Giraffe Print Crib Bedding

A great number of people love to use the jungle theme for decorating the nursery. Giraffe print crib bedding fits well in a nursery decorated with a jungle theme. The giraffe print crib bedding gives a unique look to the nursery when compared to the regular jungle animal prints that are used for safari theme nursery decorations. Give wings to your baby’s imagination by using giraffe print crib bedding. One major factor to be considered while purchasing giraffe print crib bedding is the color of the bedding. However, do not forget to check for the comfort offered by the bedding.


If you wish to keep the giraffe print crib bedding close to nature then you can use the natural combination of brown and yellow colors. But, if you wish to use something different from the regular, then you can use a variety of color combinations. The combination of pink and brown giraffe print crib bedding looks good for a baby girl. While the combination of blue and brown look well for baby boy bedding. To make the giraffe print crib bedding more attractive you can use the plain color, either pink or blue, for the bedding and use the giraffe print for bumpers and pillows. Another interesting idea to have attractive giraffe print crib bedding is to use a patch work of giraffe print fabric over a plain cream shaded fabric. It gives a pleasant look to the bedding.

Augment the beauty of giraffe print crib bedding by using accessories that mix well with the bedding. You can use giraffe motifs, soft toys or wall art with giraffe pictures to give a virtual jungle feel to the nursery. Use the same giraffe print fabric you have used for bedding for window curtains to give a uniform look to the nursery. You can find giraffe print crib bedding in a variety of stores, just make sure to check for the quality and comfort offered by the bedding.