More teal bedding sets

It would be great if you could say everything there was to be said about a teal bedding in just one page and look at all the teal bedding set there are in just one go. But then again, it is also great to have an entire site to browse through just in case the best of the best in terms of teal bedding variations simply do not perfectly match who you are.

And to start things off with a conservative display of color patterns and design have a look at the Royal Heritage 8 pieces teal bedding. It is a polyester teal background with silk Damascus floral patterns embroidered into it. And that bring has 2 very important effects: in the first place it creates a feeling of luxury and taste and it also allows for a very comfortable machine wash treatment because there aren’t any patterns that can wash off. And the other thing you need to know is that the entire bedding has a satin shine and smoothness created by how easily manipulated polyester is. You will also be happy to know that for the price, just shy of low cost, you will receive a complete 8 pieces bed set that includes a kind comforter, one bed skirt, 2 king shams, 2 euro shams and 2 square deck pillows for a complete teal bedding set.

Avondale Manor Madrid 5 Piece Comforter Set, Queen, Teal

However, now that we have looked at the more conservative teal bedding set it is time to explore a more beautiful and light pattern that plays indeed on the teal theme but brings in a background of white to create a brighter and more beautiful pattern. It is the Waterford Bedding which is also a much cheaper bedding set,  but for the price you will only be receiving the comforter and 2 pillow cases. However that is all you need to create that aerated, luxurious effect in your bedroom and it will go great with any white bed sheet you will have around your home. Of course you also have the option of completing the collection by buying separately the bed skirt and the teal pillows. But in our opinion there is really no point in doing that since just these 3 pieces make for a complete teal bedding feeling in your bedroom.

And if you are willing to go completely out there in terms of the concept possibilities of a teal bedding then the Kathy Ireland bedding set from Halmart Collectibles is definitely the most imaginative and original expression of the teal bedding concept. It works on a brown back ground to create a teal flower pattern that would be just as home in a tree hut in the Amazon forest as in any NY penthouse bedroom setting. Be warned, though, this is the most expensive bedding set, but it is also the most complete set you could get. That is to say you will be getting a comforter, 2 shams, 1 skirt, 2 euro shams, 2 pillows (filled) and 1 bolster (filled) so that is a really complete teal bedding that you will not be able to get anywhere else for that price.

Grey Bedding

There are many things to be said about grey bedding because it is the preferred color range preferred by one of the most beloved schools of thought in architecture, landscaping and interior design. It is something that has been around for millennia and that has been a part of all the other trends that have come and went, but it took the Japanese Zen to give it a name and a shape of its own. We are obviously talking about the minimalist current that is that constitutes the secret behind all the successful trends. It talks about keeping every sensory input to a minimum so that everything becomes relaxed and restful. And in our super-fast, hyper active culture there is nothing more important than a restful bedroom with a relaxing, minimalist grey bedding.


The grey bedding makes for the perfect background for meditative approach to life and so you can utterly relax and basically choose the price level where you would like to be by looking at the top 3 beddings we have provided you, each from a different price range. And the first is the best and obviously the most expensive. However, it is the creation of designer Michael Kors and it is soft, heavy comforter that will provide warmth and also instantly become a center piece for any bedroom. Its suede border bands fall graciously around the bed to give it an air of distinction and respectability. And for it’s price tag you will also receive the 2 standard, button shams for a complete grey bedding set.

However if you prefer a lesser price tag for a grey bedding set then the Wellington and Castle offer is the one that will probably be the most appealing. For its price tag you get a 7 piece bedding set, including the comforter, 2 shams, 2 pillows, 1 neck roll pillow and 1 bed skirt. And don’t think for a second that this isn’t a high quality product, because, in fact, the comforter is extra size and is over filled. Its 2 main drawbacks are that it is made from polyester and it does not have designer label on it. But what is really the point of having a designer bedding if you are trying to create a feeling of restful relaxation and not of boasting another huge price tag. And the reality of it is that unless you are willing to pay alot for a complete cotton bedding set, everything else will be made from polyester or a polyester blend. So this is definitely the best grey bedding set for the money.

There are, however grey bedding sets that have an even lesser price tag, like the Ma Maison grey duvet that comes in a low price and that can single handedly turn the mood of a room around. You may want to complete the set in time by buying the shams or even 2 grey pillows but for the moment this is the best way to get the minimalist look in your bedroom without spending a lot of money doing so. And we wouldn’t have shown you this model if we did not trust that the fabric and the design quality was good for any taste. Only pay attention to the fact that you will only be buying the comforter, not the entire grey bedding set which you will have to complete at a later date.

