Knee Pillows For Better Lumbar Support

Some pillows that you have around your home are strictly for decorative purposes. They are usually highly decorated, made with fine fabrics, and are very beautiful in appearance — some of them are in fact works of art.

But other pillows are designed with a purpose in mind, and lumbar knee pillows are one of those types.

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What Are Lumbar Knee Pillows?

Simply put, lumbar knee pillows are special-purpose pillows that are designed to provide you with support to the lower back area. In addition they can be placed underneath your legs at the knees, providing you with elevation of your legs. Lumbar knee pillows that are used primarily for back support are usually shaped in a half-moon design and are placed in the lower back area to provide the necessary support right in that area. The preferred design for many knee pillows is in the form of an hourglass. You just put the pillow comfortably between your legs when you go to bed.

Did you know that there are — right now — millions and millions of people in the U.S. who suffer from not being able to get a good night’s sleep? Lumbar knee pillows help you to get the rest you need at night by helping you to sleep in the proper position. When you use a lumbar knee pillow, you will be assured that your legs will be placed properly, and will not move inappropriately during the night. Lumbar knee pillows also help to promote the proper alignment of the spinal cord, as well as making sure that the weight of one leg/knee does not impede blood flow, or produce too much pressure on, the other knee.

Selecting A Good Lumbar Knee Pillow

The most important characteristic in any orthopedic device (and lumbar knee pillows are in this group), is that it should provide the proper support that you need. A lumbar knee pillow should provide firm support for your knees and back (wherever you will be using it), but it should not feel uncomfortable.

The only way to know if the lumbar knee pillow you have picked out will work for you is to actually try it. So ask your merchant if you can return the item after a week or so – perhaps exchanging it for another type – if the lumbar knee pillow you have selected does not work as expected. Most merchants will understand and have no problems with a return for this reason.