NoJo Jungle Babies 6 Piece Crib Bedding Set

When my sister asked me to help her decorate her baby’s new room, I practically squealed with delight. I love babies and I love decorating their rooms! My sister’s first born, 6-month old Julian, laughed and giggled everytime we showed him animals, so we decided to go for a jungle theme. Looking for and buying stuff to decorate the room with was easy as we found a lot of adorably cute items online. When it came to organic baby bedding, which my sister preferred, we encountered a road block.

NoJo Jungle Babies 8 Piece Bedding Set

Then we learned about NoJo, a manufacturer of fashionable and baby-friendly beddings, blankets and accessories. We checked out their website and found what we were looking for in just minutes! The NoJo Jungle Babies 6 Piece Crib Bedding Set is a beautifully crafted jungle-themed bedding set. All the pieces included in the set have prints of friendly safari animals like the giraffe, the tiger, the elephant, and the monkey. There’s even a little frog thrown in!We loved the fact that for a reasonable price, we can get all six bedding essentials: a comforter, bumper, crib sheet, diaper stacker, window valance and dust ruffle. In addition, we also had the option of getting additional matching items like a rug, a lamp and shade, wall décor and border, and flannel blankets, among others.

The NoJo Jungle Babies 6 Piece Crib Bedding Set is made of 100% cotton, so it is quite comparable to my sister’s choice of organic crib bedding. The colors are also perfect for my nephew; there’s green, ivory and tan.

My sister and I ordered a set and it was delivered not long after. We fitted everything into the crib and the nursery, and the first time we put Julian into his newly furnished crib, he squealed with delight! Ah, the perfect reward for making such a beautiful choice!If you want your baby to have fun even when he is inside his crib, get the NoJo Jungle Babies 6 Piece Crib Bedding Set. It does its job of bringing the surroundings to life perfectly well! Your baby will have fun all day long and will sleep soundly and dream pleasant dreams at night.