Zebra Bedding

There are a couple of things you should know if you are planning to buy a zebra bedding set and before we show you a few samples that we have prepared you should consider them. The first thing to understand is that most animal prints don’t come on cotton but on polyester or at best on micro suede, which is almost the same thing. That is why although we are going to look at several beautiful models we are going to purposely highlight the ones that we could get in cotton for you. And second is that the most difficult part about zebra print bedding is the washing and although some of our models are indeed machine washable it would be best if you would dry clean them.

My Room Zebra Ultra Soft Microfiber Comforter Sheet Set,White/ Black, Twin/Twin X-Large

That having been said there is nothing wrong with a polyester zebra print bedding, it is just that some people prefer cotton, and, in fact, often enough you will get more comfort and a much more delicate touch from polyester then from cotton. So it is only natural that we begin looking at some of the beautiful models of zebra beddings with the classical black and white from King Linen. It is a washing machine safe almost 100% polyester product, that you can enjoy completely from the first time it arrives because it is also the most complete bedding set you could hope to find. It comes with a comforter, shams, bed skirt, square cushions, neck roll, curtain panels and tieback tassels, so if what you wish for is a black and white zebra bedding then this is the best package you could get.

However if you want cotton and are willing to enjoy adding in some color to your zebra bedding design then we are actually very excited to recommend the Jojo Designs models. They are made from 100% cotton with all that implies and are machine washable, but you will have to put in a few extra mouse clicks to get a complete set. That is because the default model comes with a queen size comforter and 2 standard shams. Of course, because these are the only items that actually have an impact on the viewer they might very well be the only ones you need. However if you want more than just the zebra bedding set you can get here the bed skirts and here the Jojo Desing purple zebra valance.

That is not to say that the Jojo Design or cotton zebra bedding set is limited to purple, in fact you can find a wide array of beautiful designs and colors. That is why we would like you to consider both the hot pink and the lime zebra print bedding from them. They are built on the same basic concept, of a simple black and white zebra pattern and a colorful round about edge. The only thing you should pay attention to is that while the lime pattern is 100% cotton the pink one is made from micro suede.  We kindly welcome you to try them both and make up your own mind about what is the best fabric particularly because they are both very beautiful zebra print bedding sets.

Still you might not be satisfied with the zebra bedding sets we have shown you so far and if that is the case there is one last arrow in your bedding sets quiver, the Fine Home choice of colors. They do come in polyester only and you will have to dry clean them but they do have the richest colors pattern with their completely purple sets with black zebra stripes. And here again you will be delighted to know that you will received not only the comforter and shams but also the bed skirt, one pillow case, a set of window curtains and a pair of slippers. So if you want to go completely mad about the zebra bedding motif than this is probably the most luxurious choice you could make.

Teal Bedding

Creating a sensation of gentle comfort and relaxation for the sleeping area is easy using a teal bedding set because with you draw on the comfortable sensation that deep blue engenders and you get to couple that with the deep relaxation engendered by the green tones in teal. That is why we have looked at some of the best teal beading sets and arranged them for you, highlighting their attributes from color patterns to weather they are machine washable or not and if they are made from cotton to polyester. Together we can explore the world of the teal bedding set and we will show you all the secrets of maintaining your teal bedding in perfect condition.

Mizone Chloe 4 Piece Comforter Set, Full/Queen, Teal

So let’s not waste any more time and dive right in exploring one of the richest teal bedding sets in the collection, the Royal Heritage 8 piece comforter set. It is by far the best set if you are looking for that rich teal color pattern and here it is enriched with a Damascus floral print that gives an even more luxurious taste to the ensemble. And that is just the beginning because the floral decorations imitate the rich sensation of velvet while, when you touch the fabric you get the light comfort of satin. The comforter has the same solid stuffing you would expect and is made from the latest “breathe in” materials so it is cool during the summer time and warm in the winter. The one thing you absolutely need to pay attention to is that this is all polyester set so you will need to dry clean it. But asides from that this is the most beautiful teal bedding you could want in your bedroom.

Or if you prefer a deeper sensation of blue, and that is what most people expect even from a teal bedding set, than the PCJ supplies offer is probably a better choice as it works of shades of blue that build up to the teal nuances of the comforter. So while the pillows and sheets play on the differences between pale and dark blue it is only in the duvet that we actually enjoy the teal nuance. And the advantage here is that all the patterns are actually woven in the fabric so this is a bedding set that you will be able to machine wash. And with this set we get a cotton, polyester fabric combination that protects the areas where you come in contact with the material so you will only feel the touch of natural fabrics when you are using this teal bedding set.

