned by the washing machine. This saves you the trouble of having to wash it by yourself.

Saves Energy the 10-hour auto-off feature of this blanket gives the ability to save your monthly energy bills, because even if you forget to turn it off, it will do it on its own.

Many sizes and designs many designs and sizes are available for you to choose from, because the manufacturers appreciate your preferences.


Hard controller some users have complained about the stiffness of the controller.

Takes long to get warm when powered on, this electric bedding accessory takes a lot of time to get warm enough for one to enjoy their sleep.
Days of getting in to cold sheets are over. Thanks to this amazing electric blanket that has a Pre-Heat feature, which warms the cold sheets for you before you slumber. During your sleep, you will enjoy the softness of this bedding accessory that is made from 100% polyester Microplush, to afford you maximum comfort as you dream the night away. A ComfortTec Controller is in place to ensure that you take full control in your sleep, and the digital display is clear for you to see what you have input via the push buttons. 10 heat settings allow you to vary the amount of heat in your bed, which is also done by the sensors that sense and automatically adjust the heat according to the surrounding. A 10-Hour Auto-Off feature will see to it that you save energy because it shuts the blanket off after 10 hours of use. Many color designs are readily available for you at any store, and they are Garnet, Ivy, Lagoon, Mushroom, Seashell and Walnut. This electricity-powered bedding accessory comes in many sizes, to avoid cases where you pick a smaller or larger one for your bed. These sizes are Twin, Full, King and Queen.


Weight Size

8 x 11 x 13 inches4.8 pounds

84 x 72 x 0.2 inches5.3 pounds

90 x 84 x 0.2 inches6.4 pounds

90 x 100 x 0.2 inches8.5 pounds


Very Soft and Comfortable the Microplush used in the making of this amazing blanket makes it very soft, and in turn very cozy for you as you sleep. The Pre-Heat feature also warms your beddings before bedtime to ensure you get in to a warm bed.

Color designs and Sizes Variety with this bedding accessory, you wont need to pick one specific color design or sizes, as they come in many variations to ensure you maintain the style of your bedroom.

Easy Adjustable Controller and Display push buttons are available to help you control it better as you choose from the 10 heat settings. In addition, the display in this electric blanket is superb as it is large enough to view due to its digital display.


The Material is too stretchy the foot area of this blanket is too stretchy, and this makes this area less warm.
From its name, the Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece Low-Voltage Heated Blanket comes to amaze you. It is made with a luxurious ultra-soft micro-fleece fabric to make it very soft and cozy. This fabric also makes it convenient because it is machine washable. Your energy bills are taken care of by the blanket being patented safe and warm non-hazardous low voltage technology. Many sizes, which include Twin, Full, Queen and King Sizes are in store for you. The larger sizes are divided into two separate zones, both with visible lighted controls to cater for your distinct warmth needs. Thin wires are used to make it extra comfy as they cant be felt by the user. Your bed will be warm before you get in due to the Pre-heat feature, and the over temperature protection is included to ensure you stay safe and maintain your peace of mind. Color variations are Slate Blue, Natural, Chocolate, Beige and Gray.


Weight Size

16 x 13 x 10 inches5.2pounds

16 x 13 x 10 inches6.4pounds

90 x 84 x 0.5 inches7.4 pounds

100 x 90 inches9.4pounds


Energy Saving the low voltage use of this blanket helps you save on your energy consumption as it requires little amount of energy.

Soft, Cushy and User-friendly this blanket is made from extra soft material. It is also user-friendly due to the precise controls and displays, not to forget easier washing because it is machine washable.

Preheat and Shutoff timer your bedding will be kept warm before you get in, and it shuts itself off after 10 hours of use.


It must be one side up or one side down this side that is up has a big white label that is not good-looking.
This electric blanket is made from deluxe soft micro-plush fabric, which comes with a Triple-Rib design to complement it. This fabric is machine washable and dryable, and after cleaning it, it never shrinks or stretches. It also has a low voltage consumption rate to ensure you save your energy. Separate zones are available for the larger sizes. The pre-heat and hold feature ensures that your old sheets are warmed before you go to sleep. With this electric blanket you will always stay safe. Thanks to the over-temperature protection feature embedded in it. Sizes available are Twin, Full, Queen and King, which will ensure you choose the right size for your bed. Different color designs are also offered, and they are: Garnet, Blue, Sage, Natural and Beige.


