How to Choose Flannelette Bed Sheets

There are a few important things to look at when it comes to choosing flannelette bed sheets. It is an investment you should make wisely so you can get years of life out of your sheet set.

Your new flannelette bed sheets are made from 100% cotton which has been brushed to provide the soft feel of a flannelette fabric. Generally, the heavier the cotton and therefore the sheet set, the better quality you are looking at. Flannelette bed sheets are definitely different from most other sheets in that the thread count isnt quite as important as fabric weight. In regular cotton sheets, thread count is what gives you the varying degrees of smoothness. However, flannelette sheets are different in that they are not smooth, rather they are fluffy. Therefore the weight becomes a higher importance in the quality of flannelette sheets.

Flannelette sheets are generally plain dyed, however many sheets come with patterns. As a rule, you will get better life out of plain dyed flannelette sheets because the cotton is yarn dyed rather than printed on. Printed sheet sets, just like a screen printed tee shirt, will eventually suffer from the pattern fading. This is just the nature of the printing process. Whereas yarn dying puts the colour directly into the fabric fibre, giving you a better lasting product. This is why we choose to stock mostly solid colours.

Another way to check the quality of your new flannelette bed sheets is to hold them up to the light. Totally see through is obviously not a good thing, however slight opacity indicates a tightness in the weave structure which will help hold shape in the sheets. Also, the tightness is important in how well the flannelette sheets hold seams together.

Good quality flannelette sheets will not only keep you warm during the cooler months, but they will last for years with proper washing and care.

If you have any questions about the quality of our flannelette bed sheets, or about how to care for them, please dont hesitate to send us an email through our contact page. Or you can catch us on live chat down there on the right.