How to Wash Flannel Sheets

If you live somewhere in the world where the temperature cruises its way down to the single digits in the winter time, then you have most likely tried using flannel sheets on your beds to remain warm and toasty at night. All of the beds in my home are made up with flannel sheets once the temperature starts to drop. It makes winter just a little more comfortable.If you are going to invest in flannel sheets, spend a little extra and purchase the highest quality flannel fabric you can afford. Then, you will need to know how to care for them so they last and last.

Firstly, read the washing instructions that will be attached to your flannel sheets. This is most important as you want to be sure that you care for your sheet set in the best way possible. I always wash my flannel sheets prior to use. This is really important to get any residues from manufacturing off your sheet set. It will also give a clean, fresh feel to the flannel fabric when you get into bed.

It is highly recommended to use a good quality washing liquid without any optical brighteners. Wool wash, or natural, eco friendly washing liquids are the most suitable. These are generally a much more natural liquid, and therefore better for your sheets and you.

Personally, I always wash in cold water, but flannel sheets can be washed in warm water. Just avoid hot water as it can cause damage to the fabric fibres and shrinkage. Line dry your sheets whenever you can. Sunlight is the best way to dry your flannel sheets, however they can often be tumble dried on low if need be. Again, just check the instructions on your particular sheet set. Once your flannelette sheets are dry, fold them as soon as possible, or just pop them onto your bed. If they are feeling a little stiff after being line dried, run them through the clothes dryer if you have one for a couple of minutes on low. This will make them nice and fluffy.

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