Weight Size

84 x 62 inches 6pounds

84 x 77 inches 6.7pounds

90 x 84 inches 8.3pounds

90 x 100 inches 10.4pounds


Machine Washable and Ease of Use this blanket can be washed and dried by the washing machine. Controls, which are adjustable make using it very easy.

Low Energy consumption low energy is needed by this blanket and this helps in saving energy bills.

Soft and Luxurious the softness of this blanket makes it luxurious to sleep in.

Adjustable heat settings and auto-shutoff the heat settings can be controlled, and in addition, it has an auto shutoff timer.


The White Casing comes out once this happens, the underlying copper wires are exposed and are very uncomfortable.
Advanced technology is used in the manufacture of this superb blanket, because it offers you the best therapeutic warmth throughout the night. 10 personal heat settings are available for you to set your most preferred temperature. In addition, it is made from 100% polyester and this makes it machine washable to save you time and energy. An analog controller is in place to help you use it better, and the larger sizes that are King and Queen have dual controls. Colors available are Cloud Blue, Sage, Fawn, Natural and Blue to ensure you maintain the color theme of your bedroom. All bed sizes are catered for as Twin, Full, Queen and King Sizes of this remarkable electric blanket are presented to you to select from.


Weight Size

62 x 84 inches 4.2 pounds

72 x 84 inches 4.6pounds

84 x 90 inches 5pounds

100 x 90 inches 7.4 pounds


Soft and Warm warmth and comfort are guaranteed throughout the night.

Heats up quickly this blanket takes a short time to heat up, thus offers you warmth in no time.

Long cord the wires are long enough to allow you use it even from a longer distance from the power socket.

Many Color and Size choices many sizes are available in many colors, to cater for your precise bedding needs.

Machine Washable and Easy Usage the controls can be adjusted, and this blanket is also machine washable and dryable.


Color Choices are not enough some users complain that not many color choices are available.
In summary, sleep is vital for the proper growth and development of all humans. You need the best beddings to have good sleep, and especially blankets are important to have. Now you have all you need to know about the best electric blankets, which come to offer you extra warmth and coziness during sleep.

Electric Blanket

Electric blankets may not seem like the most effective means of power conservation, but even a cheap electric blanket can help conserve electricity. By allowing a house owner to not heat the rest of the house, an electric blanket can help cut the cost to heat the house, and by cutting heating costs, you can save money. However, be aware that you should take some basic precautions. The most obvious problem is that the electric blanket doesnt need to be on at all times; remember to turn the electric blanket off when not in use.Sunbeam Microplush Throw Camelot Cuddler Electric Heated Warming Blanket, Walnut Brown

After all, electric blankets still use electricity, and why use electricity if you dont need to? If necessary, buy an electric blanket with a timer so that it will automatically shut off when you are done with it. Also, try using a comforter on top of your electric blanket, so that the comforter will keep in some of the heat from the electric blanket. There are some electric blankets out there for which this is may prove to be a problem, so make sure that you read the electric blankets instruction manual before throwing on that extra blanket.

Because of the wired nature of the average electric blanket, be ready to replace the blanket when it becomes frayed or starts unraveling. Also, old blankets represent a danger as well; try to replace your electric blankets every ten years or so. Of course most electric blankets may represent risks in unusual circumstances; they can shock or damage someone who uses the blanket while wet or who causes the blanket to get wet. Because of this, dont use electric blankets for those who are feverish (the sweat can wet the blanket), and definitely dont let a child who is wetting the bed or an in incontinent adult use one; although most electric blankets are wired so that moisture is not an issue, it can be a different story if the blanket is old enough to bee fraying. Should you seek a more energy conscious choice, you can hat a hot water bottle and throw in under a thick blanket.

