Memory Foam Wedge Pillows For Legs

Years ago – when grandma was young – folks really didn’t have too much choice in what went into the inside of their pillows. In the really-old days, many pillows were made using straw. If you have ever slept with straw pillows, you will know that it is not a comfortable experience! Another filler choice in the past was the use of feathers. The advantage of using feathers is that they are, of course, soft. But there was still a problem: the sharp ends of feathers can actually poke through the pillow fabric, and when your face hits that – ouch!

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But a new product has recently hit the store shelves – one that you should know about: memory foam. This is a specially-formulated type of polyurethane foam, originally developed by the folks at NASA. Memory foam wedge pillows are made from this substance, and they are designed to bring an additional level of comfort, as well as relief for various forms of suffering.

Memory foam wedge pillows are very dense – much more so than typical foams used in pillows you probably already own. Memory foam wedge pillows are great for folks who sit in wheelchairs for long periods of time, or those in hospital beds, or the chronically bed-ridden. As an arthritis sufferer, I can tell you that memory foam wedge pillows are wonderful, as they hold heat that is generated by your body – and the application of heat is great for ANY arthritic joints.

How Do Memory Foam Wedge Pillows Work?

Basically, memory foam wedge pillows are heat-activated. Most types of memory foam wedge pillows are made from a type of foam that is firm when it is kept cool. In the presence of heat, however, the foam reacts by becoming softer. This means that when you use a memory foam wedge pillow, in those places where it comes into contact with your body, it will become temporarily soft, and conform to the shape of your body. In other places, where the memory foam wedge pillow does not come into close contact with your body, the foam will remain firm. As a result of this capability to mold itself to the contours of your body, when you sleep with your memory foam wedge pillow you will have the sensation of being ‘cradled’ — and will not experience the pinching and binding associated with too much pressure being applied to your face, joints, etc. Imagine: Sleeping restfully, with no pressure points, no numbness or pain anywhere! This is what a memory foam wedge pillow can do for you – and that’s the best reason I can think of why you should buy one.