Disney Princess Crib Bedding

Do not forget to include in your Disney Princess Accessories list, the crib bedding sets for your little princess. Once you got a princess bed for your baby, you have to make sure you get the nicest bedding sheets which will fit perfectly with the room design.

This 4 pieces crib bedding set comes along with a beautifully crib quilt which is so warm and soft that your little baby will feel like a little princess. The bedding sheets fit perfectly the crib and it can easily be washed up using the washing machine. It comes in a very nice and warm pink color with a soft lace on the fringes.

I highly recommend this Disney Princess crib bedding set because it is on sale now. You pay less than half for a wonderful and good quality bedding set and you get a crib quilt in the same price as well. You baby will look just lovely in this pink bedding set. The fabric is really soft and warms up your child during cold nights.

This crib bedding set includes a bumper, crib sheet and a Disney Princess comforter. The comforter has drawing of castle, crown, flowers and birds on it and fits perfectly with the bedding set. The sheets are made of a blend of cotton and it is machine washable. The set includes as well a dust ruffle.

All of the Disney Princess cribs bedding sets include the same things: matching bedding sheets, crib quilt or comforter, a bumper and a dust ruffle. I honestly like all of the bedding sets presented, all are soft, warm and colorful, and the only difference is the themed printed on them. Your little princess will feel comfortable in any of the sheets mentioned above; all you have to do is decide which theme you like the most.

You cannot have a new Disney crib bedding set without buying this lovely toy. It is fits to almost all types of cribs and plays Brahms lullaby. The hanger has Cinderella shoe, her carriage, and a crown, so your little baby can enjoy the colors and the different shapes. The music will help your little princess to fall asleep easier.