Pink Camo Baby Bedding

Using Camo Baby Bedding For A Fashionable Nursery

When you are expecting a new little one it can be one of the most fun practices to decorate the nursery. There are many options out there and you will have a lot to choose from. One great idea that is a high fashion different look is the use of camo bedding if you are expecting a little girl.

There are several different looks to this type of camouflage look. Many times you think boy but the girl version is very stylish and modern looking. It shows up in a high fashion look that will give your nursery a distinct finished put together ensemble of camo bedding.

Camo bedding comes in a softer pink for a softer look. It can be styled to pull out the pink in the pattern by using accents around the room. This is a great look with white or wood furniture. Silver frames can ass a nice touch with wood or while shelving to match. Adding in a few soft plush animals and a slider rocker makes a great room for baby.

There is also a hot pink camo look that is more of a high end fashion look and will give a definite statement to the nursery. It is fun to accent with the greenery that is in the pattern through the other design aspects in the room. When you do this you and add a great finished look using the hot pink camo designed bedding.

Look online if you are a visual person to see how great this look can be in your nursery. There are many pictures for you to choose from. Pricing varies on the stores you buy this look from and the thread count of the material. Shop around to find the best price and always wash the baby bedding before you place it in the crib.

Enjoy you new little one and the experience of setting up their nursery. It will not only be a place that they sleep but a room where you will be in often. Make it your own and create a wonderful look in the nursery with pink baby bedding.


Yellow And Grey Bedding

After stalling the plan to live on my own, I have finally given in and the first thing that I bought is a yellow and grey bedding. This is a daring move for this sheltered daughter even though I am now only a few blocks away from my parents’ home. What I miss the most? It must be the food, I guess, and how my mom would tell me to fix my room whenever she’d barge into it unannounced and catch me daydreaming about how I would like to redecorate the area.

Designing My Room

The best part about this living on my own thing is that I get to decide what colors should be used on my walls and what other stuff should I buy aside from the things that my parents have given me the freedom to take from my old room at their house. Designing my new room is quite liberating and I can’t help but marvel at my skills even though I barely lifted my finger at this kind of task when I was still living with my parents.

Yellow And Grey Bedding

Buying My Props Including The Yellow And Grey Bedding

I was not fond of the color yellow before, until I’ve seen a sample in a magazine how this would look when paired with the lighter shade of black. I readily jumped into planning how I’d repaint the walls in my room to complement the new bedding that I have bought. The result is amazing. My room looks as if it was designed by a pro, mainly because the theme looks fashionable and luxurious.

Beyond The Looks

I love sleeping, so this is the main reason why I spend more time designing my room and buying stuff for this part of my new place. I took the pains of going through the essentials in picking the right bedding aside from that fact that I really like its hues.

When buying such product, here are the concerns that you ought to pay attention to. For one, do not settle for the cheap ones. A sound sleep is invaluable. It is better to pay higher for the product than suffer the consequences of settling for something that feels uncomfortable. If you want something that is made from cotton, it is important to take note that the higher the thread count is, the more comfortable and also more expensive the material is going to be. Materials with higher thread counts are also more durable because these won’t easily fluff.

Loving My Yellow And Grey Bedding

I really love how the contrast created a very nice appeal. Had I known this, I would not settle for pink as my favorite color from the moment I knew how to write it until the time that I have stepped out of my parents’ house.

It will take long before I get tired of my yellow and grey bedding, aside from the fact that I am pretty sure that this will last long because I have made sure to choose the finest and the best choice without even attempting to look at its price tag.

Yellow And Grey Baby Bedding – Safe Gift Idea For A Soon-To-Be Mom

What led me to the quest to find good quality yellow and grey baby bedding? It all started with confusion. I can’t understand my sister. She is so excited about the coming of her first child, but she does not want to know its gender. She wants it to be a surprise. Well, surprise, I am in charge of the baby shower and I still don’t have any idea what to give her.

As the date nears and as I keep on getting confirmations on who are attending, as well as endless questions about the baby’s gender, I am also starting to panic about my own gift. I know, my sister would forgive me if I don’t bring any, but I don’t want the child to look into his or her scrapbook someday soon and ask why I did not bring any gift at the shower of the mom, who happens to be my only sister who is quite fond of surprises.

