How do towel warmers work?

Towel warmers work in several different ways. No matter which type you install, you will enjoy the cozy comfort of your warm towel after each and every bath or shower.

Water or Oil Towel Warmers

Water, also called hydronic, towel warmers use hot water from your hot water heater or a hydronic heating system. This hot water warms the towels as it goes through the towel warmers.

Electric towel warmers are self-contained and filled with oil. The low wattage electric heating element in the towel warmers heats up the oil, which in turn warms the towels.

Plugged In or Hard Wired Towel Warmers

The towel warmers that are plugged in have more flexibility of placement. They can basically be installed anywhere there is an electric outlet (as long as it is the correct wattage).

The towel warmers that are hard wired are nice because they are cable free, which makes them less of a tripping hazard and gives them a nicer look. The hard wired variety typically is more expensive.

Towel Warmers With or Without a Timer

A timer is not an absolute necessity when you purchase a towel warmer. However, they can be a nice additional extra to have.

Towel warmers with timers are nice as they can be set to warm up a towel exactly when you plan to use it. You can set it for a certain hour of the day and even a certain day of the week! If you plan to use your towel warmers as a heat source in your bathroom at all times, you can just leave it on and forget about a timer. Many people opt to forget a timer and just leave the towel warmer on to create a spa-like atmosphere right in their bathroom!

When you go to purchase towel warmers, look at the unit as a whole and decide which one would work best with your home set-up.