Another option is to have more than one person under the blanket, and one that is large and thick can be a lot fun with a large group. On the other hand, the same blanket can be a sort of romantic getaway, especially on a cold winter night. Energy conservation can be fun with the right people. When it comes to energy conservation, there are many roads to reducing energy consumption. The best one is the one that allows you to comfortably, yet still decrease energy use. An electric blanket may not sound like a good solution, and there are better solutions, but the blanket does allow you to keep warm on chilly nights, while decreasing the temperature overall. It may not be fun as a large group people trying to stay warm under a thick blanket, and definitely isnt as much fun as a blanket for two, but it is warm, and that counts on a cold night.

Electric Blankets Online

An electric blanket can be a very useful thing. Its so useful that finding electric blankets online is extremely easy. Finding electric blankets online takes several forms. The most obvious is looking for the website of a well-known department store and ordering from there. The advantage is that you get a nice selection, its easier to comparison shop, and you can get some great customer service. Also, if you need to return the item, the store is reasonably close. At the same time, you will most likely be paying the most, as the department store needs to mark things up in order to pay for not selling the item directly; they are the middleman when it comes to selling merchandise.MAXSA Innovations 20012 Leopard Print Comfy Cruise Heated Travel Blanket

Another place to find electric blankets online is the company that produces the electric blanket itself. This is the best way to get the cheapest price, as there isnt a middleman between you and the company. However, customer service is usually extremely limited (phone and e-mail are the usual limit, which are both limited to the customers ability to describe the problem and the support persons experience). Also, sending the blanket back can be problematical, at least in terms of getting a replacement quickly, as the defective blanket needs to be sent in and mailed back, which can take from days to weeks. Affiliates are another possibility when it comes to buying electric blankets online. On the internet, drop shipping as a business model is taking off.

Drop shipping is when a person sells something to a customer, and then arranges for the company to ship it to the customer, allowing the person profit from the sale, and the person doesnt need to maintain an inventory. The price may be a bit more than from the company itself, but the customer service does default to the company. The minor advantage to the doing it this way is that you do slightly better than a department store, and sometimes you get lucky and get someone who can help you select the perfect electric blanket for you. Of course, you can get someone who is just after the money, who is no help whatsoever. Such is the state of things when you are looking for electric blankets online.

Auction sites (such as Ebay) are another place to look for electric blankets online. Although they may be cheapest, bear in mind that everything that applies to drop shippers applies to auction sites, especially as some drop shippers use auction sites to sell their products. Bear that in mind when you are looking at auction sites when you are looking for electric blankets online; at least they have mandatory guarantees.

Wherever you end up buying electric blankets online, remember to check out the merchandise carefully, starting with the merchandise. One of the problems with electric blankets is that federal law prevents an electric blanket that has been used from being resold, and that colors the industry (making it difficult to return an electric blanket once it has been taken out of the package). Keep that in mind, and you should do okay!

Electric Throw Blanket

Throw blankets are arguably one of interior designs greatest creations. After all, it combines the practicality of a big, warm blanket with the design need of providing color to a big area. For those in the colder parts of the world, the natural next step was the electric throw blanket. A number of companies produce electric throw blankets, but the basics are pretty much the same: A big blanket, either of one solid color or a simple pattern with all the advantages of an electric blanket. Some have LED lights, others allow for a plug-in cord to blanket, but the electric throw blankets are usually more colorful than their bed-ridden cousins. As an electric throw blanket was created to fill two needs (warmth and decoration), they admirably serve their functions.

Sunbeam Fleece Heated Throw Electric Blanket, Assorted Colors/Patterns

Electric throw blankets serve as a source of heat when the person would just rather not get up and go to their bed, as well as a way to keep guests warm through the night. Electric throw blankets also provide a way to keep pets warm, as they are made of hardier material than other electric blankets, and are just as easy to clean. Electric throw blankets also provide a way to cover large areas in color quickly, serving an interior design function. This is one of the reasons that they are available in more colors and patterns than other electric blankets. As guests will see the electric throw blanket, it helps appearances to have different appearance for the blanket in the front room.

