Minnie Mouse Comforter

If your baby daughter is a very big fan of Minnie Mouse, but you have already too many bedding sets for a girl, then perhaps you could buy her a Minnie Mouse comforter that will go along with some of her Minnie Mouse accessories. The blanket is perfect for colder nights, when you need to make sure that your little girl is safe and sound. And because of the Minnie Mouse character printed on the comforter you could be sure that she won’t let it go during the night.


This Minnie Mouse blanket comes in pink with white stripes on it. In the middle of the comforter there is a heart shaped drawing with Minnie Mouse wearing a pink dress. The Minnie Mouse comforter set comes together with one full sized comforter and two standard size shams made 100% of polyester.

For a softer Minnie Mouse comforter we recommend the twin mink blanket. It is 60×80 inches and fits perfectly on a toddler bed. Your little girl would just fall in love with this extra soft blanket as the picture of Minnie printed on it is one of the best so far. I remember when I first bought this Minnie Mouse comforter for my little girl, she wouldn’t want to leave her room for hours and she was just standing there pretending to have a serious conversation with Minnie.

If you want to save some money, then the reversible Minnie Mouse comforter set is the right choice for you. It is 100% made out of polyester with a super soft fiber and has two looks in one. So you can use the same comforter two times, each time having a different look. The Minnie Mouse comforter set includes 1 standard size sham and 1 twin reversible comforter.

One of my favorite Minnie Mouse comforters has always been the acrylic mink blanket. If there would be a possibility to buy it in a bigger size I would have already done that. I bought this pink blanket for last Christmas and my daughter was really excited about it. What I liked best about the comforter is that is machine washable and dryer safe. The Minnie comforter is quite tick so it can be used for the winter nights when it gets a little bit chilly outside.

There are so many different types of Minnie Mouse blankets that you could buy these days for your daughter, and all of them are so nice and cute that makes it even harder for you when you have to decide which one to buy. That is why nowadays I let me daughter choose her comforter sets each time we go shopping. This Minnie Mouse blanket is a smaller one, which makes it easier to carry it around, especially when you are traveling by plan or even by car. It fits perfectly in your baby purse and it would be in handy when your daughter is getting cold.

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