Installing a Towel Warmer

From simple free-standing, plug in towel warmers to elaborate wall-mounted, gas heated units; installation of these luxurious bathroom or spa shed accessories varies.

Below are installation procedures for a few of the most common types of warmers.
* Free-standing electric warmers these are simplest to install. Plug the unit into the closest grounded outlet near the shower door or curtain.
* Door hanging electric warmers these are pretty simple as well. Pop out the top hinge pin of your bathroom door, insert the bracket and replace the pin. Plug into a grounded outlet nearest the door when the door is open.
* Wall mounted electric warmers find a spot on your wall youd like a warmer installed and screw it in. These types of warmers typically take less than 30 minutes to install. Make sure you plug a wall mounted towel warmer into a grounded outlet.
* Water heated warmers these will require access to the hot water pipes but should not be in the same water flow line as the shower or bath, since warmers take up to 30 minutes to heat. These are easiest to install during original construction or remodeling of your bathroom, since necessary pipes will be exposed during construction. Attach warmer to hot water plumbing using valve included with warmer. Mount warmer to wall.
* Hard wired warmers these are wired directly into your electrical system and are a more complex than plug-in and water heated warmers. If you arent familiar with electrical work, you may want to consider hiring an electrician. The chosen circuit used for your towel warmer should be protected by a circuit breaker. Run positive, negative and ground wires from your warmer to the circuit box, choosing an unused breaker.

Whichever type of towel warmer you choose, you should install it where there is no risk of submersion. Most towel warmers, regardless of installation and heating process, are only approved for occasional splashes.

Timers are often included on towel warmers to cut down on how much energy is used to heat towels or clothing. There are usually not additional installation procedures of timers.