Ergonomic Support Pillows For Your Back, Car Posture Pillows

Do you suffer from back pain? Do you know that literally millions of people in the U.S. alone suffer from some sort of back trouble – upper, lower, or middle of the back. Millions more also suffer from problems with their knees, legs and joints.

And did you know that, for people with a back problem, that one of the times when they feel pain the most is when they are sitting? The simple act of sitting in a chair or sofa – especially for long periods of time – can bring on almost unbearable pain. I know about this first-hand, as I have been afflicted with a bad back for most of my adult life.

Memory Foam Ergonomic Lumbar Back Support Cushion Pillow for Lower Back Pain,Perfect for Office Home Car Seat Chair

But we back sufferers don’t have to endure so much pain anymore, not with the advent of back support pillows. These pillows are designed to give us proper back support when we are sitting, and even sleeping in bed.

Chairs Are Often The Culprit

One of the problems with most of the chairs that we sit on every day is that they provide a flat, even surface. The trouble is, our back is curved. This means that chairs, by themselves, do not provide our backs with the support they need. Back support pillows are designed to solve this problem by providing back support that conforms to the actual shape of your back.

It is for this reason that many back support pillows are shaped like a half-hemisphere. One side is curved outwards, like the bulge in someone’s stomach, while the other side is straight. When you use back support pillows, you simply place the straight edge of the pillow against the back edge of your chair. The side of back support pillows that bulges outwards is designed to rest against your back, with the narrower point at the top. When it is placed in this position, back support pillows conform exactly to the shape of the human spinal column, from the tailbone on up to the area near the shoulder blades. So positioned, you can sit comfortably – even for long periods – without any back discomfort whatsoever.

When can back support pillows be used? Well, back support pillows can be used just about anywhere. Back sufferers can use them when sitting in a chair or sofa, or when sitting at their desk at work. Back support pillows can – and should – be used when driving, as it will minimize back fatigue. The fatigue and pain can cause you to become distracted while driving, so the use of back support pillows can actually help you to drive more safely. Back support pillows will also provide protection to your back if you hit a rough, bumpy stretch of road. Having good shock absorbers is good – but nothing helps me when I drive like my back support pillow. In fact, I keep one in my car at all times, as well on my chair at work, and in my favorite easy chair at home. Three back support pillows? You bet – and I recommend that you do the same: one at work, one (or more!) at home, and one back support pillow in the car.