And we have saved the lightest teal bedding for the last, the Waterford model. This one plays on a combination of teal and white to add to that combination of deep relaxation and comfort a sensation of aerated beauty. The pure white brings a sensation of pure light and joy to the dance of colors in the teal. And again the patterns here are woven in the fabric so this is machine washable although we would recommend dry cleaning if you want to be able to enjoy this bedding set for a long time.

Pink Zebra Bedding

A strong, colorful personality will always own or will have owned or is already planning to own a pink zebra bedding set because there are very few other room decorating items that make as strong an impression as this. And because one funky pink zebra print bedding is just not enough we are going to look through several models from fully ping to just a slight nuance, from cotton to polyester and micro suede. And we are also going to guide you around some common mistakes first time buyers of pink zebra bedding set usually make, like machine washing their brand new linens or expecting to receive more then what the package really promises.

So to start you off gradually in the world of the pink zebra print bedding we’re going to recommend that your first set be the Jojo Designs pink bedding. The animal pattern is a very strong one and until you actually get to sleep in one and see it day in and day out for a week you won’t really know how good you will feel about it.  So this being a black and white zebra design with pink fringes it will gently welcome you to the world of zebra designs. Add to that the fact that this is a micro suede material and machine washable and you have yourself the makings of a gentle welcoming in the world of the pink zebra bedding sets.

Now that you are ready and want something more, something stronger you are ready to welcome the hard core of the pink zebra bedding world. This time we are talking about a complete pink and black zebra bedding set made from faux silk. So we are really leaving the area of teen beddings and so it might be pointless to mention that a linen set so heavy in colors is a just a bit too heavy in color for a comfortable night’s sleep. On the upside, though, you will be receiving a comforter, 2 pillow shams, a body pillow case, bed skirts and one pair of slippers. And while the slippers might not have much to do with the bed they are a nice touch and will look gorgeous next to the bed. Of course with colors this bright you can do machine washing but it is strongly recommended that you dry clean this set of pink zebra print bedding.

Or if you prefer a lighter shade in your pink zebra bedding set, which, by the way, is actually much better for sleeping then the darker tones, than the Grand Linen offer is the one you want. This time you will be receiving only the comforter, pillow sham, cushion, bed skirt and neck roll so no slippers this time. But on the upside the parts of the covers that you will be coming in contact as you sleep are made from faux silk for a perfectly comfortable touch and the rest is made from polyester. Again remember not to machine wash this set of ping zebra bedding because although it says it is machine washable the colors will fade away after a couple of washes.

Purple Zebra Bedding

There is no more royal and luxurious bedroom than one with a purple zebra bedding, if you have the courage to display it, that is. And just to help you find that courage we are going to take a look with you at some of the best models and explore the best ways to maintain them. That is because there are 2 aspects you need to be wary about: the first is that you need to make sure you are willing to take a lot of care when you wash them, and even be willing to dry clean them. And the second is that most prints don’t adhere very well on cotton so most purple zebra bedding is made from polyester or from microfiber.

Your Zone Purple Pieced Animal Bedding Comforter Set - FULL/QUEEN

Having said that there is a beautiful purple zebra bedding model, and one we are going to look at first, that is made from cotton, of all materials, and because the model is woven in and not printed there is nothing to worry about in terms of getting unstuck. But the great advantage about the Jojo Designs model that we have featured here is that it is a rather simple black and white design with a purple accentuating fringe. So although you are getting those beautiful purple shades but have the chance to get used with the color and see if you can actually picture yourself in a purple zebra bedding model.

And if you see that you enjoy the Jojo Designs purple zebra bedding model than you might enjoy moving on up to the Home Essence print. It is a high quality microfiber fabric so it feels extremely soft and comfortable and the comforter is reversible so if you feel like taking a break from the whole purple and white zebra bedding model you can easily switch it over to a plain purple look. And with the comforter you also get to pillow cases so you can have a complete bed set straight out of the bag. And the last think you need to know about this comforter is that it is one of the few purple zebra bedding models that is machine washable.

