The word divan dates back to its origin in India. During the time of kings and kingdoms, a resting couch for the royal family which had an artistic elevation on one side and a plain on the other was used to sit or lie in an informal way. The concept to this day is the same as a lot of people use this in their living room for guest to sit and also turn it into a bed when required to make extra sleeping space for them. A divan bed is made exclusively to suit multiple needs. It justifies all the needs of a home that doesn’t have much space or in other words provides enough storage space as lofts under the bed while the top of it is made of an excellent material that is tufted enough to give a firm finish.

4 feet 6inches is a standard double divan bed with a 5 feet measure as an alternate size in this variety. The divan bed UK companies design serves their purpose of accommodating two people’s sleeping requirements. This could be an impeccable choice for your children’s room or even for the guest room. A single divan bed at times could also be used as seating place in the living room or a TV room. These beds normally come with a bed head which is again made of different textures and comfort giving material. One could sit with his back comfortably rested over the back support at the head and have one of his most interesting telephone conversations or for that matter just turn on his laptop and work on his very bed. The comfort of both sitting and sleeping is what one gets from bringing home a beautifully designed divan bed.

The unbelievable storage space can accommodate all the linens, which you need for your very home. You have to see it to believe it. Online pictures of the divan beds give you a glimpse of these beds with a short summary on the different varieties of mattresses you could opt with it.

Bring home the luxury and appealing look of a divan bed as it could make a whole difference to the very ambience of the room owing to the intricately designed upholstery, texture of the wood or metal feel and of course the overall royal look.