High End Baby Bedding

Some people might thing of high end baby bedding sets as just another extravagant gesture that those with too much money to spend do but in fact it is the single, most important place where you actually need to make sure you are not cutting any corners. That is because as a grown up you may or may not need to lay down in silk as you go to bed but a baby is such a fragile little person that you need to make sure you are providing him or her with the sleeping conditions. And you need to take into account that your baby will be spending most of their first 2 years in their crib so you should make sure they are comfortable indeed. That is why there is only one type of high end bedding that should be considered a must in everyone’s life and that is a high end bedding sets.


And because we want to give you a hand in finding a high end baby bedding we have actually looked all over the net and came up with some of the best bedding sets available today. And our first recommendation comes from a manufacturer that we have been working a lot with and we appreciate a lot the Jojo Designs Company. We love them first and foremost because they use only high quality fabrics in all of their bedding sets, mostly cotton and sometimes they add some microfiber for its amazing qualities. However their Blue Dragonfly bedding set is made entirely from cotton and that is why we love it best. It is a high quality T200 thread count fabric, machine washable and it has the most beautiful dragonfly designs on a blue background. In fact it has all the qualities you could hope for in a high end bedding sets and it comes at a very reasonable price given that it is comprised of 9 pieces.

But if you would like a pink high end baby bedding the Dragonfly can’t really make the cut so the Kidsline Sorbet bedding is our next choice. It does have a few drawbacks from the Dragonfly in the sense that only the actual pieces that come into direct contact with the child like the sheet, quilt and side bumpers are made from 100% cotton and everything has a polyester/ cotton mix. But the important thing is what your child actually comes in to contact with and all the other accessories are even better of being made from polyester because that guarantees that they will be with you for a very long time. However the thing that makes all the difference and that qualifies the Sorbet as a high end bedding sets is the quality of the fabric and of the workmanship.

And the last high end bedding we would like you to look at is another Jojo Designs creating, the Madison Girl’s Boutique. It is another set made completely from 100% cotton and chenille and the only reason why it wasn’t the first we talked about is that it only has a T50 thread count so you will need to use a bit of fabric softener the first couple of times you used it but it is a design that we love and it will make a very beautiful addition to your baby’s crib. And because it comes with 9 pieces of accessories you can be sure that this will also be the most complete high end baby bedding you will have bought.