Pillow Buying Tips

The sleeping pillow is the most important thing for us while we’re sleeping because it supports our heads and necks. If we use properly choose the sleeping pillows during the night, it’ll be very useful for our health and we’ll feel better during the entire day. Many people are not sure how to select the most suitable pillow for them, so here you can find a list of simple consumer tips that could help you:

Sleeping Pose

Some of the pillows are more suitable for side sleepers than the back or stomach sleepers. So, you should check out in the instruction which sleeping pose is the most suitable to be used.

If you’re not sure what your sleeping pose is, you can easily estimate it: you can see it immediately after you wake up in the morning.Super Plush Gel-Fiber Filled Pillows - Standard/Queen Size, 100% Cotton, 2-Pack, T-240 Mercerized Shell,No Pillow Case Needed & Dust Mite Resistant, 3D Hollow Siliconized Material Retain Shape, Unique Design Resists Flattening & Fiber Shifting By Utopia Bedding


You should check out all of the made up fabrics – all of the fillers and the pillow covers. Most of the made up materials have their own parameters that should be considered as well. For example, the thread count is used to describe the number of the thread per square inch. When this number is high then the material is quality. The thread count per square inch for the standard pillows is between 200 and 300. The most quality materials such as the Egyptian cotton have thread count between 350 and 500.

Pillow Design

The pillows are one of the most noticeable things in our bedroom, that’s why we shouldn’t underestimate their role for the entire home interior design. So, it’s a good idea to consider their colors and textures with your bedroom design. For example, if you’ve red sheets in your bed room, the most suitable color of pillow for you will be a pillow colored also in red.


The pillow will fit to your bed properly, only if you consider its measures with your bed. For example, if your bed has queen size, you can buy two queen sized pillows for it.


Do not forget that the sleeping pillow and its pillowcase should be cleaned regularly. That’s why, it’s recommended to buy a pillow that is machine washable and with a zippered closure.