Boppy 3 Piece Organic Cotton Bedding Set

I had been looking for the perfect crib bedding set for my month-old baby for weeks and was running out of options when I found the right one. After going around and jumping from one shop to another, I actually found what I was looking for online.

The Boppy 3 Piece Organic Baby Bedding Set exceeded my expectations. Aside from it being just the right kind of organic crib bedding I was looking for, it also had basically everything that I needed. The set included a comforter that has a removable bumper slipcover, a removable duvet cover, and a crib sheet (of course!). These items were packaged in individual boxes that were creatively designed. The bedding set also comes with a waterproof liner and swaddling blankets.

Boppy 3 Piece Organic Bedding Set

Boppy 3 Piece Organic Kids Bedding Set

One unique thing about this particular organic crib bedding is its interior ties. This feature allows the slipcover to stay in position no matter how many times your baby changes positions.

Made of 100% cotton that is grown organically, the Boppy 3 Piece Organic Bedding Set was the perfect accessory for my daughter’s crib. It added life and color to the nursery. The moment that the nursery was finished, I was so excited that I actually wanted to immediately put my baby inside her crib! I even called my husband in his office in the middle of the day! That’s how excited I was at the many wonderful changes that the Boppy bedding set gave my baby’s nursery.

If you want to welcome your baby with a bang, then choosing the Boppy 3 Piece Organic Bedding Set should be your only option. It has practically everything that your baby needs to feel safe, comfortable, welcomed and loved. When I first put my baby daughter inside her crib, I saw a sparkle in her young eyes. She smiled her innocent and sweet smile, and she slept soundly at night.

Still not sure whether you want the Boppy bedding set or not? Well, the best way to reach a decision is to consider the fact that it is made of organic materials, which means that you baby will be safe from allergies, possible respiratory problems and other health issues commonly caused by using crib beddings made of materials that have chemicals in them.

If you want to get only the best for your baby, going organic is the only way to go. And going organic means going for the Boppy 3 Piece Organic Bedding Set!