Lilly Pulitzer Pajamas

A long day from school or work will surely fade away once you get yourself into one of the Lilly Pulitzer Pajamas. There is a very uplifting sense about the Lilly Pulitzer Pajamas that makes them so popular in the market. Lilly Pulitzer has lent her vibrant and colorful color combinations and designs to sleepwear in order to come up with the very comfortable and relaxing Lilly Pulitzer Pajamas.

Lilly Pulitzer is a great designer in the 60s with her fresh and bright dress patterns that everybody that everybody was just crazy over. Lilly Pulitzer had her designing debut with just a shift dress that she designed with very colorful pattern that covered up the juice stains from what she sold in the juice stand. This was the dress that made her popular during her time. Since then she created designs for dresses and other clothes such as Lilly Pulitzer Pajamas.

The Lilly Pulitzer Pajamas are made of silk and satin, two of the most comfortable and luxurious materials for sleepwear. There are also Lilly Pulitzer Pajamas that are available in the market that are made out of 100% to ensure 100% comfort for a whole night of rest and relaxation. All the sleepwear from Lilly Pulitzer are machine washable which makes cleaning easy.

You may purchase your own chic and elegant Lilly Pulitzer Pajamas from any of the leading department stores in the country. You may also order it online from the official website of Lilly Pulitzer or from trusted retailers on the web.

Surely, with the Lilly Pulitzer Pajamas you will have a good night’s sleep because of the ultimate comfort that it brings. You will also definitely wake up with a cheerful disposition for the day ahead because of the bright and happy designs from Lilly Pulitzer on the Lilly Pulitzer Pajamas.

Lilly Pulitzer Shower Curtain

The Lilly Pulitzer Shower Curtain is one of the great products from the Garnet Hill and Lilly Pulitzer collaboration collection. Lilly Pulitzer shared her signature designs in the creation of the Lilly Pulitzer Shower Curtain in order to bring the cheerfulness and the vibrancy that she is trying to evoke from her wardrobe designs to the home, most especially in one of the most important rooms of the house. The Lilly Pulitzer Shower Curtain is made with high quality materials that will make them last for a long time.

The bathroom is sometimes too blank and bland. There are a lot of homes that only have white tiles, simple fixtures and just simple lines. The Lilly Pulitzer Shower Curtain will surely change this by adding bright colors such as orange, red, yellow, blue and green. The Lilly Pulitzer Shower Curtain features patterns that will surely brighten up the bathroom and make it prettier to look at. Anyone who comes inside a bathroom that has the Lilly Pulitzer Shower Curtain will surely feel uplifted and cheerful. There is no doubt that the shower curtains from Lilly Pulitzer will evoke feelings of happiness and take away the dreary feeling that the white and blank tiles that make up the structure of the bathroom.

Lilly Pulitzer is one of the most celebrated designers back in the 60s and has become such a great inspiration to a lot of modern designers. She was the one who created fresh and bright dress patterns that everybody loved and craved for. She began her designing career with just a shift dress that she designed with very colorful pattern that covered up the juice stains from her juice store. It was this dress that made her a popular choice for women and for those who want to add some brightness and vibrancy to their wardrobes and even their homes.

The Lilly Pulitzer Home Collection

The Lilly Pulitzer Home Collection is one of the major products from the Lilly Pulitzer brand aside from her gorgeous and chic clothing line. Lilly Pulitzer has applied her preppy and brightly coloured combinations and patterns to home furnishings and other home accessories. She has made sure that not only will she spread cheerfulness through her clothes, but she has also aimed to bring that cheery feeling into the home through the Lilly Pulitzer Home Collection.

The Lilly Pulitzer Home Collection is collaboration between Lilly Pulitzer and HFI Brands from Texas. The furniture and home accessories manufactured by HFI Brands have been graced with pastel colors, feminine patterns, bright colors and vibrant finishes. The Lilly Pulitzer Home Collection includes furniture and accessories for the bedroom, dining room, living area, and even accent pieces. There is no doubt that with the Lilly Pulitzer Home Collection can bring in the beautiful preppy design feel into your home.

Lilly Pulitzer started to become a popular designer back in the 60s because of her fresh and bright dress patterns that captured everybody’s hearts. Lilly Pulitzer had her designing debut with just a shift dress that she designed with very colorful pattern that covered up the juice stains from what she sold in the juice stand. It was this dress that was the basis of all the products included in the Lilly Pulitzer Home Collection.

