Pregnancy Pillows

A maternity pillow is designed to support your pregnant body, specifically your growing belly and back, when youre lying down. Getting a good nights sleep while pregnant can be an ordeal, and this is where a pregnancy pillow can help you. Picking one out of the hundreds available can be tough when you dont know whats existing in the market today. There are a variety of sizes, shapes, designs, and fabric types to choose from. Lets make it easier by having a rundown of the products that are out there.

Basic Maternity Pillow

A good maternity support pillow, this provides valuable support to both the belly and lower back with its adjustable Velcro pad between two maternity cushions. An example of this is the Boppy Cuddle Pillow, which is ideal for side sleeping. Another is the Leachco Maternity Body Double Adjustable Pillow. No need to reposition your body; just turn side to side with this double support pillow.Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow, Ivory

Maternity Body Pillow

There are different kinds of body pillows for pregnancy that have been developed today. One is the Snoozer pillow such as the Snoozer full body pillow with natural goose down filler. This provides full support when youre sleeping on your side.

The Snoogle pillow, on the other hand, wraps around the body, providing support even for your lower back. You might like to try Leachco pillows. The Leachco Snoogle total body pillow is designed to support the back and belly and to be tucked between the legs. It especially helps mothers-to-be prevent heartburn and lower back problems due to its uniquely contoured shape. These Leachco body pillows are affordable, comfortable, and available in different designs and colors.

The Boppy Body Pillow has a removable slipcover with stitched channels to keep fillers in place. During your pregnancy, it provides total body support for different sleeping positions.

Nursing Pillow / Breastfeeding Pillow

A must-have for new moms, breastfeeding pillows make it easier to put your baby in position for nursing. Boppy pillows are popular as the best nursing pillow in the market today. Slipcovers are cute, soft, and easy to handle. They are great gifts during baby showers because new moms will really appreciate getting good quality feeding pillows. Check out the Boppy Nursing Pillow with Lots of Dots.

As an alternative, there is the My Breast Friend Nursing Pillow, which is ideal for airplanes and overnights. It is lightweight and easy to store great when youre traveling. It has the same patented design as a My Best Friend pillow. The advantage is that it wraps around to maintain the positioning of mom and baby when nursing.

There is no need to fret about getting enough sleep when youre pregnant and have a growing belly. For maternity pillows, go for soft quality pillows that will keep their shape even after months of use. Choose slipcovers that will not irritate your skin or your newborns sensitive skin. Keep in mind that your comfort is your number one priority when buying a maternity pillow.

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