Dinosaur Bedding for Kids

Dinosaur sheets are an important of the decision when looking for bedding for children.

Any kid who is wild about dinosaurs will definitely want sheets covered in dinosaurs as part of their bedding set. But, what type of dinosaur sheets work best for kids?


Quality sheets are almost always 100% cotton and over 300 thread count too. Now buying a dinosaur bedding set for a child may bring up different qualifications than if you are shopping for yourself. Most kids are not going to notice if their sheets are not 300 thread count 100% Egyptian cotton. Most kids are more interested in how many dinosaurs cover the sheets and if the fiercest ones are included as part of the pattern.

Keeping that in mind and knowing the nature of kids, it is probably a better choice to find dinosaur sheets that are a cotton/polyester blend. A 60/40 blend is a good choice and they will hold up better to more washings and will also dry faster. Drying faster can be an important consideration when you have a small child sitting in front of the dryer waiting for their dinosaurs to get done.

Small children have great imaginations and dinosaurs imprinted on their bed sheets lend themselves to hours of fun play. Whether it is using the sheets as a tent to hide in while hunting dinosaurs, or herding the dinosaurs gathered on the sheets as a dinosaur master, kids can find all sorts of games to play over and over. Using the bed and sheets as a playground as well as a place to sleep can take its toll on sheets in a short time. Regular care and washing should keep them looking fine until your child outgrows their fondness for dinosaurs and moves on to something else.

Sheets are used on a bed all year round and it may be the case that a second set of dinosaur sheets will be necessary to see your child through their fascination with dinosaurs. Comforters only get used during the coldest parts of the year and then are put away in a closet out of harms way until the cold weather returns. A comforter may well last through several children, but the sheets will get faded and worn after hard use by only one child. Read the labels carefully and get the best cotton/polyester blend sheets available so the can stand up to their hard life. It may seem silly, but dinosaur sheets can be important to a child, so get the best ones possible.

Cotton Sheets. Dinosaur Bedding for Kids

When it comes to choosing a bedding set for children it is good to get their input on what or who they want to sleep with.  Theme sets from cartoons, movies and favorite toys area available, but amazingly enough a lot of kids want to sleep with dinosaurs.  Dinosaur bedding is available from many different places and sleeping with dinosaurs will keep your budding paleontologist satisfied for many nights. Why are some kids fascinated with dinosaurs? That’s a good question. Part of it may be the television show Dinosaur Train with its fun cast of characters. Kids are always fascinated with the unusual and many smaller kids seem to fixate on one subject or the other and delve as deeply as possible into it until exhausting all information possible and then doing it again. If this the way your child is with dinosaurs, choosing dinosaur bedding to enrich their interest is a good plan and sneaky on your part, because they might learn to identify different types of dinosaurs without even realizing they are learning something.

Picking out a dinosaur bedding set follows the same rules as buying any other type of bedding. Yes they are kids, but that doesn’t mean you automatically need to buy the cheapest thing out there. Like other sheets, dinosaur sheets are rated as to thread count and the rule of thumb is that the higher the thread count the softer the feel of the sheet.  Now most three year olds probably won’t be that picky about their sheets, but buying sheets that have thread count above 200 will get you softer sheets and might just entice a youngster to go to bed more willingly. Thread count matters for cotton sheets and is the number of threads in a square-inch of sheet. The more the threads the fine they are and thus the softer feel.

Some dinosaur bedding sets might come with flannel sheets or even a microfiber weave, both of which would be good sheets to have in the winter, as they have an increased snuggle factor. It’s seems incongruent to put dinosaurs and winter together, but you can tell your child that the flannel sheets help keep the dinosaurs warm too.

Sheets and pillowcases make up most of the bedding set, but another important part is the comforter. A down comforter will definitely keep a kid warm, but it may be more than they appreciate and as kids tend to be hard on things and rarely worry about dragging their blankets and comforters around the house, a fiber filled comforter is probably a better choice.  Especially with dinosaur bedding as it will probably be a favorite and get used in the television room to stay warm and on the couch as cushion and wrap to stay warm while reading about dinosaurs.

Comforters follow some of the same rules as sheets for thread counts, but they also have different construction and you need to check to see if they have compartments to hold the batting or if it is just loosely sewn together. A better made comforter may outlast the sheets and provide a second dinosaur enthusiast with hours of fun also.

All in all choosing dinosaur bedding as the bedding for your child is a great choice and may even help ameliorate some of the difficulties of getting small ones to go to bed.

Dinosaur Bedding For Kids

Dinosaur bedding for kids is a great way to organize your child’s room around a theme. If your child is already wild about dinosaurs then feeding that interest with more dinosaurs that they get to sleep with indulges that interest and may lead to even more learning about dinosaurs and other science-type topics. Many kids are fans of Dinosaur Train and would love dinosaur bedding to feed that interest.