The Lilly Pulitzer Home Collection can be viewed in major department stores. You may even find them in specialty designer home accessories stores. If you are too busy to shop around in malls and other stores, you may want to go online and order directly from the official Lilly Pulitzer Home Collection website. You may also find the home collection from other trusted retailers of the Lilly Pulitzer bedding on the web.

Lilly Pulitzer Bedding Fabric

The loyal aficionados of Lilly Pulitzer products were thrilled to find lately that Lee Jofa has just introduced their Lilly Pulitzer fabric collection with a number of amazing color ways and prints. Though some are high-priced (especially the embroidered pieces), but many cotton prints are highly affordable and would make excellent window and pillows treatments. The Lee Jofa Lilly Pulitzer collection features the cheeky detailing and instantly recognizable colors that fans of Lilly have admired for decades. Apart from some new patterns and the Lilly’s signature prints in its classic green and pink combinations, plus other clean and bright colors, the Lilly Pulitzer fabric Lee Jofa are available in linen, cotton, jacquard, silk, and chintz.

Lilly Pulitzer Fabric – Home Items with the Lilly Fabrics

Besides the preppy and classic products from the Lilly Pulitzer brand, they have other equally chic items as well. Women clothing and dresses are one of their best selling items. With their rising popularity though, the Lilly brand decided to get on into other ventures, which is creating their very own Lilly furniture and other household items. The brand has since then created fabrics that can colorfully grace homes and display an air of extreme fashion. Therefore, if you’re the preppy kind of woman who always aims at surrounding herself with chic items, opting for the Lilly Pulitzer fabric yard should be your import.

The Lilly Pulitzer bedding should make a perfect choice for any bedroom needs. Having your personal bedroom prepped up with beautiful items should absolutely make you feel at peace and rested in such beautiful environment. On top to this, the Lilly beddings are produced using the most comfortable and lightest fabrics to make sleeping an adventure to always look on to. If you really want to make your bedroom feel more like a paradise to you, opting for the bedding supplies that best reveal your personality is pretty much essential. Thanks to the Lilly Pulitzer fabric swatches which are created to help you make a better choice when shopping around retailer stores for Lilly fabrics. Don’t settle down mundane, plain bedding; instead, go for a Pulitzer bedding.

From green and pink to citrus and other tropical colors, the Lilly beddings will have you cheerfully showing your bedroom to family and friends. The colors and patterns will always bring smiles to your face, and make your heart filled with joy. In this busy and speedy life we live in, is it not ideal to have something of these designs and styles to take your mind to a realm that is cozy and welcoming?

Lilly Furniture

Aside from the Lilly beddings, the brand also created Lilly Pulitzer fabric by the yard for furniture. The Lilly Pulitzer furniture are crafted just right for fashionable and preppy owners of home who hold styles in high esteem. The brand teamed up with reliable makers of furniture in town and came out with their own take at these home items such as sofa, chairs, dining sets, among others. Like other Lilly items, the Lilly furniture are not only functional but they are durable and made of high quality as well.

Lilly took her undying love for colors and patterns from women fashions and into designs and styles for both men and kids. Many people around the world are glad that she was able to turn her God-given talents to sophisticated home items. Your home surroundings should be that place where you can relax and feel very comfortable, and having colorful, fanciful Lilly Pulitzer fabrics around is just one way to achieve this. How pleasurable will it be to put yourself at ease in a home environment that has the flair and style that these fabrics provide? It is definitely more pleasing than a drab and dull home environment that might often reflect the slog of gray days you would like to elude.

Lilly Pulitzer Fabric

With all the goodies that items with Lilly fabrics bring, you should consider owning one of them at least. Whether you go for the bedding or the furniture pieces of these beautiful fabrics, a Lilly Pulitzer is certainly a must-have for every home. Besides your appearance, your home should equally be a place that reflects your individuality. Therefore, turn your home environment into a place with Lilly Pulitzer fabric.

Lilly Pulitzer Bedding Collections

Lilly Pulitzer bedding is highly renowned and their bedding equipments have lived to the expectations of millions across the world, throughout the ages. High quality of materials has even added to their acceptance as a leading company providing bedding materials.


