Towel warmer safety tips around children

There are several hazards that can be associated with towel warmers when it comes to children.

There are many types of towel warmers on the market. You can get towel warmers which are heated by oil, that are heated by water, that are mounted on the wall and that are free standing. In a home of just adults, towel warmers are a wonderful addition to any bathroom. However, in a home with children, it is best to limit the installation of towel warmers to the bathrooms used strictly by the adults.

There are several hazards that can be associated with towel warmers when it comes to children. The first is the possibility of burns. Some companies compare their towel warmers to an iron: an iron does not work well unless it is hot. Since small children do not sense the danger associated with heat, they can get burned when their curiosity about the towel warmers leads them to touch it. Although some companies that manufacture towel warmers state that their warmers are safe to the touch for up to 4 seconds, that is a pretty short amount of time and you would still be taking a risk having them on with children around.

Another hazard when you have children can be found with free standing towel warmers. They just plug into an outlet, so you have a big tripping hazard. Since it is attached to a towel warmer, you are taking a double risk of your child tripping on the cord and then falling onto the hot towel warmer. To minimize the risk to a child, a wall mounted towel warmer or hiding the cord attached to the towel warmer is recommended.

Towel warmers are a nice addition to any bathroom, mud room or laundry area. However, when small children are in the home, it is best to keep any towel warmers you install out of the reach of little hands. Companies may state they are safe and meet all safety standards, and some can be set to lower temperatures, but an effective towel warmer can be dangerous to kids to young to understand the risks.

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