One Fish, Two Fish – Dr Seuss Nursery & Dr Seuss Bedding Ideas

Dr Seuss Nursery

Dr Seuss is a world famous writer for children everywhere. It all started in in May 1954 when Life Magazine brought Americans attention to childrens illiteracy. It was thought that the books they were learning from was boring and couldn’t grab the children’s attention.  A director of the education division in Houghton Mifflin made a list of 250 words that would grab the kids attention. He challenged Geisel or Dr Seuss to write a story that would captivate kids and ope them up to learning. Nine months later, Dr Seuss wrote the Cat in the Hat, using 236 words out of the list.

From the moment that the Cat in the Hat was wrote he has wrote more book that entertain kids. His books are popular but other items such as Dr Seuss crib bedding are popular with the mothers who wan tthe finest for their babies. Mothers who want a Dr Seuss nursery decor for their baby. You’ll be surprised to find that their are many Dr Seuss decorations that will make your babies nursery one of a kind. There are many ways in which to make your room the best, that other mothers will envy.


Dr Seuss Bedding

Not only is Dr Seuss baby bedding important but the theme of your room. There is a cast selection of Dr Seuss bedding collection. There is the trend lab crib bedding that is gender neutral and has bright colors to make your baby focus on the colors. This is a soft bedding set that is modern. You can purchase lamps, decals, clocks and rugs to go right beside your babies crib. There is plenty of Dr Seuss nursery bedding that you can choose from. There is the Trend Lab Dr Seuss ABC 4PC Crib Bedding Set. It has bright and bold colors that will enhance the babies room. You can purchase matching valances and a mobile with favorite characters. Your baby will be entertained by the mobile for hours on end. This is one of those perfect sets that you can purchase for your baby. The materials are soft and warm keeping your precious baby warm and cozy at nights. There is so much that you can do to make your babies nursery a place of relation and fun. This is the room where you and your baby will bond together in the quite of the night or day. The time will come when your baby will outgrow his crib and need their own bed.

Why not make it a Dr Seuss toddler bedding?

Selecting a toddler bed may be no big deal for you but it’s a tremendous deal to your toddler. You may want to decorate his room with Dr Seuss so that it won’t be such a big transition to make when he does get his bed.

Your child will be proud of their big boy or girl bed. With the bright decals with the characters from Dr Seuss and the lamps and the nightlight he will be assured that the monster under the bed won’t get him.