Squishy Pillow – All Squishy Pillows and Many Other Pillows

What is a Squishy Pillow?

It’s too possible that you’ve already seen a squishy pillow, but without knowing that they are called Squishy Pillows.

Just think for a second about a brightly colored, cushy and super soft pillow that you’ve already seen. Well, that’s a Squishy Pillow 🙂 The name comes from German and in the original name there are two dots over the ‘U’.Microbead Cushie Roll Pillow 7 x12 - Pink

The image in right is just an example of squishy pillow, but squishy pillows are available in many shapes. They exist in traditional shapes, U-shape and even in cylindrical shape. You can see squishy pillows in variety of sizes, too. Smaller squishy pillow are also called microbead pillows. They’re very useful while travelling by airplane or car.

The outer material of squishy pillows are made from a stretchy type of fabric, such as lycra or spandex. Instead of squishy pillows are extra soft, after buying a squishy pillow, it’s recommended to read carefully the instructions that come with it. You should also pay attention to the maintenance instruction such as how the squishy or moshi fabric can be clean, if the fabrics are machines washable, what dry method should be used, etc.

Why Squishy Pillows are Useful?

It’s hard to imagine how useful can be a squishy pillow:

Inexpensive – squishy pillow are inexpensive. A squishy pillow’s price is usually low. You can buy them in most of the online shops. But if you don’t want to buy a squishy pillow, you can make one. The instructions of making a squishy or moshi pillow are not difficult. So, you could make one for yourself or for your friends.

Perfect Present – squishy pillow can be an original present. You can find squishy pillows in almost any color, shape or style. So, it can be easy to find suitable squishy pillow for a present or for your home interior design.

Anti-Stress Effect – even a single squishy pillow can make your home more comfortable, which will make you feel better. Even if you simply look at different photos of beautiful microbead squishy pillows, they are able to make you smile.

Healthy Effect – U-shaped pillows have a therapeutic effect over neck and shoulder muscles, because they help them to relax. People who use a u-shaped squishy pillow often report a lessening of neck and shoulder muscles pain within the first few days.

Suitable for everybody – Squishy pillows are not just for kids. The squsihy pillows are also useful to their parents, too, ex. the U-shaped squishy pillows great neck support when travelling. If you need a travel pillow, the moshi neck pillow could provide you all of the necessary comfort during travel.

Reading all squishy pillows advantages above give us an answer why squishy pillows are so popular today 🙂

One of the most important criteria before buying of squishy or moshi pillow is to buy only such model that you really like. Only then you will be able to enjoy its beauty and comfort in your home. So, before purchasing some of the pillow models, you can simply ask yourself: ‘

Do I really like it?’ If you cannot ask that question to you or if there’s even a small doubt about it, you’d better look at some other squishy or moshi offers.