White Pillow – the Purity in Your Home Decoration

You can buy a white pillow in various shades of the white: pearl, milk white, old lace, chalk, antique white, linen, seashell, ghost white, alabaster, whitewash, paper, ivory, smoke, lily, snow and more.

White Pillow is an interesting choice for your home decoration. Usually, the white color is considered as innocence, cleanliness, and purity. Similar to the black colored pillow, the white one is suitable to be combined with almost any other color.

The white pillows because of their color should be cleaned or washed often, even more often than the pillows that are colored in some of the darker colors.DreamHome - 16" X 16" Square Poly Pillow Insert (1) (1, WHITE)

How do you feel about the white color?

When we buy a new pillow it’s important to think how we feel about its color because the pillow will become a part of our home decoration and a part of our life. If you intend to purchase a white pillow, it’s good to know that in the Western culture the white is a symbol of the brides, but in the East it’s a symbol of the mourning. Some people consider the white color with hospitals and doctors. So, some of your guests may not feel very comfortable with your white pillows. Also, the angels are painted wearing white. The color has also been used in Feng Shui.

How to use Your White Pillow?

If you decide to buy a white colored pillow, you should know that it has a neutral color. You can use it if you prefer to add softness, purity, or cleanliness hue in your home decoration. The combination between white pillows and light colored furniture will make a summer look in your home. If you use less white then you could make a winter theme decoration. The spring tones could be done by combining white pillows with soft stuff and furniture.

If you have a sofa or chair that are colored in darker color such as blue, green, or red and you put some white pillows on them, they will become look lighter.

You can also make a patriotic palette by combining your white pillows with blue and red furniture and stuff.