Luxury Crib Bedding

It is not a surprise that you want to give the best for your baby. You’ve already decorated the best nursery in town, bought an expensive and fully functional crib, and have already prepared every baby related item you could think of. It’s now time to get a luxury crib bedding for your baby’s crib. When you think of luxury crib bedding, what comes to mind is an overly plush kind of designer-made crib bedding.

This description couldn’t come any closer as a luxury crib bedding is another way of saying expensive, high quality, and lavish crib bedding.

A luxury crib bedding is more than just the price tag it has.

You know it is a luxury crib bedding because of the fabrics used to make it. You can expect a luxury crib bedding to be made from textured piques, ginghams, satins, brocades, and quilted cottons. Ribbons, laces, and other copious trimmings are also to be found in a luxury crib bedding. Just like any other kind of crib bedding, a luxury crib bedding can vary from a simple, classic design to a more fun and whimsical one. The only difference is that with a luxury crib bedding, oftentimes the fabric is custom colored and hand embroidered.


There is certainly a lot to be expected from a luxury crib bedding.

Along with great workmanship come great designs of the highest quality.

You’ll never go wrong with a luxury crib bedding because for sure, it will give your baby the comfortable space he needs. Aside from getting a luxury crib bedding, you can also get ensembles of it or get an a la carte of baby items including crib bumpers, crib skirts, decorative pillows, quilts, blankets, and diaper stackers. Whatever motif your nursery may have, there is certainly a luxury crib bedding that will fit it just right. So, start looking at some luxury crib bedding collection now.

Luxury Baby Bedding

Luxury has a place in the home and that place is in the baby’s room. When it comes to choosing luxury baby bedding, the thread count, style and shape of the bedding often comes into play. Popular designer collections and unique themes can also be found in luxury baby bedding. It is important that all baby bedding meets safety guidelines, no matter how plush and soft the luxury baby bedding claims to be.

The thread count of luxury crib bedding will often start at 600 and increase from there. The higher the threat count on the sheets and comforter included with the luxury baby bedding, the softer the fabric will feel. Once the thread count used for luxury baby bedding reaches 1000,  the fabric tends to feel like silk or satin, even though it is commonly created from cotton. These fabrics could slide more easily in the crib and pose a safety hazard, so parents are better off choosing luxury baby bedding with a lower thread count. The lower thread count also helps with maintaining fabric quality with frequent washings.

The style and shape of the luxury baby bedding will often determine the price. Round cribs, for instance, are becoming more and more popular. These cribs are offered in high end retail stores and require luxury bedding to fit the round crib mattress. This bedding can cost more than luxury baby bedding created for the traditional crib frame and mattress. The style of the bedding can include embroidery and hand sewn patterns. Luxury baby bedding is also created by popular clothing and fashion designers. These sets will be priced higher than luxury baby bedding found in common retail stores. Parents can choose to create their own luxury baby bedding sets with high end fabric and blanket batting. The sheets on the crib may be everyday crib sheets, but the blanket or comfortable will be pure luxury.