Pink Zebra Bedding

A strong, colorful personality will always own or will have owned or is already planning to own a pink zebra bedding set because there are very few other room decorating items that make as strong an impression as this. And because one funky pink zebra print bedding is just not enough we are going to look through several models from fully ping to just a slight nuance, from cotton to polyester and micro suede. And we are also going to guide you around some common mistakes first time buyers of pink zebra bedding set usually make, like machine washing their brand new linens or expecting to receive more then what the package really promises.

So to start you off gradually in the world of the pink zebra print bedding we’re going to recommend that your first set be the Jojo Designs pink bedding. The animal pattern is a very strong one and until you actually get to sleep in one and see it day in and day out for a week you won’t really know how good you will feel about it.  So this being a black and white zebra design with pink fringes it will gently welcome you to the world of zebra designs. Add to that the fact that this is a micro suede material and machine washable and you have yourself the makings of a gentle welcoming in the world of the pink zebra bedding sets.

Now that you are ready and want something more, something stronger you are ready to welcome the hard core of the pink zebra bedding world. This time we are talking about a complete pink and black zebra bedding set made from faux silk. So we are really leaving the area of teen beddings and so it might be pointless to mention that a linen set so heavy in colors is a just a bit too heavy in color for a comfortable night’s sleep. On the upside, though, you will be receiving a comforter, 2 pillow shams, a body pillow case, bed skirts and one pair of slippers. And while the slippers might not have much to do with the bed they are a nice touch and will look gorgeous next to the bed. Of course with colors this bright you can do machine washing but it is strongly recommended that you dry clean this set of pink zebra print bedding.

Or if you prefer a lighter shade in your pink zebra bedding set, which, by the way, is actually much better for sleeping then the darker tones, than the Grand Linen offer is the one you want. This time you will be receiving only the comforter, pillow sham, cushion, bed skirt and neck roll so no slippers this time. But on the upside the parts of the covers that you will be coming in contact as you sleep are made from faux silk for a perfectly comfortable touch and the rest is made from polyester. Again remember not to machine wash this set of ping zebra bedding because although it says it is machine washable the colors will fade away after a couple of washes.

Purple Zebra Bedding

There is no more royal and luxurious bedroom than one with a purple zebra bedding, if you have the courage to display it, that is. And just to help you find that courage we are going to take a look with you at some of the best models and explore the best ways to maintain them. That is because there are 2 aspects you need to be wary about: the first is that you need to make sure you are willing to take a lot of care when you wash them, and even be willing to dry clean them. And the second is that most prints don’t adhere very well on cotton so most purple zebra bedding is made from polyester or from microfiber.

Your Zone Purple Pieced Animal Bedding Comforter Set - FULL/QUEEN

Having said that there is a beautiful purple zebra bedding model, and one we are going to look at first, that is made from cotton, of all materials, and because the model is woven in and not printed there is nothing to worry about in terms of getting unstuck. But the great advantage about the Jojo Designs model that we have featured here is that it is a rather simple black and white design with a purple accentuating fringe. So although you are getting those beautiful purple shades but have the chance to get used with the color and see if you can actually picture yourself in a purple zebra bedding model.

And if you see that you enjoy the Jojo Designs purple zebra bedding model than you might enjoy moving on up to the Home Essence print. It is a high quality microfiber fabric so it feels extremely soft and comfortable and the comforter is reversible so if you feel like taking a break from the whole purple and white zebra bedding model you can easily switch it over to a plain purple look. And with the comforter you also get to pillow cases so you can have a complete bed set straight out of the bag. And the last think you need to know about this comforter is that it is one of the few purple zebra bedding models that is machine washable.

Ultimately if you want to go really hard core with your choice of a purple zebra bedding then the Kimlor design is the one we’ve been holding in our back pocket as a surprise. It is a complete purple bedding set, with black zebra patterns printed on. It is a cotton polyester blend that displays the zebra pattern on the comforter and shams and the bed skirt and sheet set have a leopard pattern. And, if you were to turn over the comforter, that would also match the leopard design on the sheets too. The one thing you need to remember is that, because this is a print, you will most likely have to dry clean this if you want to make sure you will enjoy it for a long time. Still if this is your first purple zebra print bedding set you should first try out the first design we have talked about and only after that move up to this one.

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