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What is a Moshi Pillow?

Many people think that squishy and moshi pillows are same things. That is almost true. All moshi pillows
are squishy pillow. But when we say a moshi pillow we mean a pillows with not classical shape and/or texture.

Also, all hand created pillows without classical shape and/or texture are moshi pillows.

For the firt time moshi pillow was created in Japan, but now they are popular all over the world being part of thousands of households. They are used by children and their parents, too.

Having comfortable pillows is essential for a good sleep. Most people prefer having a soft moshi pillow for their beds since it’s cuddly and cute. This kind of pillow is popular because of its unique look and appeal.

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How to Make a Moshi Pillow?

If you want to have a unique moshi pillow, instead of buying if you have enough free time you can create one.

1. You’ll need to find some fabric for your moshi pillow.

2. Cut the fabric in the shape you want, but add enough space for stitching.

3. Stitch most of the edges, but not all of them.

4. Stuff the pill and stitch all opening edges.

To create a unique moshi pillow, don’t forget to use your fantasy in all four steps.

Tips when you buy a Moshi Pillow

Many people are too busy to make their own moshi pillow. That’s why most of them prefer to buy a moshi pillow from online shop. Here are some tips how to choose your moshi pillow:

Read info about the materials – It’s very important to read information what pillow is made of. Some materials may be dangerous for your health. So, it’s the most important tip.

Check moshi pillow shape – Second tip is to check if the pillow shape will be suitable for you to sleep over it. If you need only a decorative moshi pillow, you can ignore this tip.

Find best colored moshi pillow – You need also to think about the color of the pillow, ex. will it be suitable to be on your sofa.

Compare moshi pillow prices – Most of the moshi pillows are inexpensive, so if you find a moshi pillow that cost alot, you’d better search for it in another online shop.

You may find the tips above hard to follow. But don’t worry, there’s a wide variety of moshi pillows’ shapes, textures, colors, etc.