Types Of Towel Bars And Why They Are Useful

A towel bar is a horizontal bar that is attached to a wall and is used to hang towels before or after bathing. A typical towel barhas three or more metallic bars and glass shelves to hold toiletries. There are different types of towel bars that you can find in the market but first, here are some of its uses.

To enhance the appearance of ones bathroom.Moen DN8418BN Preston (Preston) Inspirations 18-Inch Towel Bar, Brushed Nickel

To hang wet towels to dry after washing and usingthem.

Towel bars are made of different materials such as wood, brass, nickel, plastic,bronze, aluminum and others. They can either have single, double or triple bars to hang towels or combined with either a cabinet or a ring. There are those with hook and those with bars that can be pulled out when in use. Here are the different types and styles of towel bars.

Satin nickel towel bar – This is a very common type used in hotels because they look very similar to chrome and are affordable.

Multi towel holder – As the name suggests, this is a type of towel bar that holds manytowels at the same time. A great thing about this type is that it does not cost more than an ordinary standing towel rack. However, it functions more since it can hold many towels like a towel rack.

Chrome towel rack – This rack is a bit costly. However, the money is worth because of its classy look in the bathroom.

Heated towel bars – These bars are veryuseful if you are in cold places. They provide you with a warm towel after a shower. They also reduce moisture and stuffy smell in the bathroom. They are best installed in a bathroom or kitchen where you hung towels.

Rustic towel bars – These bars give your bathroom a natural and stylishlook. They are mostly made using dead limb, dried foliage, pine cones and acorns. These are bathroom towel bars that are really good for bathroom decor.

Each and every towel barhas something unique to offer, therefore, you can choose whichever you feel that best suits your bathroom needs. Picking the right towel bar is easy. What makes it difficult is the inability to decide because of the many designs it has. As long as you have an idea of what you are looking for, it would just be easy. When selecting these bars, you need to consider a few things such as cost of the bars, material used, area where the bar is to be installed and size of the towel bars. It is advisable to have such towel bars in your house to organize your towels and toiletries as well as add decor in your bathroom and kitchen.