Myson Pearl 8 Bar Towel Warmer Review

Living in a cold and rather gloomy climate it is imperative to have an appliance to warm and dry towels otherwise then tend to turn mufti. Having viewed and looked over all the available products I decide on the Myson Pearl Towel Warmer I liked the idea it could be wall mounted and the design and look of it went well with my bathroom.

Myson is a manufacturer that works with steel products apparently. They don’t seem to concentrate on one type of product.Myson FPRL08B Floor Mount 8 Bar Bright Stainless Steel Pearl Towel Warmer by Your Other Warehouse

Myson Pearl 8 Bar Bright Stainless Wallmount Towel Warmer

I found it on line at Amazon for the medium price. Known to be a bland warmer, it is made in a nice size of towel warmer and mounts on the wall which was ideal for me. Some of the other features are listed below:

It is fairly light weighted at a mere 7 lb. although the weight when packed for shipping is 9 lb.

The bars are 4.4in by 24 in wide and with a height of 30 inches.

Serves as a multipurpose warmer; not an atypical product that does what it is meant to do.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants dry towels really needs a product like this. It is best not to leave the Myson Pearl Towel Warmer on too long as it heats up pretty fiercely. This is a product that anyone living in a cold and gloomy climate or for that matter anyone that really likes home comforts like warm dry towels. The age group for this can be anyone who has their own abode be it hired or owned

Pros and Cons

One of the good things about this is the fact it is out of the way on the wall and it looks good. The Myson Pearl Towel Warmer really doesn’t do well if you leave it on too long so it is a good idea to install a timer with it. This way you can set it to an hour prior to your normal bath time and then the towel is ready when you need it.

Anyone of any age likes warm dry towels but this one needs to be installed so unless you are good with a screwdriver get the male next door to install it for you.  This worked for me. The actual putting together was not a problem. In fact it was extremely simple however I am not a good person with drills and screwdrivers so I required being the helpless little female.

Unfortunately if you tend to leave it on to long it can scorch your towels as the heat goes up quite high. This is a drawback with the Myson Pearl Towel Warmer.

Why you should buy it?

You like comfort then get a towel warmer of some description.  It’s also advisable to get a timer for the cord as this makes it warm for the time you want to use the towel without wasting current.


The Myson Pearl Towel Warmer is not the best in the world but it does a good job if used correctly. It looks neat and tidy on the wall and is fairly easy to assemble.  All said and done it is basically how you use it that counts.