The designer clothing and bedding line was initiated by Lillian Pulitzer Rousseau, famous as Lily Pulitzer. In view of her popularity in high societies, Lilly was dubbed as ‘Queen of Prep’.

Bedding selection of Lilly Pulitzer moulds together both traditional and modern outlooks and flavors, thereby giving rise to an enriched taste. Bedding products of Pulitzer bedding line are certainly a mix of bright colors and several shades with the help of luxurious timeless designs and pure cotton materials.

Bedding collection for home under this collection comes with innumerable choices through variety of Queen bedding, cotton candy lilies, patched raspberry examine and even European elegance. Lilly Pulitzer bedding style offers an elegant mixture of grace with decorative pillows, complimentary shams and pull style element for window treatment.

The bedding line also include

• Solid color bed-sheets with variable sizes
• Fitting Californian
• King, queen, full and twin sized beds

The cotton sheets maintain highest industry standards with 300-thread count, making them finest and most comfortable bedding material.

Short background of Lilly Pulitzer Company

Designer Lilly Pulitzer started her business with juice stand in Palm Beach. On due course, she designed a bright and colorful printed sleeveless dress material in order to camouflage juice stains. However, that drew interest of almost all the customers and Lilly had to resort to designing such dresses and earn much profit from it, rather than from the juice stall. Later, she took it as her main business and became president of her company, Lilly Pulitzer, Inc.

At present, the company specially deals in women’s range of clothing, along with kids’ and men’s apparel section, jewelry and even accessories. However, the bedding collection has also received a lot of praise, throughout the world.

Why is Lilly Pulitzer bedding used?

Pulitzer bedding offers one of the finest and elegant bedding material, mixed with craftsmanship and grandeur. Their style and nature is still unmatched, recreating a comfortable mix of traditional and modern themes.

The bedding line marks a stature of elegance and is quite popular among the wealthier section of world society. They offer highest standard in maintaining fine quality of products of bedroom essentials, especially cotton goods – bed sheets, pillows, covers, etc. this line of bedding products and accessories are mainly used for creating designer bedrooms, suited for modern age.

Lilly Pulitzer bedding styles

All styles of bedding – luxury, traditional, modern, solid, pattern and others take center stage of this designer bedding accessory company. a splendid mix of traditional and modern elegance gives an entirely new appearance to the modern bedrooms. Bedding styles under this famous company can even be categorized under the following heads –

• Teen girls bedding
• Dorm room bedding
• Sorority bedding and décor

Teen girls bedding equipments are mainly centered on pink and green color combination. This helps to offer a classic and unique preppy style. Custom duvet covers, TXL sheets, bed skirts, decorative pillows and shams, storage organizers, headboards etc., comprise a teen bedding room.

Dorm room bedding style offer a variety of fabrics and arranging nature that ranges over your budget and even adds to your taste. Pulitzer bedding company offers ‘Rooms 2 Go’ as a predesigned grouping for dorm bedding arrangement. They offer a unique blend of four C’s (color comfort, customization and character) to make a grand bedding experience, with the help of few attractive accessories.

Lilly Pulitzer bedding style also helps to spread fraternity spirit into dorm rooms through their sorority bedding and décor materials and designing nature. Such decorating styles are usually found in times of recruitment tours. Collection of sorority bedding, gifts, décor merchandise and other trendy accessories from Lilly Pulitzer helps to renovate spectacular dorm rooms and infill a sense of freshness in them.

Luxury bedding with elegant linen sheets with duvet cover and silvery twisted yearn offer added flavor to overall grandeur of Pulitzer bedding. Traditional bedding line follows combination of attractively printed sheets with matching pillows. Quilts stitched in vermicelli fashion along with scalloped edges offer nice traditional appearance. Modern fiesta is added with gorgeous light color combination accessories, mixed generously with traditional shades and modern artistic flavor.

Find Lilly Pulitzer Bedding On Sale

When the young woman Lilly Pulitzer designed her first dress, a colorful printed cotton affair designed to cover the inevitable juice stains from working at her juice stand in the early 1950′s, she had no idea this was the beginning of a successful line of women’s clothing, mens clothing, clothes for children, shoes, jewelry and other fashionable items, and of course Lilly Pulitzer bedding.

