Why Buy Turkish Bath Towels

They may have exotic origins but the Turkish bath towels are now considered bath and spa commodity. This type of towel is a good substitute to the terrycloth that is commonly used in homes and resorts. It has a distinct fringe and a very light material that it is even helpful in protecting your face from the suns heat.

The best Turkish bath towels are those made in organic material such as cotton, linen and silk.

They are hand woven that is why they are special. With the increasing demand for handmade products and support to small scale industries, this type of bath towels became in demand worldwide.

Sale Set of 6 XL Turkish Cotton Bath Beach Spa Sauna Hammam Travel Yoga Gym Yacht Hamam Towel Wrap Pareo Fouta Sarong Peshtemal Pestemal Blanket,Unisex Yellow,Grey,Light Green,Pink,Blue,Turquoise,Purple Worth 120USDNamed also as pestemal owing to its Turkish origin, this towel comes in different colors. Such variety is due to the use of vegetable dye. This organic coloring agent can be easily manipulated to produce different color concentrations. Classic towels were found only in few shades of red and blues however due to the growing demand for exciting colors, weavers started to create lots of them.

If you are planning to buy Turkish linen bath towels or any of them in silk or cotton, always remember that you are helping small farming communities grow globally competitive. Take a look at these wonderful benefits.
Pros in buying Turkish bath towels

They are very absorbent and soft.
The natural composition of this towel makes water absorption very quick. Take for example the Turkish cotton bath towels. They are more absorbent and softer than the Egyptian cotton towels. They dry fast and do not absorb the moisture quickly in a humid environment.
They are environmentally friendly.
They are hand woven and the process does not employ large machines. Though it can be tedious but there is no amount of carbon emitted to the atmosphere that will destroy the ozone layer. Moreover, the dye used came from plants posing zero threat to the earths water reservoirs.

They help reduce unemployment.
Due to the increasing demand for handcrafted materials, families in remote villages of Turkey are given jobs that eventually help them meet their daily needs and send their children to school. Moreover, with the help of foreign businesses focusing on household amenities, the local weaving industry is given support to become more sustainable and earn wide market coverage.
High quality
The Turkish bath towels today are only produced in small quantities daily that is why they can be a little bit expensive. For those who have discriminating taste when it comes to textile, this towel is recommended because of its unmatched quality in softness. However, they can be bulky when packed so if you want to bring this towel with you on vacation, make sure you have a dedicated case for it.

In deciding if they are original Turkish bath towels you have to check where the material came from. Then check if the standard weight is 14 or 12 square ounce per yard. Take note to never go below 12. Lastly, check the design and weaving pattern.