All of the products featured above are high quality bedding and accessories. The twin set is a comforter made from a cotton/poly blend and the dinosaur sheets are 100% cotton, 200 thread count. Both are machine washable which is important when purchasing items for kids. Accidents will happen and it’s reassuring to know that the attractive bedding you purchased can be laundered and taken care of by you as part of your normal laundry schedule.

The nursery dinosaur bedding set features 10 pieces to completely outfit a crib and other furniture for a new baby. Dinosaurs are a pleasant theme and the matching colors and interesting dinosaurs will hold the babies attention as she grows and learns more about her surroundings.

Last the hamper is a must for any kids room and this comes with other matching items that can also be purchased. Kids need to learn at an early age to pick up after themselves and having a hamper with a dinosaur in the side to eat the dirty clothes may help in that training process.

All of these are great choices for your child’s room and will last a long time. Quality bedding can make laundry day easier and do a better job of providing a cozy place for your child to snuggle up and go to sleep.

Dinosaur Bedding For Boys

The start of the popular television show on PBS, Dinosaur Train, has sparked a renewed interest in dinosaurs. As unusual as it seems most kids really like dinosaurs. Bedding with a dinosaur theme is a great way to fan that spark into a flame and help encourage a budding scientist.  Dinosaurs are an interesting part of our past and kids seem fascinated with the idea that large cold-blooded reptiles once roamed our planet.

Dinosaur bedding with multiple types of dinosaurs as part of the print helps feed that fascination.

Your job as a parent is too purchase the best bedding you can afford and then to care for that bedding to make it last as long as possible. Most comforters and sheets come with care instructions and careful reading of them before you make a purchase can make care easier and accidental laundry disasters non-existent.

Careful washing of dinosaur bedding can be done by washing sheets on the cool or at most warm setting for water temperature. Unless bedtime accidents have occurred the sheets really aren’t that dirty and a gentle cycle and the cooler water will be enough to get them clean. As with other fabrics, treating stains quickly and using a pre-soak product should keep the stains from becoming permanent.

If your child has allergies use the rinse cycle twice to get all of the soap residue out. Again since normally the bedding isn’t really dirty, less laundry soap can also be used and help prolong the life of the bedding.

Even though dinosaurs roamed the earth during the Jurassic period, drying dinosaur sheets and bedding on hot settings is unnecessary and will only cause more wrinkling and shorten the life of the bedding.

Dinosaur bedding for boys seems to work well and can keep them occupied even during nap times as they can trace out the different species of dinosaurs and play with toy dinosaurs on top of the sheets as they act out skirmishes between the meat eaters and the plant eaters.  No dinosaur sheets can be complete unless they have a Tyrannosaurus Rex as part of the design.

Proper care and especially attention to washing and drying cycles can keep your dinosaur bedding healthy and useful for hand-me-downs to several future dinosaur hunters. Just because dinosaurs are extinct doesn’t mean that your dinosaur bedding must go extinct too.

Dinosaur Bedding Sets

Dinosaur bedding sets can be fun for a number of reasons and they can even be educational, although the educational value might come through osmosis and not any real study. Besides the coolness factor of getting to sleep with dinosaurs kids love to use their bedding for purposes other than that for which it was intended. Mom may not always be happy about some of those uses, but they will happen anyway.

Using the comforter that comes with the dinosaur bedding as a cover for a table to set a tent or cave dwelling or whatever your child’s imagination dreams up is definitely going to happen. If your children share a bunk bed draping the comforter or sheet over the opening between the beds to create an enclosure can take up many days of play and adventure. Choosing a bedding set that is up to the task, whether a dinosaur bedding set or not is important to keep fun play from ruining a necessary part of bedtime.

Read the labels before you purchase your bedding set and make sure that it is a high quality purchase intended to be washed and dried by the purchaser. While more expensive, exotic fabrics may feel nicer and look better when new, they probably won’t hold up to small children and the things that happen to their possessions.  Needing to dry clean a child’s comforter will become very expensive in a short time and limit the fun a child can have with the dinosaurs. Washing a comforter may be chore, but at least it’s a chore that you can do at home.

Small children will normally prefer dinosaur sheets with large colorful dinosaurs as part of the print and won’t be as choosy on how close to real dinosaurs the dinosaurs on the sheets look.

Older children may like more life-like representations of dinosaurs and even want the pictures labeled with the name of each type of dinosaur. Hours can be spent on looking at each dinosaur and day-dreaming about their existence before becoming extinct. Realistic dinosaurs may also scare younger children and the idea is to create a fun, enticing bedtime that encourages sleep and not a fright filled one. Look for dinosaur sheets that have representations that are age appropriate for your child and even let them help pick them out. If they are fans of Dinosaur Train they will know exactly which bedding set they want.

Many different retailers carry dinosaur themed bedding and smart shopping online or at your local stores should help you find a price that is a good deal for you and a dinosaur bedding set that will provide your child with fun and a good sleep experience.