Lilly Pulitzer Bedding

According to Wikipedia, 18 year old Lillian Lee McKim eloped with Robert Pulitzer Jr. in 1950. Her husband owned several orange groves so the industrious young Lilly opened a juice stand. Her customers loved her dress so much that she decided to make some to sell at her juice stand. Now that dress is known as the classic shift dress. It was not long after that she abandoned the juice trade entirely to focus on womens clothing.

She became the president of Lilly Pulitzer Inc. in 1959, and now her colorful designs are known everywhere. Luminaries as large as Jaqueline Kennedy have worn her clothes. Indeed her impact on fashion the stuff of legend, and those who value style as a statement of boldness and individuality have admired her and her work for decades.

It is no wonder that her bedding designs are so popular. Her bright designs, pastel colors, often times beautiful flower prints will brighten any room, How wonderful to wake up in the morning cozy and warm, enveloped in gorgeous sheets and blankets. The warm colors and happy tones contribute to a cheery start of the day. It is the little things that matter most to our our everyday happiness, and the importance of our environment cannot be overstated. Many people of taste and distinction benefit daily from spending the night wrapped in delightful and charming Lilly Pulitzer bedding.

Lilly Pulitzer Bedding Sale

Of course everyone is looking for a bargain, and the aficianado of lovely things is no exception. It is possible to find bedding on sale. There are internet stores of course, and you can find bargains at physical stores as well. Sheets and comforters can be quite expensive, so whenever you cad Lilly Pulitzer bedding on sale it is hard to resist the purchase.

It is in fact worth it to seek out the best deal you can find, but don’t sacrifice quality and style unless absolutely necessary. Although sheets, pillowcases and comforters are only seen by the few that are lucky enough to enter your bedroom, you should always know that everything that contributes to your quality of life is worthwhile. In short you are worthwhile, and your comfort and serenity has an intrinsic value in and among itself. In short, you deserve the joy that comes with quality.

Sleeping in style and comfort is very important to me personally, as I am sensitive to lesser quality materials which irritates my skin and prevents deep refreshing rest. I find I sleep better when wrapped in quality. Of course a good night sleep is critical to my well being, so the extra expense is well justified. When trying to find affordable quality a bit of research is always good. You can find a store that sells Lilly Pulitzer bedding near you by searching their website.

Use Lilly Pulitzer Bedding for Unbelievable Comfort

Winter is on its way and with its approach comes the desire to curl up under a comforter with a good book, tuck yourself into a warm blanket and hot cup of cocoa and other delights that come with the chilly season. As you go out looking for new bedding for your bed there are several names you should be on the lookout for, to get the best and most comfortable bedding available. Lilly Pulitzer bedding is at the top of the list, made by the same designers as the clothes by the same name, the bedding is meant to be a trip into ultimate luxury that you will not get much elsewhere.

When looking for your new Lilly Pulitzer bed consider the colors you want before you go to buy, of course this bedding is such a piece of artwork you can design an entire bedroom around the colors and designs of their bedding sets if that is what you want. Peaceful, soothing and elegant, your Lilly Pulitzer bed will inspire you to create a showcase of your bedroom just to do justice to this incredible bedding.

If you have never had the pleasure to sleep under a luxury comforter such as those designed by Lilly Pulitzer bedding you do not know what you are missing. Much the same as is used in the Hilton hotel chains their bedding can only be described as heavenly, whisking away the days worries magically as you sink into its comforting embrace.

You may wonder what makes such an incredible set of bedding such as Lilly Pulitzer bedding. The answer is twofold, one has to do with the colors and textures used to create an incredible ambience in the room it is present in, the other reason would be the luxurious fabrics, thread count and weight of the fabrics used as well as the filling the comforter and pillows contain.

Good bedding will not only utilize the best designers but will also use only the best materials and construction, one touch and you will know the difference. Look for a high thread count, but be aware that too high of a thread count will not make much of a difference in anything but the price, 400 thread count is considered very good.

You will pay a bit more for your Lilly Pulitzer bedding but it is bedding that will last you a very long time and give you the incredible comfort of a good night’s sleep, sleeping like royalty.

