Purple Baby Crib Bedding Ideas, Purple Nursery Decorating Ideas and More

Purple crib bedding offers a pleasant look to the nursery. Wide variety of purple crib bedding designs are available, you can select the one that best suits your theme of room decoration. Following are some purple crib bedding ideas that fit in various nursery decoration themes.


• A combination of pink and purple makes excellent purple crib bedding. For butterfly theme, pink and purple colored butterfly pictures give a pleasing look to the bedding. Another idea is to use pink colored butterflies and purple colored ladybug pictures. This will make unique purple crib bedding.
• To fit purple crib bedding in a dragon fly theme of nursery decoration use purple colored bedding with white colored dragon flies.
• For a simple clean look you can use plain purple crib bedding for your nursery. Do not underestimate the stylish look given by solid colors.
• Another interesting idea for purple crib bedding is to use a design with a combination of purple colored dots and stars.
• To give a striking look to your purple crib bedding use dark purple color for borders. However, this will look beautiful in combination with other colors such as green and yellow. You can use floral designs in those colors.
• For unique purple crib bedding, use patch work. For example, do a patch work with purple colored fabric with floral designs over a plain white fabric.
• Embroidering simple designs such as butterflies, animal pictures, flowers etc with purple thread over a plain fabric also gives a unique look to the purple crib bedding.

In all the above designs, the fabric you use should fit the purple colored design or use purple as the base color to give that unique look to purple crib bedding. Colors that go well with the purple color include hues of green, pink and yellow.