Sister Extraordinaire

If my sister loves surprises, I am known for my extraordinary taste. If the baby happens to be a girl, I would not give her anything pink and no blue things either if the newborn turns out to be a boy. Most of my choices in anything, including gifts, do not go with the norm, so to speak. For this one, I know that the soon to be mom would need lots of bedding for the baby. We all know how babies are. I just need to find the kind of material that will not make me lose my originality.

Settling For Yellow And Grey Baby Bedding

It was love at first sight the first time that I laid my eyes on the combination of these colors for this kind of product. I almost skipped buying for the baby shower and look for the same color combination for something that is intended for adults. The best thing about the colors, aside from exuding an expensive appeal, is that these are not associated with gender and can be used by boys or girls.

Additional Pieces

The good thing about giving gifts to a baby is that you have lots of options. It is as if these shopping places think that parents are a great target market that they would come up with almost all kinds of props that come with genius descriptions. These descriptions would make you think that the baby cannot really live without these, even though you did not use any of those when you were young. Aside from the bedding, I have decided to purchase crib bumpers and skirt, window valances and diaper stacker. You don’t have to guess, I got all these in similar shades as the bedding.

Choosing The Right Yellow And Grey Baby Bedding

I have chosen the right product along with the other stuff that I intend to bring on my sister’s party. For sure, she would love my choices and will use these first instead of the similar items that she may get from her other confused friends.

Now that I have settled on the yellow and grey baby bedding, my next quest would be to find one for me and repaint my room, do some redecoration and get busy before I become a full-pledged auntie.

Yellow And Grey Comforter – Tips On How To Make It Last

I really love my yellow and grey comforter and I have received lots of praise for it. Many of those who have seen it could not help but ask where I purchased it. As much as I want to share the joy, I really have no clue where this was brought. It was a gift and a very memorable one. It has been with me for two years and until now, it still looks as if it was only purchased a month or so ago.

My Companion During The Cold Nights

The material keeps me warm during the cold nights even though I live and sleep alone. Who needs a partner when you can get the warmth you need from this kind of product, especially during the long cold nights of winter. A partner would be a bonus, but as long as I’ve got this comforter, I can wait for the right time when I can have someone to share this with. While waiting for that time to come, I am intent on keeping my bed cover looking new and in good condition.

Caring For My Yellow And Grey Comforter

I got a duvet cover specially made for this material to keep this protected. The cover, of course, matches the color combination of the comforter. With the duvet cover in place, the material that it protects does not need to be washed so often and besides, it is easier to wash the duvet cover than this. I intend to have two more covers made as the one that I am currently using is already showing signs of too much usage.

Other Essential Tips In Handling My Yellow And Grey Comforter

I have learned the other caring tips that I do in order to keep my comforter looking good from my mother. I remember when I was a child and I would be asked to help in removing such materials from every bed at home, carry these outside and expose the materials to air and sun for some hours. We did this at least twice a year. My mother said that this helped in removing dirt and killing elements that are not visible to the eyes. Through the process, the material succeeds in making us feel comfortable whenever we sleep on such. When not in use, the material is kept in a breathable bag that keeps off the dust and in making sure that it won’t develop mildew even during off season.

Big Hopes To Make The Material Last

Yellow And Grey BeddingAside from hoping, I am also making sure that the material is maintained the right way all the time. This only proves how I love it so much. I know that the time will come when this needs to be replaced. Hopefully, I can get another similar to this or someone will give me something like it. When I have time, I search at various online shops to find out if anything will capture my attention, which will convince me to buy. At the moment though, I still prefer to use my old and dandy yellow and grey comforter.

Yellow And Grey Crib Bedding – Buying Tips And Tricks

I want to purchase a yellow and grey crib bedding for my baby. I have seen how the colors would look in contrast to other colors and elements in a room, and I just love its totality. I am not really keen in decorating or in choosing colors, but maybe this is one of the effects of having to stay at home for a time while I am still nursing my newborn. Soon enough, I’ll be back to work and it I’d feel better knowing that my baby is left in such a fashionable room with comfortable and fashionable bedding.

Essential Buying Tips

Now that I am set to buy the material, I spend some time in learning about what I ought to know with what I intend to purchase. Whenever my baby’s asleep, I’d look into my laptop and search for buying tips. First, it is recommended that the product is bought in set, which include a sheet, bumper pad, diaper stacker and the comforter. The other accessories can also be bought separately, but to make the most out of my money, the sets are more preferable.