Lilly Pulitzer Bedding

The Lilly Pulitzer Bedding is just one of the many products under the Lilly Pulitzer label. This is one of the most sought after products for the home due to the bright colours, pretty patterns and the vibrant feel that it exudes. Lilly Pulitzer lends her genius and innovative designs and patterns on her bedding so that her clients can have the same summer happy feeling in their homes at any time of the year.
Lilly Pulitzer Pillow (Medium), Flamingo

Who is Lilly Pulitzer? Lilly Pulitzer was born Lillian Lee McKim on November 10, 1931. She was the daughter of Robert V. McKim and Lillian Botswick. She studied in New York City and in 1949 she finished school in Miss Porter’s School in Connecticut. She then studied in Finch College but then eloped in 1950 with her husband, Herbert Peter Pulitzer, Jr. Eventually they divorced in 1969 and she married Enrique Rousseau.

When Lilly was with Peter Pulitzer, they lived in Palm Beach in Florida. Due to the hot weather, she decided to sell fruit juice at a stand in Via Mizner. Little did she know that her fruit juice stand will be the start of her very successful career. She noticed that the fruit juices were staining her clothes and so she wanted to find a way to cover up the stains. She tried to create a shift dress and then camouflaged the stains using bright colors and dainty patterns. When she wore the preppy print dress that she designed, her customers were buying more than the fruit juice that she sells.

They were actually lining up to order the same dress that she was wearing! Lilly then realized that she has a knack for designing clothes and her original idea can branch out to many more opportunities to live out her dream and be the best designer in the world. She then created the Lilly Pulitzer company in 1959 and set up her factory in Miami, Florida. Since then she designed florals, bold patterns, paisley dresses, all adorned with pastel colors, bright palettes, and vibrant hues.

It was her mission to bring a high level of cheerfulness through her clothes and make everyone very happy like a summer day. Eventually, after many years of designing clothes, Lilly Pulitzer expanded to other areas such as jewelry, shoes, accessories, home accessories, beddings, other home accents, and even little knick knacks where she can put her designs on. Her empire became bigger and was sought after by a lot of people who are looking for a preppy cheery designer look for their wardrobe and their homes.

Lilly Pulitzer Bedding

Lilly Pulitzer Bedding collection, especially the one that was partnered with Garnet Hill, is all made from luxury cotton and durable materials in order to ensure the highest quality possible for the product. All the beddings from the Lilly Pulitzer collection have been made out of the highest quality Egyptian cotton to make sure that everyone feels 100% comfort and satisfaction with the fabric.

The designs of Lilly Pulitzer are not just her forte but she also made sure that everything is just pure comfort. The timeless designs from Lilly Pulitzer complete the look. Lilly puts together contemporary patterns with bright hues and produces a great splash of vibrant designs for the bedroom.

Blue Koi Lilly

The Blue Koi Bedding collection starts with a white embroidered bedskirt that features a very dainty but simple design for the bed. It is then paired up with a sky blue and aqua blue pattern on white background. The paisley floral design shows a very feminine side and can bring that fresh look to any bed. The main focal point of this bedding collection is the blue koi in the center of the duvet. Two koi fishes intertwined showing a great partnership between Lilly Pulitzer and Garnet Hill. What could be more symbolic than that?

The Blue Koi Bedding collection aims to show serenity just like the two fishes and calmness from the blue hues.

Sister Florals Lilly The Lilly Pulitzer Bedding in Sister Florals Lilly design is a real beauty and is the epitome of what Lilly Pulitzer has been designing for years and years on end. There is nothing more than pink, green, yellow and blue all put together that screams Lilly Pulitzer. She combined flowers and dainty designs on the comforter and bed cover to evoke a bright summer day and a girly feminine feeling. Lace accents are added on the pillowcases to further extend the girly feel.

This is a great Bedding collection for sisters’ bedrooms or the beddings for a female house guest.

Where to Buy Lilly Pulitzer Bedding? If you really are keen on having a bright and vibrant makeover for your bedroom, head over to the nearest major department store in your area and look for her bedding.

You may also go to specialty stores that sell home accessories, most especially beddings. Most of these specialty stores sell designer beddings such as Lilly Pulitzer Bedding. You may also go online and just order directly from the official website of Lilly Pulitzer. If you are not in the United States, you may also search for local retailers or trusted and reliable online resellers of her collection.

There is no doubt that this bedding can be a great addition to the home. If your home looks blah and boring with the white walls and you are tired with the usual designs that you get from the home section in the department stores, then this bedding collection is for you. If you also feel that you want an instant makeover for one of the most important rooms in your house so that you can feel renewed and refreshed, then her collection is your best choice. There are a lot of people who have bought this for themselves and have never been so happy because the Lilly Pulitzer Bedding is just pure bliss coming from the beautiful designs.