That there are different colors available, however, allows for a wide range of expression in the front room (or wherever the electric throw blanket ends up). The wide range of the electric throw blankets appearance is a major advantage from a decorative point of view. As blankets are used to cover large areas, this means that the designer can detail out the room, and then use the electric throw blanket to cover the big areas with a complementary design or color. This allows the illusion that the area has been covered, while not actually having to cover the area. This is an old trick, but the modern twist adds a new layer of practicality: the electric throw blanket can be used to make sure that there is an extra way to keep guests warm.

There is, of course, one more advantage to thee electric throw blanket: the outdoor viewing. As the electric throw blanket is hardier and made to work with an extension cord, they work great as a way to cover the swing on the porch. In cold weather, where you want to get out of the house, but not actually go anywhere, the outside blanket can keep you warm. They can also easily be taken along on trips and used as a babys play area, providing a safe, warm area for the baby. The electric throw blanket: A blanket of many uses, not all just functional.

King Size Electric Blanket

Winter is the season of cold winds, hot chocolate, and big blankets. And those blankets are best when they are king-size electric blankets.

A king-size electric blanket can be the ultimate succor from the winter cold. With an extension cord plugged into a nearby outlet, a king-size electric blanket can serve as protection against the coldest night, allowing you to go out on the porch and look at the stars or into the view without fearing the night air. The greatest advantage of a king-size electric blanket is that you can lay it out on the porch and lay on it with someone else on a chilly afternoon. You dont need to cover yourself in the king-size electric blanket to take advantage of its warmth. Inside the house, a king-size electric blanket is just as much fun. It can provide a large safe area for an infant to roll around, where he can keep warm and well within the view of nervous parents. Given that electric blankets are easy to wash and easier to maintain; as long as you make very sure that blanket is kept in good shape (a fraying blanket can have exposed wires, which are not very healthy for the child). Add a few toys, and the child has a very warm, very safe area.Sunbeam Velvet Plush Heated King Blanket with 20 Heat Settings, Dual Digital Controllers, Auto-off and 5 Yr Warranty - Walnut Brown

Thee king-size electric blanket can also be great for pets. A major problem during winter is that pets tend to get short-changed during winter, being restricted to a specific area that also happens to be colder than the rest of the house. As it is sometimes forgotten that pets arent wild animals that deal with the cold only as well as humans do, keeping them warm sometimes takes second priority. As this is not a great idea, sometimes resulting in the pets death from hypothermia, a way needs to be found to deal with the situation. A king-size electric blanket is actually ideal here; just make sure that the blanket is well-maintained, especially making sure that the wires arent exposed.

A king-size electric blanket is, of course, great for cuddling. Dont forget that. Throw in some hot chocolate with marshmallows, and you have created a toasty little a heaven on earth. Better idea is to find a portable power source that can power the blanket for a few hours, and take the party to a ball game. As the blanket protects you from the worst of the weather, and the portable power source allows you to go anywhere, you could even go ice fishing and still stay warm. The king-size electric blanket is truly a versatile creature when you realize that it allows you a decent source of heat for those areas where you need it. As long as youre capable of bringing a power source along, it can provide that heat anywhere; your only limitation is your imagination. The king-size electric blanket can be a great big, fluffy source of protection from the coldest winds winter can throw at you.

Sunbeam Electric Blanket

It seems that anything worth having has a remote control televisions, sound systems, vehicles, and electric blankets. Yes; electric blankets. The Sunbeam electric blanket has, among its other features, a remote control that allows you to turn it off and on, allowing you to turn it on as you get ready for bed and have it ready by the time youre under the covers, without having to bend over. The Sunbeam electric blanket also comes with Just Right Comfort , allowing it to adjust to body temperature throughout the night. As the night air gets colder and your body shifts temperature throughout the night, this great feature allows you to keep warm no matter what how cold it or you gets.Sunbeam Luxurious Velvet Plush Premiun Soft Heated Throw Blanket with 3 Heat Settings Digital Control and Auto-off - Cranberry Red

The biggest problem with a Sunbeam electric blanket is that the wires can be felt in the blanket. For some people this is an issue, as it adds to the apparent bulk of the blanket, as thy associate wires with metal and metal with weight. Others just dont feel comfortable feeling the wires as it makes them worry about the electricity in the blanket, and possible electrocution. However, as long as the blanket is kept clean and isnt frayed, the Sunbeam electric blanket is extremely safe.

