Needlepoint Pillows for a Beautiful Room

Needlepoint pillows can instantly change the way your room looks like. If you want a quick room makeover that wont cost you much then consider adding these decorative pillows in your room. If you have seats in your bedroom then you can use these modern pillows in much the same way you use couch pillows on your sofa.

Set of 2 Piece 18 x 18 inch Colorful Floral Country Rustic Morning Meadow Decorative Cushion Throw Accent Pillow Cover

When choosing embroidered pillows for your room your main consideration should be color. Feel free to use bold colors. Youre not going against decorating guidelines as long as you use colors that have a similar shade in your room or even in the adjacent room. Keep in mind that interior design guidelines have very few restrictions since the most important consideration is your personal preference. So even if the furniture in your room has bold geometric designs, you can still use accent pillows with small needlepoint prints as long as the accent has a color in a similar shade with anything in the room.

However, if clashing needlepoint patterns arent your thing then you can create a subtler effect by using needlepoint decorative pillows with self embroidery. These are usually embossed with needlepoint designs in the same color and maybe even using the same thread or needlepoint finishing.

These home decor pillows also come in various needlepoint designs. One of the most popular themes is the animal theme. A lot of people really go for needlepoint dog pillows, needlepoint cat pillows, needlepoint bird pillows, and needlepoint rooster pillows. Needlepoint floral pillows are also popular.

Aside from the needlepoint patterns and needlepoint designs, the size and shape of the needlepoint cushion are also some of your considerations. For example, a standard needlepoint cushion, with a size of 18×18 will give a different effect from a small rectangular needlepoint cushion that measures 11×15.

One way to improve the effect of these throw pillows is through a method called piggyback. This involves two identical decor pillows, of which one is of a bigger size. Use them as a set or group. Position them in a way that one is almost on top of the other. Another design idea is to group several needlepoint pillows of the same theme but that are not identical. For example, you can group toss pillows of different nature designs to come up with a nature theme.

Product Reviews for Needlepoint Throw Pillows

Of course, if youre the creative type and have the skills for it then you may want to make your own needlepoint decorative pillows. You can make them in any design you want, and you can even personalize them. However, if youd rather have it easy and just purchase some, you may want to check out the following brands:123 Creations C728E.1818 inch Zebra in Brown Needlepoint Pillow 100 Percent Wool. Priced in medium range, this needlepoint toss pillow can make a great gift for your friends and family. It is durable as it is made of 100% wool needlepoint on the front and of cotton velveteen at the back, with a filling of polyester insert. It comes in the standard size. The needlepoint finishing is brown and white, but you can easily replace the cover as the cover comes with a zipper.

Bull Frog Needlepoint Throw Pillow. A Michealian Home product, this needlepoint throw pillow costs a lot. This dcor pillow would make a great addition to your nature-themed needlepoint toss pillows. You can count on it to beautify your room for a long time, as its face is made of 100% wool and its back of cotton velvet. It also has a zipper in the back and comes with a removable polyfill stuffer.

You may also want to look into home decor pillows from Bolster Pillows, but if youd rather make your own then you might find the Bucilla Needlepoint Kit handy.

Spruce up your room with needlepoint accent pillows. Instead of repainting your wall or buying new furniture, you can instantly give your room a new look and feel by just strategically placing needlepoint pillows.