You are certainly well informed about who is she and what kinds of state of the art interior home design elements she makes. Particularly speaking about her bedding designs, we cannot neglect the warmness it gives us when we look at her masterpieces. For all of you who are still not so much into her work, you should know that she is very long time in designing business and the beddings are not her primary occupation. More time she spends on designing clothes for everyday person. Women across the world adore her works, so you know that her work is appreciated and acknowledged. It is the reference you can trust. Now as for this bedding sale, we have prepared for you great examples that could adorn your bedding room easily.

Let’s begin.

The state of the art bedding sales

As her state of the art beddings are being sold all over the globe, it is you who are interested to see if there are interesting beddings that you will instantly fall in love with. My answer to you is: yes, of course there is! Big markets like Amazon, Wallmart, Ebay are all having at least something of her collections. Many of those online stores have separate sections just for her products. That tells much about her work.

Sister florals comforter cover

Orange pink color mix with floral design all over it and sleek white sheet piece at the ends of the cover makes perfect combination of colors, designs and taste. Ideally suits for youth beds and kids. Floral design is retro inspired and very well looking. It is made of combed cotton for the softest touch ever. It is because this lady very much cares about your skin and feels too. That’s why her beddings are so popular. By adding in some great looking pillows to blend in this design, you will get bedclothes everybody will envy you on. Believe me, this bedding is worth it.

Review of Lilly Pulitzer Bedding

Lilly Pulitzer bedding range has acclaimed high status throughout the world right from the day of its inception. Pulitzer collection is very famous worldwide and has really left a mark on high-profile societies of the world. Their bedding range includes a splendid mix of both modern and traditional flavors mixed in an artistic value.

Collection for Bedrooms

Bedding range available for dorms or the kid’s bedrooms is outstanding in nature. Even, refurbishing bedrooms with bedding equipments from her bedding stores would certainly add grandeur and elegance. Bedding collection from this range would appeal to people looking for enhancing creative touch into their bedrooms, with a spicy mix of aesthetic traditional designs, along with modern view of color combination.

Stunning Designer Beddings

Bedding consists of a major appeal in almost every household. Who does not want to relish a splendid sleep in highly attractive bedroom with designer and soft pillows and attractive sheets? Stunning designer bed sheets and other accessories from Pulitzer bedding help to increase attractive quality of modern rooms.

Apart from these, sorority bedding and décor adds aesthetic flavor to rooms, thereby, helps to create an aura of serenity. A unique blend of customization and comfort helps this brand to stand out of any other brands throughout the world.

Mix of Tradition and Fashion

Traditional and fashionable bedding features should be mentioned in special. The huge collection of traditional and fashionable bedroom accessories, including scalloped-edged pillow and quilt covers add beauty to modern bedrooms that has a touch of traditional flavor.

Bedding sets from Lilly Pulitzer adores several mind-blowing designs and facets. They are even available in a range of color and designs, making it almost possible to fulfill your desire to turn your bedroom into the most attractive place of your house. Although the price may appear to be a bit high in the first instance, but the quality of products would definitely leave no scope to rethink.

Lilly Pulitzer floral bedding would also come as great respite to the eyes. A natural shift to colorful prints of petals and attractive flowers would definitely bring some respite from unending series of stripes or checkered bedding accessories that are flourishing in the present day markets.

In addition to this, single-colored bed sheets from Pulitzer bedding are also attracting several compliments. They can add beauty and match with the color of wall or ceiling of any modern bedroom, adding beauty to it. You can also go for some cushions and bed sheet shams to transform your favorite bedroom into a dashing one like those of luxury hotels.

Dark color combinations of bed sheets and other accessories from Pulitzer bedding would help to add flavor of the season during winter. You will find a huge collection of bedding accessories by which your entire bedroom appearance can be modified in accordance to modern concept, or the one you desire the most. Perhaps you would like to try out a blend of fashionable outlook with traditional designs.