Also, the Sunbeam electric blanket has fewer wires than other electric blankets due to its remote control. The Sunbeam electric blanket has another nice feature: It can be washed in a standard washer and dryer. This can be a rather nice feature as it allows the blanket to be cleaned without sending it out, and can be washed should something happen to it. For example, this makes it a great blanket even for children that are notorious bed-wetters, allowing it to be warm the child and then be washed with other bedclothes. Otherwise, the Sunbeam electric blanket is your standard electric blanket.

It heats up from wires placed throughout the blanket, with a control that allows control over how warm the blanket can get, allowing the user to select their personal comfort level. The Sunbeam electric blanket comes with other features to enhance this, such as a warm-up cycle for when it is first turned on, and a timer to turn it off after a certain amount of time. Its otherwise made of the softest materials, 70% acrylic/30% cotton with a satin trim. In summary, the Sunbeam electric blanket has a number of features that make it ideal for a variety of uses, and it can handle a lot thrown at it.

Besides being comfortable, warm, and adjusting to the person under it, it can also be put under another blanket, allowing you to keep the temperature down and conserve electricity, making the blanket great for helping to keep power bills down. The remote control, ability to be washed, and general comfortable design make the Sunbeam electric blanket a great electric blanket!

Biddeford Blankets Comfort Knit Heated Blanket Customer Ratings Reviews

To sleep well, you have to be very comfortable and stress-free to welcome sleep. Everyone has a long day doing what they do, and deserve the best night sleep to shake the exhaustion and welcome the new day well. Most of the times, cold sheets and cold weather comes in the way between you and a good night sleep, thus you wont have the desired sleep. Fortunately, this should be the case anymore. Thanks to the invention of electric blankets, as they are made to keep you warm all night long to provide you with good sleep, and comfort as well. This Biddeford Blankets Comfort Knit Heated Blanket review is here to discuss all the amazing features of this wonderful bedding accessory. From its name, you are assured warmth and utmost coziness as you sleep, and as a result you will have a brighter next day full of activity.Biddeford Blankets Comfort Knit Heated Blanket, Queen, Natural

Made up of remarkable features that make it stand out from the rest, these features are:

Therapeutic Warmth the manufacturers of this electric blanket realized the need of warmth at night, especially during cold nights. This one in a million blanket has the capability of heating up and this will provide you with all the warmth you need at night. Cold nights will not frighten you anymore, as with it you re fully prepared.

Made from 100% Polyester polyester is renowned for its heat absorption and distribution properties. Due to this, this blanket is made purely from high quality 100% polyester to ensure that it absorbs the heat and at the same time distributes it evenly.

10 Personal Heat Settings to put you in the driving seat using it, this electric blanket comes with 10 personal heat settings. These settings will allow you set your most preferable heat settings, so as not to inconvenience you in any manner.

Washing Machine Friendly cleaning blankets can be very tedious and boring, therefore this one is made to be machine friendly to allow you was and clean it with the help of the washing machine. In addition, it can be dried by the dryer well without developing wrinkles thereafter.

Dual Settings for King and Queen Sizes because King and Queen Size large, they can be used by more than one person. Dual heat settings are available to permit both people set their own preferred heat settings without affecting the other person in any way, thereby enjoying their sleep.

Variety of Size Ranges not everyones bed is the same size as another persons bed. Due to this reality a number of size ranges have been developed. They are Twin measuring 62 by 84, Full Size that measures 72 by 84, Queen measuring 84 by 90 and lastly King Sizes, which measures 100 by 90.

Automatic Shutoff after 10 Hours do not be worried about leaving your electric blanket on when you get up, as this feature will shut the blanket off on its own. This will also help you save some money as you will have reduced the monthly energy costs.