Finding The Right Size Of The Yellow And Grey Crib Bedding

It must be baby’s safety that must be prioritized when choosing the right size of the product. In order to get it right, I need to find the size that will fit snugly on my baby’s crib. It is recommended, especially if I’ll buy the product that is part of a set, that I become quite particular with the sizes of each item on the set. The bedding will be able to provide more safety if it has elastic straps, which can be used to hold it in place.

I am not really after for products that are cheap in this case. I want something that can be used by my child until she has outgrown her crib. I want her to be safe and feel comfortable while lying on it since she’d spent most of her time sleeping while she’s still a baby. For this reason, I am willing to spend more than usual, just to give my baby the kind of product that can give her the best warmth and protection.

Buying Extra Yellow And Grey Crib Bedding

I plan to buy at least three of the same color combination with different designs and patterns. This is how much I love the colors. I know, there are other color combinations that look great as well, but I already have painted the room that will complement the yellow and grey color scheme. I also have certain accessories bought, which will highlight the colors of the bed covers.

Excited For My Baby To Grow

I am pretty sure that my baby will grow up with fashionable and excellent taste. I plan to take lots of pictures with her using the yellow and grey crib bedding, so that when she grows up, she would commend mommy for providing her with a good product that perfectly suits a princess that my baby would become.

Grey Bedding Sets That You Should Consider Buying

Buying the perfect Yellow And Grey Bedding set for you and your family is not a complicated matter but it does require basic knowledge for you might be sacrificing comfort and convenience. There are dozens of materials to choose from and a lot more manufacturing specifications to consider—the size, thread count, insulation capacity, and so on. My personal preference pertains to texture and not necessarily the air flow capacity.

If you are a person who is after comfort and comfort alone, then all you need to consider is the material. What are the best bedding materials to choose from? Find out what perfectly fits your preference.

1. Synthetic Grey Bedding Sets

Synthetic fabrics are most preferred among all types. Not only they are the most affordable, but they are also the most convenient to use. They do not wrinkle like silk and can be washed and dried easily. Mothers who have kids at home favor synthetic materials because they are non-allergenic, just what you need for your kids’ good night sleep.

Common synthetic fabrics you might find are Modal and polyester. I need to warn you though that they may not be the most comfortable options during summer season.

2. Cotton Bedding Sets

100% cotton bedding sets get more expensive the higher their thread counts are. Averagely priced sets have at least 200 thread counts while softer and stronger fabrics have 250 to 300.

Known as a highly versatile material, it is recommended during warmer months because of its “breathable” capacity but is also not too cold to be used during winter. Cotton is also a great in-between sheet for layered bedding arrangement.

If you want the classic comfort, go for the cotton (half cotton, half synthetic is a different thing though). I highly recommend this both for kids and oldies.

3. Merino Wool Bedding Sets

There are different kinds of wool bedding, but the finest of them all is merino wool. Best for cold months, it is known to be the warmest fabric because of its insulation effect.

4. Fleece Bedding Sets

Fleece blanket is also a good thermal sheet but not as warm as merino wool. However, this is much cheaper and has more comfortable texture, making it a practical alternative for expensive wools.

5. Flannel Yellow And Grey Bedding Sets

One important tip when buying flannel bedding sets is to pick only those labeled with “preshrunk.” Preshrunk flannel sets will not shrink when washed or used over time, so they will stay fitted on your bed. Also a warm material, it can also be a cheaper alternative to wool (although many expensive brands use flannel).

Likewise, since flannel sheets are often combined with other materials, choose a set with four ounce per square yard or more.

6. Muslin Bedding Sets

imagesIt is not exactly a comfortable material but is often considered as just the right one for kids. Commonly used in manufacturing themed bedding sheets, muslin is lightweight and highly washable, perfect for milk spills and chocolate stains.

Its biggest turn-off though is its rough and tough texture which you might find irritating when you are sleeping. Many grey bedding sets use muslin because they tend to be marketed in different colors.



Cheetah Comforter

Unleash your wild side with a wonderful cheat a comforter. You can truly bring your room from drab to fab. With this wonderful animal print comforter and betting that you can really create a truly unique and designer bed. When you pair a cheetah duvet set or a cheetah bedding with wonderful animal print sheets you have a truly luxurious and sumptuous bed. You compare these comforters with solid colored sheets to have a really amazing look.

