Black and White Baby Bedding

Most of the parents have a notion that babies love multicolored bedding sets and prefer bedding with such prints. But the trend is towards using black and white crib bedding. Some people do not love to have multicolored bedding sets. For such people black and white crib bedding is the best option. A great number of black and white crib bedding designs are available with white as the base color and black for designs or the reverse of it.


However, it is recommended to use the black and white crib bedding at the early days of the baby when the baby’s vision has not perfectly developed. Here are some ideas to help in your black and white crib bedding selection.

• When we consider using black and white crib bedding, the first thought that arises is to use the zebra print bedding. The gorgeous black stripes on white give a wonderful look to the bedding. The zebra printed black and white crib bedding fits well in the safari theme of decorating nursery.
• For toddlers of age one year you can use black and white crib bedding with prints such as alphabets and number in black over a white base. This eases the learning process of the toddler.
• For a feminine look you can use black and white crib bedding with floral designs, butterflies, lady bugs and other pictures that go well with the girl bedding. Use of pink borders adds to the feminine look.
• For baby boys black and white crib bedding you can use prints such as cowboy, fireman, police, army etc.
• Other black and white crib bedding ideas include use of prints such as stars and large spots etc.

Give a sophisticated look to your baby’s nursery by using excellent black and white crib bedding. For a perfect accessorize using matching black and white toys in the room.

If you want to purchase a black and white baby bedding set, then it is best to purchase it for a newborn baby. Newborn babies are not good at identifying or recognizing colors so it is the best time to purchase black and white baby bedding. You can have wonderful designs even with black and white bedding. Are you interested in learning more about black and white bedding?

First, the design pattern that arises in the mind when you think of black and white bedding is the zebra pattern. To make the bedding a bit colorful, you can even add pink or blue to it depending on whether you have a baby boy or girl. This gives a unique look to the bedding. Some people hesitate to use floral patterns for black and white bedding. Black colored floral patterns over white fabric looks gorgeous. Another interesting idea is to use solid black colored bedding with a white color for bumpers and frills. You can own gorgeous looking black and white bedding using certain modern designs such as stripes and swirls. Black colored stripes over white colored fabric makes a perfect black and white bedding. If you are good at patch work, you can do a patch work with striped fabric and either solid white colored or solid black colored fabric. Other interesting patterns for black and white bedding include polka dots, paisley designs and cow patterns.

Apart from all the above patterns you can embroider designs of your liking with a black colored thread over a white colored fabric. Such embroidered black and white bedding has a unique look. You can even use pictures of turtles, frogs or monkeys for black and white bedding. To make the bedding attractive avoid using large sized pictures as large sized pictures may appear to be black patches. If you wish to have simple black and white bedding, then use solid black or white color for the bedding and a fabric with black and white stripes for frills and bumpers.