Just like fantasy and creativity have no cap on them, following the same principle and people’s ever-growing demands for something new has led to manufacturing a distinct variety of beds to sleep on. When one speaks of sturdy furniture, it has to be wooden based as wooden beds not only give your bedroom the modish touch but could give you the opportunity of carving your own customized design. Wooden carving is a great skill and getting it done from a professional could turn your dreams to reality. A raw piece of wood may not be very appealing but how this wood is treated to tailor it to our needs is what makes it look extremely elegant.

Wooden beds in UK are normally made from either Scandinavian pine wood or Oak wood. The exuberant finishes given to them while making wooden beds is way beyond comparison and gives customers a flawless wooden bed range to choose from. The finishing process normally includes fine sanding, distressing, then staining and then sanding between top coats. Following this would be waxing and finally polishing.

Let us look briefly at a variety of finishes one gets to choose from.

Tung Oil and Danish oil finish is considered to seep into the wood. They are colourless and are also available in the variety of wooden colours you. Wooden beds with this finish, though not very durable but yes bring with it an easy maintenance system of re-polishing to camouflage scratches.

Varnish combined with polyurethane has been one of the simplest ways of giving your wooden bed a classic gloss and shine. It not only protects the wood but is also an excellent durable finish.

Latex paint finish is a simple environment friendly product that could give a double wooden bed a great look. They are non-inflammable and less prone to fade easily.

The Linseed oil finish comes from the age of the kings and queens and it is this elegant finish that leaves an antique touch to wooden beds.

Lacquer finish is mostly done through spray polish. This dark hue could adorn your bedroom with an outstanding bold ambience.

These finishes are further customized with the engravings you choose and of course the kind of wood design and wood colour you want for your wooden bed. One can be convinced that there is nothing as strong and long lasting as wooden beds. It is indeed more of an investment than just a piece of rich looking furniture.