Collections Etc Cheetah Print Bedroom Comforter Set - 4 pc, Queen, Multi

Info About Cheetah Comforter

Cheetah bedding and bedding collections care wonderfully with black sheets or even gray sheets. This bedding theme is a one-of-a-kind designer look you can achieve. You can have a lot of fun with this and introduce right vibrant colors like lime green sheets all the way down to beautiful decorative throw pillows. You can get cheetah pillows as well as a beautiful cheetah throw blanket. These are a great way to customize your bedding collection. There are many different patterns for cheetah print out there. You can get many different colors and patterns for your cheetah bedding. You can get a light colored cheetah print all the way to a dark dramatic cheetah print for your bed.

Cheetah Comforter Tips

This is a great team to work with since you have so much flexibility and versatility. You can get some wonderful gray accent colors to really make your bed caught. These bedding collections come in a wide variety of different sizes. You can get cheetah bedding and a cheetah comforter’s in King, full, double, queen, planned and even XL twin size. This means that anyone no matter how big or small your bed can have these beautiful luxurious designer bedding. This is a really cool betting they’ll give you a very unique team to any bedroom.

Cheetah Comforter

You can have a lot of fun matching your home decor or with your cheetah bedding. You can get many different animal planet and pair them with your cheetah print. This is a great opportunity to get a really funky and wild bed. You can pare cheetah with zebra print sheets or even leopard print bedding. This will give you a super wild and exciting bed. If you want a more elegant and sophisticated look you can get a cheetahduvet cover and pair that with a solid color sheet set. You compare it with red sheets or black sheets for a very elegant and luxurious look. The possibilities are truly endless when you decorate your bed and means wonderful prints. You can get a wonderful bedspread, comforter, at duvet cover, sheet set and many more accessories. Don’t forget a fitted sheet and flat sheet to truly make the print pop. You can also get some wonderful decorative pillow shams to bring out certain colors that you want. With all of this kept in mind you can truly create a bed straight out of a designer magazine with a cheetah comforter.


Leopard Print Bedding

If you see spots before you eyes when you go to bed at night, let’s hope it’s just your glorious leopard print bedding.

Animal prints of all kinds tend to go in and out of fashion in both home decor and apparel, but lately it seems as though furnishings such as leopard print bedding are holding their own against all newcomers. If a touch of the wild is what you need to liven up your bedroom – or your child’s bedroom, since children love animal themes – it’s best to know a little about how to choose quality bed linens.

Beautiful 7 Pc Brown and Beige Leopard Print Faux Fur, Queen Size Comforter Bedding Set

First, know a little about the animal whose print will soon decorate your home. In the case of leopard print bedding, be sure to look for a pattern with dark brown or black rosettes that are closely spaced together. Too often, manufacturers will mistake a leopard’s spots for those of its cousin, the jaguar. The way to tell the difference is that a jaguar’s rosettes have a black center, while a leopard’s rosettes don’t. After all, using a manmade leopard print, rather than the actual coat of the animal as people did a century ago, shows not only good fashion sense but also a sense of care for nature. This can be an especially important lesson to teach a little one if the bedding is for a child’s room.

Next, keep in mind the basics of choosing any quality bedding. Remember that lighter colors show stains more easily, while darker colors tend to fade faster. Even with a pattern such as leopard print bedding, the light or dark background of the pattern may make a difference in how good the sheets look after several washings. Also be sure to choose the right size for the bed (twin, full, queen, king) and the mattress depth or “pocket” (measured in inches). Most home decorators recommend actually measuring the width, length and depth of the mattress, since these measurements can still vary even with standard sizes. Leopard bedding often comes in more limited fabric types than solid color sheets or more traditional prints. As a rule, sheets are made from cotton, polyester, satin, silk charmeuse and now even bamboo cloth.

For example, Egyptian cotton sheets are thought to be among the world’s finest, because they are spun from longer, thinner cotton fibers. Always touch and test sheet fabrics in person, and look for the highest possible thread count to assure good quality construction. A 300- to 400- thread count or higher is considered good quality. At the highest luxury end thread count becomes less important, since a sheet of 800-thread count feels the same as a 1,000-thread count. Comparing prices online also is a wise step when looking for quality in leopard print bedding. Buying quality bed linens from an online vendor can be chancy since there’s no way to test the fabric, so always be sure to find out the vendor’s return policy before purchasing. Also keep in mind that the lowest price may not be the best bargain because of the quality of the sheets. Armed with comparisons from online searches, it’s often possible to get a bedding store to match prices found online.