•    Moderate price
•    Wide variety of design and color of bedding accessories are available

•    May find difficulty during cleaning or washing, initially
•    Might appear bit costly

Charter Club Arden

Ahhh, the sunshine. Don’t you find it very warm and inviting whenever the sunshine hits your face once you wake up? BUT if your bedroom isn’t comfortable and appealing enough, waking up in the morning may not be as appealing. If that describes your situation, then you should check out the Charter Club Arden bedding collection! The Charter Club Arden bedding and comforter collection is a 4 piece bedding set that will surely light up your room with its very cheerful and lively combination of floral design and colors – it showcases stripe patterns that compliments the decorative colors found on the bed skirt.


Along with that, the reverse side of the comforter as well as the duvet has a stylish look that coordinates very well with the rest of the pieces in the Charter Club Arden bedding ensemble. PLUS, with a soft and comfortable 230 thread count and cotton sateen as the material used, you will surely have a great night’s sleep with this bedding collection.

Just in case you are wondering, the four pieces in the Charter Club Arden bedding collection includes the comforter or duvet, a bed skirt, as well as 2 standard shams. The king sized comforter measures 106 inches by 96 inches. The 2 pillow shams, on the other hand, both measure 20 inches by 36 inches. And the king sized bedding skirt has the dimensions of 78 inches by 80 inches with a 16 inch drop.

Initially, I just purchased a comforter as well as the matching pillow shams from the collection. Aside from the golden color scheme that it has that blends perfectly with the satin-like green tones as well as yellow stripes, I must say I am impressed with the details.

Let’s check out the comforter first – it is sewn with dime sized circles that are about a foot or so apart. This does a great job of preventing the fillings from shifting from one spot to another – a problem common in bedding sets especially after washing. Along with that, I also like the spring green satin braiding found on the pillow shams.

As for the fabric, I’m giving it two thumbs up. True, there are other bedding and comforter sets that have higher thread count – 250, some are 300 to 350, and I even encountered ones that have a 400 thread count. However, I must say that the pieces from Charter Club Arden bedding collection are very soft and it has a satin like feel to it. Additionally, this is one of the few bedding sets that look better in ‘person’ (so to speak) than in images or pictures. The Charter Club Arden bedding collection looks like a set that you would find in English cottages. Very pretty!

If you are looking to bring more warmth to your mornings, then heed my advice – grab the Charter Club Arden bedding collection!

Manor Hill Midnight Terrace Bed-In-A-Bag

Want to fill your bedroom with flowers that never fade in the beauty and appeal department…blooming all day and night? Yeah? If so, then you should set your sights on Manor Hill Midnight Terrace Bed-In-A-Bag. Coming with a collection of astounding and dramatic floral patterns, perfectly coordinating stripes, as well as textured fabrics, the Manor Hill Midnight Terrace Bed-In-A-Bag has the a classical style with an ultramodern twist. What do you get when you grab the Manor Hill Midnight Terrace Bed-In-A-Bag? Here’s what – the bedding set comes with a comforter, four piece sheet set, as well as 2 standard or king sized shams with a bed skirt. If you want additional elegance sprinkled into your bedroom you could opt for the four piece comforter set which includes 2 European shams as well as 2 decorative or accessory pillows. The fitted sheets from this bedding set can accomodate mattresses that measure up to 12 inches. On the other hand, the bedskirt has 15 inches drop and split corners.

Queen Complete Bedding Set (Manor Hill Lana)

The moment I saw you Manor Hill Midnight Terrace Bed-In-A-Bag, I immediately fell in love with it. It took me quite a while to find something that I would want and like so much and so badly. Many of the comforters that I have seen are very expensive while the others are very bulky. BUT not the Manor Hill Midnight Terrace Bed-In-A-Bag. It is lightweight. And for medium price, the 8 piece bed in a bag set gives you the best bang for your buck. The price, color, and the material it came with is perfect!

Additionally, I was very pleased to see that the Manor Hill Midnight Terrace Bed-In-A-Bag looks just as beautiful in person (so to speak) as it is online. It made the master bedroom of my home look very polished. If there is a point or room for improvement in this bedding set, it would be the comforter’s thickness. It is not as thick as other comforters BUT it is definitely good enough to keep you warm and comfortable.

There are some reviews saying that the Manor Hill Midnight Terrace Bed-In-A-Bag easily tears after washing. Fortunately, I never had such problems. I have been using and washing my set for more than 3 months now and it still looks and feels just as great. I can confidently and wholeheartedly recommend the Manor Hill Midnight Terrace Bed-In-A-Bag. It is a must have for people who want to redecorate and give their bedroom a classy and serene look and feel.

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