Decorative Pillows, A Nice Luxury For Your Home

Pillows. Everyone has seen one, and used one – and everyone owns at least one of them. Did you know that pillows are actually a very ancient item? That’s right, pillows have been found in the tombs of the wealthy and powerful in Egypt? Some of the first luxury decorator pillows were first sought after in China. Later on, luxury decorator pillows made their way into Europe, during the Middle Ages.

Of course, the availability of methods of mass production has made it possible to produce luxury decorator pillows at a fraction of the cost of the handmade varieties. What was once a household article found only in the wealthiest of homes can now be owned by anyone.

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Parts of a Pillow – Can You Name Them?

Do you know the names of the parts of a typical pillow? Typical pillows (including some luxury decorator pillows) must have some sort of material inside to support the weight of the body. This material – which can be made of things like feathers, down, or synthetic materials such as rubber – is called the filler.

In addition to the filler, pillows are often made with a covering, called a pillow case or slip. The purpose of the detachable pillow slip is to allow it to be washed when it gets dirty. Luxury decorator pillows do not always have a removable covering. When they do it often unzips along one side, to allow the inner filler to be removed prior to washing.

There are really only 3 types of pillows. Some are purely decorative – some are for use on the bed (for sleeping) – some are Orthopeic (used for neck or other body area support). Luxury decorator pillows are found in many places in the home: on beds (other than for nighttime sleeping), window wells, sofas and chairs. One thing to be careful of: Many Luxury decorator pillows have no removable filler. This means that you may not be able to throw the pillow into the clothes washer. Some luxury decorator pillows are made from fabrics, or contain decorative stitching, that is not color-fast. Since luxury decorator pillows are hard to clean, you should be careful not to let them get dirty in the first place. Thankfully, however, some newer luxury decorator pillows are being manufactured today using color-fast fabrics and fillers that can be safely washed. Check the manufacturer’s tag for information on the best way to clean any luxury decorator pillows that you may own.