Once you’ve found the leopard print bedding that makes you purr with contentment, snatch up those spots right there and then; something this good is not likely to be in the shop too long!


Teal Bedding

Creating a sensation of gentle comfort and relaxation for the sleeping area is easy using a teal bedding set because with you draw on the comfortable sensation that deep blue engenders and you get to couple that with the deep relaxation engendered by the green tones in teal. That is why we have looked at some of the best teal beading sets and arranged them for you, highlighting their attributes from color patterns to weather they are machine washable or not and if they are made from cotton to polyester. Together we can explore the world of the teal bedding set and we will show you all the secrets of maintaining your teal bedding in perfect condition.

Mizone Chloe 4 Piece Comforter Set, Full/Queen, Teal

So let’s not waste any more time and dive right in exploring one of the richest teal bedding sets in the collection, the Royal Heritage 8 piece comforter set. It is by far the best set if you are looking for that rich teal color pattern and here it is enriched with a Damascus floral print that gives an even more luxurious taste to the ensemble. And that is just the beginning because the floral decorations imitate the rich sensation of velvet while, when you touch the fabric you get the light comfort of satin. The comforter has the same solid stuffing you would expect and is made from the latest “breathe in” materials so it is cool during the summer time and warm in the winter. The one thing you absolutely need to pay attention to is that this is all polyester set so you will need to dry clean it. But asides from that this is the most beautiful teal bedding you could want in your bedroom.

Or if you prefer a deeper sensation of blue, and that is what most people expect even from a teal bedding set, than the PCJ supplies offer is probably a better choice as it works of shades of blue that build up to the teal nuances of the comforter. So while the pillows and sheets play on the differences between pale and dark blue it is only in the duvet that we actually enjoy the teal nuance. And the advantage here is that all the patterns are actually woven in the fabric so this is a bedding set that you will be able to machine wash. And with this set we get a cotton, polyester fabric combination that protects the areas where you come in contact with the material so you will only feel the touch of natural fabrics when you are using this teal bedding set.

And we have saved the lightest teal bedding for the last, the Waterford model. This one plays on a combination of teal and white to add to that combination of deep relaxation and comfort a sensation of aerated beauty. The pure white brings a sensation of pure light and joy to the dance of colors in the teal. And again the patterns here are woven in the fabric so this is machine washable although we would recommend dry cleaning if you want to be able to enjoy this bedding set for a long time.


Pink Zebra Bedding

A strong, colorful personality will always own or will have owned or is already planning to own a pink zebra bedding set because there are very few other room decorating items that make as strong an impression as this. And because one funky pink zebra print bedding is just not enough we are going to look through several models from fully ping to just a slight nuance, from cotton to polyester and micro suede. And we are also going to guide you around some common mistakes first time buyers of pink zebra bedding set usually make, like machine washing their brand new linens or expecting to receive more then what the package really promises.

So to start you off gradually in the world of the pink zebra print bedding we’re going to recommend that your first set be the Jojo Designs pink bedding. The animal pattern is a very strong one and until you actually get to sleep in one and see it day in and day out for a week you won’t really know how good you will feel about it.  So this being a black and white zebra design with pink fringes it will gently welcome you to the world of zebra designs. Add to that the fact that this is a micro suede material and machine washable and you have yourself the makings of a gentle welcoming in the world of the pink zebra bedding sets.

Now that you are ready and want something more, something stronger you are ready to welcome the hard core of the pink zebra bedding world. This time we are talking about a complete pink and black zebra bedding set made from faux silk. So we are really leaving the area of teen beddings and so it might be pointless to mention that a linen set so heavy in colors is a just a bit too heavy in color for a comfortable night’s sleep. On the upside, though, you will be receiving a comforter, 2 pillow shams, a body pillow case, bed skirts and one pair of slippers. And while the slippers might not have much to do with the bed they are a nice touch and will look gorgeous next to the bed. Of course with colors this bright you can do machine washing but it is strongly recommended that you dry clean this set of pink zebra print bedding.

Or if you prefer a lighter shade in your pink zebra bedding set, which, by the way, is actually much better for sleeping then the darker tones, than the Grand Linen offer is the one you want. This time you will be receiving only the comforter, pillow sham, cushion, bed skirt and neck roll so no slippers this time. But on the upside the parts of the covers that you will be coming in contact as you sleep are made from faux silk for a perfectly comfortable touch and the rest is made from polyester. Again remember not to machine wash this set of ping zebra bedding because although it says it is machine washable the colors will fade away after a couple of washes.


