Portofino Electric Towel Warmer TW-OCP Review

As the name suggests this device is used to warm towels effectively thereby allowing you enjoy life’s little pleasures. Seeing how effective it is when it comes to its functional ability you will see firsthand how technology has brought about positive changes in our day to day lives. This unique device was manufactured by WarmlyYours, who have their clients’ needs in each and every aspect of their business, which is why one gets to enjoy a lot of features to name a few the 5 year warranty and other safety features. Make use of this Portofino Electric Towel Warmer TW-OCP and wrap yourself up your warm towel.Warmrails HSKC Kensington 39.5-Inch Wall Mounted Towel Warmer, Chrome Finish

Features As earlier stated this product is quite unique, this comes about due to its features which include:the size measures 600mm x 800mm with a polished beautiful chrome finishing

It has shelves which offer adequate storage for warming of all the available towels plus the extra ones if any.

It operates through electric charges of 140 watts.

The 120-volt circuit is the most suitable

Use of highly advanced technology has given it speedy warm up times for your convenience making it quite effective

It comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty

The Portofino electric towel warmer is readily available in numerous places including online stores such as Amazon.com. This has made this quite convenient for shoppers due to the fact that they do their shopping in the comfort of their homes with the delivery being done at your doorstep. No matter how much is the price difference of this product Amazon.com has offered a killer deal by selling the Portofino electric towel warmer TW-OCP at the best price ever.

Who is it for?

It is a device which is suitable for all types of people. Individuals who are more advanced in age will find it quite effective so do the young ones who need to be kept warm throughout to prevent them from catching colds. You can now avoid all that by wrapping them with a nice warm towel.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to the disadvantages of the Portofino electric towel warmer TW-OCP you will find that you will be incurring an extra cost when it comes to your bill payment. This is an electrical device. It will also be effective when there is power otherwise you will not be able to use it. One advantage of using it is the fact that you will always be assured of covering and drying yourself up with a warm towel after your warm bath.

Why you should buy it?

Its main function is a good enough reason to purchase this product. Imagine yourself in winter as you try to keep yourself as warm as possible then you walk out of your warm bath only to take a cold almost frozen towel and cover your body up with it. Get this product and avoid such scenarios.


Get the Portofino electric towel warmer TW-OCP if you want to enjoy the comfort of drying off with a dry, warm towel right after a bath or a shower.