Diverse Designs many designs are available for you to choose from. You will not have to choose one specific design, instead you will choose the best that rhymes with your bedroom theme. Sage, Natural, Cloud Blue, Blue and Fawn designs are in store for you.
The advanced features mean that this bedding accessory comes to offer you a lot of advantages and benefits, which include:

Exquisite Designs and Sizes due to the diversity in the design colors and sizes, this electric blanket is suitable for everyone with diverse preferences and needs.

Super Soft and Warm the technology used in its manufacture make them attain the required heat very fast and maintain it throughout the night. This makes them very warm and will keep you warm at all times. In addition, the material is very soft thus will not disturb you at all.

Adjustable Dual Controls with 10 Different Heat Settings many heat settings are available for you to set your best preferred temperature. In addition, the King/Queen sizes come preinstalled with dual settings for people on the right and left sides of the bed.

Additional Features this bedding accessory is bough as a package, and it comes with a free reusable zipper bag with a handle, which can be used when moving or even for carrying other beddings.

Energy Saving especially in the Winter season, this electric blanket can help you save a lot as it consumes less amount of power as compared to other electric heaters.


Weight Size
62 x 84 inches
4.2 pounds
72 x 84 inches
84 x 90 inches
100 x 90 inches
7.4 pounds


On the downside, this blanket has the following cons:

The controls are a bit bulky the numbers on the control box are sometimes invisible, especially when it is back-lit at night.


The Biddeford Blankets Comfort Knit Heated Blanket review above has outlined and discussed all there is to mention about this bedding accessory. The bottom-line is that this bedding accessory is a vital part of your sleeping accessories, and you should get yours to enjoy your sleep in utmost warmth, even in the cold weather and in the winter season.

How To Use Electric Blanket Safety ?

Every product in the market has their own safety precautions, and it is vital to understand them first in order to get the best service from them. Electric powered equipment and products need to be handled with utmost care, due to the harm electricity can cause. Electric faults or erratic parts can be very disastrous, and due to this safety mechanisms must be in place to avert these situations. Electric blankets too, need to follow some rules and regulations. In a nutshell, all of them need to conform to the Underwriters Laboratories rules, which is a safety organization that tests these bedding accessories and by this determine the electric blanket safety.Soft Heat Luxury Micro-Fleece Low-Voltage Electric Heated Queen Size Blanket, Natural

The following are safety precautions and practices to be followed when using an electric blanket:

Do not Use heated bedding with infants and small children in addition to children dont use them around people with inabilities or those who cannot handle the controls well. Those who are sensitive to heat are advised not to use them.

Perform regular checks and inspections of the blanket signs of wear and damage ought to be checked regularly. In case you find any flaws, visit your vendor or manufacturer and enquire more about the flaw. Where applicable ask for a refund or replacement.

Check Washing Instructions in order to avoid wearing off your electric blanket quickly, check for the manufacturers recommendations and follow them to the latter.
Never pinch any part of the power cord or wires avoid using them on sofas or murphy beds, or any other place where they can get pinched easily.

Do not use the heated blanket alongside a heated mattress pad due to the amount of heat produced by both of these, overheating could occur and if in excess, a fire could erupt.

Always maintain a flat position of the electric blanket the heated area of the blanket should remain flat at all times. This is to avoid the heat accumulating at one central region where it will lack an area to escape from.

Turn it off when not in Use this will help majorly in saving your monthly energy costs. In addition, it will reduce incidences of electric faults or accidental fires.

Use the bedding accessory for the purpose which it is meant to follow the manufacturers guide on how to use the electric blanket. For example if it was meant to be used as over-blankets, use it that way and not as under-blankets. Do not allow pets on or near your warming bed this is because they have claws, and if the claws are sharp enough, they can pierce the bedding and puncture them, thereby damaging the overall wiring of the bedding accessory.

Do not use them on a waterbed as you know, water and electricity do not go along, and using your electric blanket on a waterbed may be disastrous due to shocks and even fires.


Most of the safety precautions are common sense, but you still have to uphold them in order to gain maximum satisfaction and service from these bedding accessories. Electric blanket safety is very important, and following them will ensure you never go wrong with your bedding accessory.

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