Crib Safety

When choosing a crib, it is important to consider crib safety as your number one priority. Much of the information you need to know has been addressed and regulated as of June 2011 by ASTM International, an organization that was created from The American Society for Testing and materials. Crib safety as many are aware, arose as a serious topic in need of reformed regulations as a result of the occurrence of crib-related deaths .

When buying a crib, you can ask the retailer if the crib complies with the crib safety regulations set forth in 2011. For more information on this topic you can visit the government website for the details about the changes in cribs that were set forth.

It should be noted that there is a tendency for many people to use cribs that have been in the family for years. Essentially, a desire to use a family heirloom for nostalgic reasons. This is one circumstance where such a desire must be avoided in the interest of crib safety.

Particularly since such cribs may go back many years when the topic of crib safety was not addressed as it is today.

It stands to reason that the crib safety regulations are retroactive and this information is discussed in more detail at the government website.

Think safety, not only with cribs but with any items that could pose a health risk to your child. Know that there is an abundance of information available about the safety of baby items.

Crib safety will continue to be a topic, likely revised at times as data continues to become available about the health risks of various aspects of crib construction.

The internet has thankfully made this topic, as so many others, easy to research. Just be sure that the source of information online is from the regulatory organization previously noted. There is a lot of information on crib safety online and though such information is brought forth by concerned individuals, you want to be sure you are getting the most accurate and up-to-date information available from official regulatory committees.