Purple Zebra Bedding

There is no more royal and luxurious bedroom than one with a purple zebra bedding, if you have the courage to display it, that is. And just to help you find that courage we are going to take a look with you at some of the best models and explore the best ways to maintain them. That is because there are 2 aspects you need to be wary about: the first is that you need to make sure you are willing to take a lot of care when you wash them, and even be willing to dry clean them. And the second is that most prints don’t adhere very well on cotton so most purple zebra bedding is made from polyester or from microfiber.

Your Zone Purple Pieced Animal Bedding Comforter Set - FULL/QUEEN

Having said that there is a beautiful purple zebra bedding model, and one we are going to look at first, that is made from cotton, of all materials, and because the model is woven in and not printed there is nothing to worry about in terms of getting unstuck. But the great advantage about the Jojo Designs model that we have featured here is that it is a rather simple black and white design with a purple accentuating fringe. So although you are getting those beautiful purple shades but have the chance to get used with the color and see if you can actually picture yourself in a purple zebra bedding model.

And if you see that you enjoy the Jojo Designs purple zebra bedding model than you might enjoy moving on up to the Home Essence print. It is a high quality microfiber fabric so it feels extremely soft and comfortable and the comforter is reversible so if you feel like taking a break from the whole purple and white zebra bedding model you can easily switch it over to a plain purple look. And with the comforter you also get to pillow cases so you can have a complete bed set straight out of the bag. And the last think you need to know about this comforter is that it is one of the few purple zebra bedding models that is machine washable.

Ultimately if you want to go really hard core with your choice of a purple zebra bedding then the Kimlor design is the one we’ve been holding in our back pocket as a surprise. It is a complete purple bedding set, with black zebra patterns printed on. It is a cotton polyester blend that displays the zebra pattern on the comforter and shams and the bed skirt and sheet set have a leopard pattern. And, if you were to turn over the comforter, that would also match the leopard design on the sheets too. The one thing you need to remember is that, because this is a print, you will most likely have to dry clean this if you want to make sure you will enjoy it for a long time. Still if this is your first purple zebra print bedding set you should first try out the first design we have talked about and only after that move up to this one.


Purple Bedding Sets

We have featured a lot of purple bedding sets on our site, particularly because purple has a royal feel to it while still retaining the subdued coloring that is required for a good night’s sleep. The thing is that we have never created a page that is specifically dedicated to this wonderful color and the bedding sets that go with it. So in order to remedy that situation we have looked at the all the models you have loved on this site in the past and checked out the market for some new designs and have come up for you with the most beautiful purple crib bedding sets available on the market today.


And the first of the purple baby bedding sets and one that we have not featured anywhere else is the Chezmoi Collection silky 7 pieces lavender bedding set. It is made from high quality, good thread density polyester for a feel that is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And in the package you will receive the comforter, 2 matching pillow shams, a bed skirt with dust ruffle, a neck roll and 2 decorative pillows. This is actually over shooting if you just want to give your bedroom a face lift and create a new feeling for your love life. The entire set is washing machine safe and you can tumble dry it so even if you fall in love with it as much as we have you will be able to enjoy these purple bedding sets for days and months at a time.

However if you want to further accentuate the royal feel that is native to all purple crib bedding sets the Royal Heritage 8 piece set is one that you should love to consider. In fact it is the set that is most loved by all of our buyers and everyone working with us has at least one at home. It is the one set that we would recommend to anyone without a second thought that it might not match all preferences. The floral damask pattern gives off a feeling of luxury and the 8 pieces that it contains, that is to say the comforter, bed skirt, 2 shams, 2 euro shams and 2 square deck pillows are more than enough to completely change the feeling in your bedroom. So if you were to choose just one of your purple bedding sets this is the one that we would recommend.

And there is also a new arrival in our purple baby bedding sets collection, one that in time might prove to be as valuable as the Royal Heritage bedding and it comes from DR International. It is an 8 pieces comforter set that plays on the cooler shades of purple to create a most wonderful feeling of relaxation. All the 8 pieces, which are the comforter, bed skirt, 2 euro shams, 2 shams and 2 decorative pillows are made from polyester and are dish washer safe. However it is recommended that you air dry them so that you can make sure that you will be able to enjoy these purple bedding sets for the many years to come.


