Bear Pillow – Decorate Your Home with Bear Pillows

The bear pillows could be a great addition to your home interior design that will symbolize bravery, power, and peace. There’s a great variety of bear pillows at the market – you can purchase one as a pillowcase, standard pillow or even a moshi pillow with form of a bear animal.

It’s a good question, but its answer may be hard to be found. Most of us probably will find the idea of buying a bear pillow for good, but unfortunately it’s hard to determine how you will after using it or will it be suitable for your home decoration. But at least we can try:

Let’s begin with the symbolism of the bear animal, because every time you look at your bear pillow your mind will make an association with the bear animal. That’s why we can say that the symbolism for the bear animal is valid and for the bear pillow.HT&PJ Decorative Cotton Linen Square Throw Pillow Case Cushion Cover Navy Background Bear Printed 18 x 18 Inches

The bear animal often symbolizes bravery, benevolence, power, peace, sovereignty, motherhood, duality, and resurrection.

There are many examples of the usage of the bear animal for symbolism purposes. For example, in the Scandinavian myths, one of the aspects of the god Odin was the bear animal.

In the Greek mythology, the huntress Artemis wore dress from bear. Also, these types of dress were worn by people that came first in the North America. That’s why today, the bear animal is considered as a symbol of the Native American mind.

You can also find the bear symbolism in many Celtic and Germanic tribes. Actually, the bear is a symbol of the bravery and the warrior to the Celts.

It seems that if you buy a bear pillow or bear pillowcase you’ll add a lot of symbolism to your home interior. If you are a fan of the Celts or the Native American mind the bear pillow is your pillow.