Ultimately if you want to go really hard core with your choice of a purple zebra bedding then the Kimlor design is the one we’ve been holding in our back pocket as a surprise. It is a complete purple bedding set, with black zebra patterns printed on. It is a cotton polyester blend that displays the zebra pattern on the comforter and shams and the bed skirt and sheet set have a leopard pattern. And, if you were to turn over the comforter, that would also match the leopard design on the sheets too. The one thing you need to remember is that, because this is a print, you will most likely have to dry clean this if you want to make sure you will enjoy it for a long time. Still if this is your first purple zebra print bedding set you should first try out the first design we have talked about and only after that move up to this one.

Purple Bedding Sets

We have featured a lot of purple bedding sets on our site, particularly because purple has a royal feel to it while still retaining the subdued coloring that is required for a good night’s sleep. The thing is that we have never created a page that is specifically dedicated to this wonderful color and the bedding sets that go with it. So in order to remedy that situation we have looked at the all the models you have loved on this site in the past and checked out the market for some new designs and have come up for you with the most beautiful purple crib bedding sets available on the market today.


And the first of the purple baby bedding sets and one that we have not featured anywhere else is the Chezmoi Collection silky 7 pieces lavender bedding set. It is made from high quality, good thread density polyester for a feel that is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And in the package you will receive the comforter, 2 matching pillow shams, a bed skirt with dust ruffle, a neck roll and 2 decorative pillows. This is actually over shooting if you just want to give your bedroom a face lift and create a new feeling for your love life. The entire set is washing machine safe and you can tumble dry it so even if you fall in love with it as much as we have you will be able to enjoy these purple bedding sets for days and months at a time.

However if you want to further accentuate the royal feel that is native to all purple crib bedding sets the Royal Heritage 8 piece set is one that you should love to consider. In fact it is the set that is most loved by all of our buyers and everyone working with us has at least one at home. It is the one set that we would recommend to anyone without a second thought that it might not match all preferences. The floral damask pattern gives off a feeling of luxury and the 8 pieces that it contains, that is to say the comforter, bed skirt, 2 shams, 2 euro shams and 2 square deck pillows are more than enough to completely change the feeling in your bedroom. So if you were to choose just one of your purple bedding sets this is the one that we would recommend.

And there is also a new arrival in our purple baby bedding sets collection, one that in time might prove to be as valuable as the Royal Heritage bedding and it comes from DR International. It is an 8 pieces comforter set that plays on the cooler shades of purple to create a most wonderful feeling of relaxation. All the 8 pieces, which are the comforter, bed skirt, 2 euro shams, 2 shams and 2 decorative pillows are made from polyester and are dish washer safe. However it is recommended that you air dry them so that you can make sure that you will be able to enjoy these purple bedding sets for the many years to come.

Teal Bedding Sets

If you have read our other pages on teal bedding sets you will have noticed that we have taken a look at the best and most beautiful sets available today. However there are some sets that simply did not make the cut but which are just as beautiful and as rich and because we didn’t get to have a look at them there we have created this page where we will look at the few sets that we really missed. And just like we did before we are going to highlight for you the advantages and disadvantages of each set, weather it is cotton or polyester and what is the best method to make sure you will enjoy your teal bedding sets for a very long time.

Avondale Manor Madrid 5 Piece Comforter Set, Queen, Teal

And the first of the missed teal bedding sets is the Artistic Linen offer which excels through the fact that it is reversible. The only reason why it didn’t make the cut is that it only plays on the teal and blue theme and brings in a rich dose of white which creates a very light and beautiful mood. Still because of the small dose of teal we decided to skip it in the main article but this is the perfect time to highlight it particularly because this is a very beautiful fabric, it does not have the perfect flow of sateen but it is very soft indeed. And this is also one of those teal bedding sets which you can have a very easy time cleaning and looking after because it is 100% polyester and machine washable.

And the second set we really wanted to look at in our missed teal bedding sets comes from a producer we have seen very good quality products from, Grand Linen. Their teal and golden pattern bedding set borders on the edge of being kitsch but because beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we still think this set to be beautiful we have considered it worthy of having a closer look here. It comes as a complete set so you get complete set seen in the picture and it is a 100% polyester fabric which is machine washable. Still this is the only teal bedding set where we recommend caution and it would be best if you dry cleaned it.

Which lands us on the last of the teal bedding sets that we were very sorry to not see on the front page, but this one simply had no business there since it could be considered just as well a yellow, green bedding set. But the truth is that the flower patterns on this set are just too beautiful not to mention and the fact is that every design and color item on this set builds up to the teal patterns and edges which are the strongest color in the entire set. And another bonus feature for this set is that it is 100% cotton and with a luxurious 150 thread count weave. The set is complete, in the sense that you get the duvet and 2 standard shams to bring a note of positive optimism in any room where it might be displayed so we are confident that you will agree with us that it needed to be a part of your teal bedding sets collection.

