Care Bear Crib Bedding

Not just kids, even adults love to cuddle stuffed teddy bears. If you love to give your little one a soft cozy feeling then care bear crib bedding will be a perfect one. Following are some simple ideas for designing a wonderful attractive care bear crib bedding.

• For a simple care bear crib bedding, use a fabric with all over care bears. You can even include bear foot prints.
• To have a unique looking care bear crib bedding, appliqué care bear pictures over a soft fabric. If you are good at doing embroidery, you can even embroider bear pictures.
• If you love to introduce your kids to fireman, police etc include pictures of care bears dressed as fireman and police in your care bare crib bedding.
• If you wish to introduce various musical instruments to your kid then use a care bare crib bedding with a care bear musical band. You can picture care bears playing various instruments and dancing.
• For simple looking care bear crib bedding, use care bears for pillows and throws and use a solid color for bedding. To make it more interesting, include marching care bears as a border.
• Care bear crib bedding with a combination of black and brown bears over a pink colored fabric gives a posh look to the bedding. Care bear crib bedding can be designed either with a single color or multiple colors depending on your choice.
• Care bear crib bedding with care bears resting under a tree in broad day light or dancing in rain along with a rainbow gives a pleasant look. Augment the beauty of care bear crib bedding by using accessories such as musical mobiles with care bears, wall art and wall murals with care bare pictures. You can even include stuffed care bear toys.