Have you set in the excitement in your child about having his own room and bed? Well, if your kid is almost four and you think he has outgrown his crib, nothing can be a more ideal time than this to get him a bed. Buying a kids bed always involves looking for the brightest of colours and the most attractive design. Many kids bed UK manufacturers have been doing a break through business in this field, owing to the high demand of designer kids beds that are always on the high.

Besides the very look of a kids bed, it is also important for parents to see, that the bed isn’t too hard or soft. A too hard bed could cause growth stagnation problems and at the same time a too soft bed may be too gentle on his growing bones and muscles. A perfect balance of the two is what your kid needs. This boils down to the mattress that you choose for the bed. Be it a single bed or a 4 feet bed, an enticingly designed bed where your child could have space to keep almost everything from his toys in the closet to his books with a study table attached. These beds are specially designed keeping in mind the psychology of the child.

The idea of having such a lavish looking bed which is much more than just a kids bed is to distract the child’s attention from the thought that he should be sleeping alone. Yes, a kids bed could be the answer to kindling and nurturing the first steps of independence in your child.

What could be more amazing than getting your child a slider bed? A slider kids bed is one that has sliding cabinets beneath the cot just to the size of the bed. This helps save a lot of space and you could just push all of his toys into that storage space and slide it in. The difficult chore of getting a kids bedroom back in shape would be a Herculean task anymore. One slide into the space beneath the bed and no one would ever guess that the room was a mess a minute earlier. Well, these exciting beds are always triggering manufacturers to display their creative genius. With a little bit of research and knowledge, you could be lucky enough to get one of the best deals waiting to be grabbed on kids beds.