Using towel warmers during summer months

While heated towel warmers can help heat your bathroom during the colder months, many people wonder about the warmer months. Can they still warm their towels, as well as gain all the other benefits of a towel warmer, during the warmer months, without over heating their bathroom? The following paragraphs will discuss the use of towel warmers during the warmer months of the year.

A heated towel warmer can be used year round in most bathrooms without the bathroom becoming too over-heated. During the summer months, a towel warmer can actually help eliminate the moisture in your bathroom, while making your towels the perfect temperature for all the comfort in the world after a bath or shower. Most towel warmers do not heat the towels to the level of an actual dryer, but they will be the perfect temperature to wrap yourself in, especially if your home has a central air conditioning unit.

As mentioned above, a towel warmer can help eliminate moisture in your bathroom during summer months that can cause mildew and mold spores to grow. By eliminating these elements, not only will you be making the air healthier to breathe, but you will also be eliminating any odors that may be absorbed into the excess moisture, as well as odors caused by mold and mildew. During the summer months, towel warmers can be even more beneficial. Not only can they give your bathroom a “spa” effect, but you can also dry your swim wear on it, as opposed to running the dryer. Not only can running the dryer be more costly, but dryers can damage delicate swim wear. Towel warmers are commonly low energy devices, and are ran constant. Some models use no more energy than a light bulb.

Using a towel warmer during summer months is not only possible, but reaps many benefits. Do not worry about a towel warmer making your bathroom unbearably hot during the summer. In most cases, this will not happen.