Teal Bedding Sets

If you have read our other pages on teal bedding sets you will have noticed that we have taken a look at the best and most beautiful sets available today. However there are some sets that simply did not make the cut but which are just as beautiful and as rich and because we didn’t get to have a look at them there we have created this page where we will look at the few sets that we really missed. And just like we did before we are going to highlight for you the advantages and disadvantages of each set, weather it is cotton or polyester and what is the best method to make sure you will enjoy your teal bedding sets for a very long time.

Avondale Manor Madrid 5 Piece Comforter Set, Queen, Teal

And the first of the missed teal bedding sets is the Artistic Linen offer which excels through the fact that it is reversible. The only reason why it didn’t make the cut is that it only plays on the teal and blue theme and brings in a rich dose of white which creates a very light and beautiful mood. Still because of the small dose of teal we decided to skip it in the main article but this is the perfect time to highlight it particularly because this is a very beautiful fabric, it does not have the perfect flow of sateen but it is very soft indeed. And this is also one of those teal bedding sets which you can have a very easy time cleaning and looking after because it is 100% polyester and machine washable.

And the second set we really wanted to look at in our missed teal bedding sets comes from a producer we have seen very good quality products from, Grand Linen. Their teal and golden pattern bedding set borders on the edge of being kitsch but because beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we still think this set to be beautiful we have considered it worthy of having a closer look here. It comes as a complete set so you get complete set seen in the picture and it is a 100% polyester fabric which is machine washable. Still this is the only teal bedding set where we recommend caution and it would be best if you dry cleaned it.

Which lands us on the last of the teal bedding sets that we were very sorry to not see on the front page, but this one simply had no business there since it could be considered just as well a yellow, green bedding set. But the truth is that the flower patterns on this set are just too beautiful not to mention and the fact is that every design and color item on this set builds up to the teal patterns and edges which are the strongest color in the entire set. And another bonus feature for this set is that it is 100% cotton and with a luxurious 150 thread count weave. The set is complete, in the sense that you get the duvet and 2 standard shams to bring a note of positive optimism in any room where it might be displayed so we are confident that you will agree with us that it needed to be a part of your teal bedding sets collection.


Brown Zebra Bedding

If you want to try a truly luxurious, safari experience like décor than your best choice would be a brown zebra bedding set. And if you top that with the knowledge that all children love animal patterns and knowing who most zebra beddings are pink so girls only, than you can understand and probably have already experienced how difficult it is to find a brown zebra print bedding. However we have searched the entire range of distributers and tried their products so as to be able to give you an informed, detail information about their product. Together we will explore all the brown zebra bedding sets available today and we are going to see how some of them faired our inspection.

7 Piece Safari - Zebra - Giraffe Print Brown Micro Fur Comforter Set, Bed in Bag, Queen Size

The first set we would like you to consider is actually the best brown zebra bedding set from a small but rising company called Scent Sation. It is the best because it actually is the only one made from pure cotton. And not any kind of cotton but T300 thread count cotton and it is sateen to boot. And because the colors are woven in the fabric this is the only set we recommend you actually trust to machine wash. Although the rest boost that same claim of being machine washable you should really consider dry cleaning them only. But to return to the Scent Sation brown zebra bedding also consider that for the price you will be getting the comforter and 2 pillow cases so you might need to also get a simple brown cotton sheet to go with them.

However if you are willing to forsake cotton for a more complete set then the brown zebra bedding set from Home Collection is just the answer for you. It is made from a machine safe, microfiber fur, which is to say it is made from polyester. But the advantages are that for the price you get a bed in a bag with a comforter set, one sheet, two pillow cases, who neck rolls and the much coveted bed skirt that most providers don’t offer. The entire set is extremely comfortable and creates a feeling and a look of complete luxury. Basically if you don’t have anything against polyester than this is the complete, perfect brown zebra bedding set for any household.

Or if you prefer a different look but one that keeps the brown zebra bedding motif than the Veratex bedding set is the one for you. It has the same 8 pieces from the Home Collection store and a black faux suede feel for a look of complete luxury. It too is machine washable but as we’ve said in the beginning we only recommend that you machine wash Scent Satio product and dry clean the rest of the collection because we’ve seen situation, not on these particular models but you never know, where the colors did not stick properly enough to the synthetic fabric. So if you are going to get these brown zebra bedding sets be warned of this short come.