Brown Zebra Bedding

If you want to try a truly luxurious, safari experience like décor than your best choice would be a brown zebra bedding set. And if you top that with the knowledge that all children love animal patterns and knowing who most zebra beddings are pink so girls only, than you can understand and probably have already experienced how difficult it is to find a brown zebra print bedding. However we have searched the entire range of distributers and tried their products so as to be able to give you an informed, detail information about their product. Together we will explore all the brown zebra bedding sets available today and we are going to see how some of them faired our inspection.

7 Piece Safari - Zebra - Giraffe Print Brown Micro Fur Comforter Set, Bed in Bag, Queen Size

The first set we would like you to consider is actually the best brown zebra bedding set from a small but rising company called Scent Sation. It is the best because it actually is the only one made from pure cotton. And not any kind of cotton but T300 thread count cotton and it is sateen to boot. And because the colors are woven in the fabric this is the only set we recommend you actually trust to machine wash. Although the rest boost that same claim of being machine washable you should really consider dry cleaning them only. But to return to the Scent Sation brown zebra bedding also consider that for the price you will be getting the comforter and 2 pillow cases so you might need to also get a simple brown cotton sheet to go with them.

However if you are willing to forsake cotton for a more complete set then the brown zebra bedding set from Home Collection is just the answer for you. It is made from a machine safe, microfiber fur, which is to say it is made from polyester. But the advantages are that for the price you get a bed in a bag with a comforter set, one sheet, two pillow cases, who neck rolls and the much coveted bed skirt that most providers don’t offer. The entire set is extremely comfortable and creates a feeling and a look of complete luxury. Basically if you don’t have anything against polyester than this is the complete, perfect brown zebra bedding set for any household.

Or if you prefer a different look but one that keeps the brown zebra bedding motif than the Veratex bedding set is the one for you. It has the same 8 pieces from the Home Collection store and a black faux suede feel for a look of complete luxury. It too is machine washable but as we’ve said in the beginning we only recommend that you machine wash Scent Satio product and dry clean the rest of the collection because we’ve seen situation, not on these particular models but you never know, where the colors did not stick properly enough to the synthetic fabric. So if you are going to get these brown zebra bedding sets be warned of this short come.

Red Bedding Sets

There are few colors whose meaning has such a wide cultural acceptance as holding the same meaning as red and the red bedding sets we have assembled for you and that we are going to look at express some of the most vivid expressions of passion. We are going to look at some of the most powerful statements of red passion from the majestic force of a lion’s passion to the cool expectation of a crouch Bengal tiger. In fact it is amazing how many feelings and emotions can be aroused by just displaying one of the red queen bedding sets we are about to have a look at.


So, to keep with the feeling of excitement ensued by the red bedding sets, let’s not waste any more time and have a look at the most passionate bedding set, the completely passionate red set from Grand Linen. It is a 7 pieces, luxury set made up from comforter, 2 standard shams, 1 bed skirt and 3 decorative pillows. They are all made from faux sateen, so it is basically a polyester fabric but unless you are thinking of paying in excess  there is really no point in looking for cotton. However this set comes in at low price and is one of the most beautiful set available today at any price range. So if you are looking to make a statement then this is one of the best red bedding sets to do it with.

However, if you are not looking to make a bold and maybe impetuous statement but would still like to bring some of the passion of the red queen bedding sets in your bedroom, then the Solid Burgundy bedding from the Chezmoi Collection is the perfect choice for you. Burgundy has often been used to represent royalty because of its strong passionate closeness to red but which is tempered by the awareness of one’s personal power and strength. This set has been designed for making and keeping safe the secrets of the bedroom and it is one that we warmly recommend. It comes as a 7 piece set, just like the Grand Linen offer and it a soft faux suede fabric that is designed to enchant the senses. It is probably the best of the red bedding sets on the market in terms of design, color choice and feel.

And if you are willing to let go to that look of the strong red queen bedding sets for one that also plays more with the shapes and patterns that other colors would bring in then you absolutely must see the Fountain Comforter set from Wildon Home. You still receive the classical 7 piece set but this time you will get a game of shades and patterns of brown and red and everything in between that speak of a gentle passion, a bedding that is both confident and strong for a complete experience that involves all the senses. It does depart from the red theme we set out to use but it does so in such good taste and excellence that we had to give it a chance among the red bedding sets collection we have here.

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