Decorative Accent Pillows, Modern, Tropical, For The Bed

What Are Decorative Accent Pillows?

In general, accent pillows are used to emphasize, or ‘accent’ some part of your home interior that you want to draw attention to. The area that you want to accent could be a chair, a sofa, a window, a wall — even a floor.

While the name ‘decorative accent pillows’ suggests that the primary function of these pillow types is purely decorative, in fact decorative accent pillows can be functional as well, just like any other throw pillow.SimpleDecor Jacquard Geometric Links Accent Decorative Throw Pillow Covers Cushion Case Multicolor 18X18 Inch Red

The wonderful thing about decorative accent pillows is that you can very easily spruce up the look of any room that has taken on a dull, lackluster appearance. You can change the whole atmosphere of a room just by adding several of these pillows. And if you are like most of us, the rooms in our home do not reflect any sort of ‘theme’ – they are just places where we collect all of our stuff. But add a few decorative accent pillows and that boring room will take on new life!

As you might imagine, decorative accent pillows are available in a huge variety of styles, designs and colors. You can get decorative accent pillows in traditional, modern or contemporary styles, as well as ultra-modern, country, or European styling, as well as cartoon and novelty designs.

A great place to use decorative accent pillows is in the bedroom. You can use them in your master bedroom (usually the centerpiece of any home), a guest room, or a juvenile bedroom.

You don’t have to limit the use of your pillows to just the sofa or chair. You can put some decorative accent pillows on a rocking chair, for example. Or you might even use them outside, if you have a porch or patio (make sure they will withstand the weather). You can even use decorative accent pillows on the floor – if you have a family that enjoys lounging or playing down there. And if you have an older, worn-out decorative accent pillow, you can even let your favorite family pet use it – they can enjoy relaxing on it, just like you do!

My preference is to select decorative accent pillows in a color and a design that will contrast, rather than blend, with your room decor. For example, a Victorian style decorative accent pillow will provide a dramatic design contrast when it is used with a contemporary sofa or chair.

When selecting decorative accent pillows for the bedroom, it would be wise to select pillows that will provide adequate back support when the sleeper is sitting upright in bed. Your bedroom decorative accent pillows should not be made out of fabrics that are uncomfortable to the touch, as you may need to rest your head on them while sleeping. Yet they should not be so large as to be unwieldy, as often these pillows are stored to the side of the bed during the nighttime.