10 Surprising Ways Flannelette Sheets Are More Fabulous Than New Socks

Everyone knows that flannelette sheets are way more awesome than new socks. Well if you didnt, you do now. So let us explain to you why getting your flannelette on is going to rock your bedtime.

Socks are boring. Flannelette sheets are exciting because when you dive into bed at the end of a cold winters day, you know that your flannel sheets are going to keep you company.

Socks only warm one part of your body. Flannelette sheets warm your whole body including your ears and head if you are one of those people that cocoons themselves in bed.

Socks get smelly quickly. Flannelette sheets are fresh and lovely especially since you change your sheets once a week. You do change them weekly dont you?

Socks get lost easily. You know the drill. First there were two socks and then there was one. And for the life of you the other sock from the pair just cant be found. Flannelette sheets are big, so they dont get lost. Unless you lend them to your sister in law, in which case you will never see them again.

New socks take ages to feel right. Flannelette sheets feel awesome from the moment you put them on your bed and dive in.

New socks have great elastic until about the third wash, then it is all over. Suddenly they are being eaten by your shoes. Flannelette sheets however, last for years before the elastic gives in. Unless you are naughty and throw them in the dryer on high.

Socks need washing after only one use. Flannelette sheets give you days of use without the need for washing.

Socks arent soft and fluffy like flannelette sheets. Well ok, maybe those funny pink, fuzzy girly socks are, but that isnt the point.

Flannelette sheets are made from the same fabric as flannelette pyjamas and flannelette pyjamas are so comfortable it should be illegal. Maybe flannelette sheets should be illegal too, but then that would be bad wouldnt it? New socks just cant compete with either pyjamas or sheets. They just arent in the same league.

Flannelette sheets can be shared with someone special. Socks, new or otherwise cant be shared, unless you are into wearing one sock. Then the other foot would be cold and that is not on in winter sorry.

So there you have it. Want to add to this cool list? Flick us an email and well add it so long as it is suitable for children to read. We have to keep things cool around here like George Clooney.